MIDI Solutions Merger

2-in/2-out Multi-voltage MIDI Merger Box
MIDI Solutions Merger image 1
MIDI Solutions Merger image 1
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MIDI Solutions Merger
In Stock!

Awesome 2-in/2-out MIDI Merger!

Simplify your MIDI rig with a MIDI Solutions Merger MIDI combiner from Sweetwater. The Merger is your quick and easy way to send up to two MIDI sources to the same MIDI input. Just plug both MIDI outputs you need to merge into your Merger, and let it do its magic. Thanks to an advanced merging engine, the Merger interleaves two incoming signals, including MIDI clock, MIDI timecode, and sys ex information, all without any noticeable latency. If you have serious MIDI merging to do, then you need a MIDI Solutions Merger MIDI combiner in your rig.

Get all of your MIDI Solutions gadgets from Sweetwater!

Since 1992, MIDI Solutions has been offering creative musicians like you the MIDI tools they need to make the most of their music gear. Ask any seasoned keyboard or high-level guitar tech, and they'll tell your that MIDI Solutions modules are the lynch pins of the live performance world. You just wouldn't believe how many complex MIDI rigs are currently being held together by simple, effective, and road-tested MIDI Solutions boxes. When you need highly flexible yet delightfully affordable MIDI routing tools, you can trust the MIDI Solutions gear you'll find at Sweetwater.

MIDI Solutions Merger MIDI Merger Box Features:
  • The perfect way to merge 2 x MIDI sources to a single destination
  • 2 x MIDI in ports feed 2 x MIDI out ports
  • An easy and affordable solution to your MIDI routing issue
  • Active merging algorithm merges MIDI data, including MIDI clock, MIDI timecode, and sys ex, with minimal latency
  • MIDI-powered operation means you don't have to fuss with batteries or power supplies
  • Can also run on external power supply
  • MIDI indicator LED provides visual feedback of data throughput
  • Multi-voltage design is compatible with both 5V and 3.3V devices
Get the MIDI routing you need with a MIDI Solutions Merger MIDI combiner from Sweetwater!

Additional Media

Merger User Manual
MIDI Interface Buying Guide
Connecting your Stage Computer to your Booth Computer

Tech Specs

Type Portable
Ports 2 x 1
Height 1.09"
Depth 2.19"
Width 4.19"
Weight 0.24 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number Merger

Customer Reviews

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Perfect Solution

I use 2 keyboards [Kurzweil PC3x & Hammond XK-1c (gigs) or SK-1 (rehearsal)] and needed to control a vocal harmomizer (TC Helicon VoiceLive Touch.) Just connect both keyboards to the MIDI IN side and connect the MIDI OUT to the harmonizer. Voila - total control of harmonies (requires 3 cables total.) The unit I just received was slightly different than described. It is a newer, upgraded model which has TWO MIDI outputs, not one as advertised. This is my second MIDI Solutions Merger, and was labeled MIDI Solutions Merger 2 (not as shown in picture.) The first has only one output, but works the same way. Now I leave things set up for rehearsal and have another for gigs. I've used the first MIDI Solutions Merger every weekend plus rehearsals for over 3 years with absolutely no issues (still use it for rehearsal.) I'd say it's certainly road-worthy and has been very reliable. If combining two MIDI outputs into one (or two outputs) then this is what you need. Just buy it.
Music background: Weekend Warrior (Keys & Vocals)

Works great!

Since I use two midi controllers for both recording and performance, I needed a device to combine the midi traffic between the two to send messages to multiple VST instruments hosted on my Macbook Pro. The Midi Solutions Merger does exactly what I needed it to do and without latency. The unit gets its power from one of the midi controllers so make sure whatever you are connecting to it supports this.
Music background: Professional Musician

Works as advertised

I bought this so I could drive my VoiceLive from two keyboards. I set it up at home and worked great, but when I took it to a gig I experienced a small problem that I thought I'd relate in case it helps anyone. When I hooked it up, I initially got no MIDI into the VoiceLive. I made sure everything was connected properly and it seemed to be. Then I swapped the two cables coming from the synths and the indicator light (which I hadn't previously noticed was there) suddenly came on and I had MIDI happening. This was because the unit is powered off the MIDI connector, and to my surprise it turns out that not all instruments equipped with a MIDI OUT actually supply DC power. In my case it was a Hammond XK-1 that was incapable of powering the merger box. Fortunately, only the left input needs to supply the power (it's labeled "In 1 (Power)"). So if you hook this up and it doesn't work, look at the power indicator (under the "MIDI" label) and make sure your controller is supplying it with power.

A nice simple solution

My Roland FC-300 midi foot pedal sends sysex commands to my Yamaha S90XS keyboard and to my TC-Helicon Voiceworks vocal harmony box. There is one cable from midi-out of the pedal to the midi-in of the keyboard. The commands from the foot pedal then go out the midi-thru port of the keyboard. However I also need the midi notes from the keyboard midi-out port to reach the TC-Helicon which has just one midi-in port. See the problem? (two outs and one in) Thus the MIDI Solution Merger to the rescue. I hook my keyboard midi thru and out ports to the MIDI Solutions Merger ports and hook the out cable out to the midi-in port of the Voiceworks box.
Music background: Amateur Musician

Midi Merger

Works Great!
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