Mesa/Boogie 6L6 STR 440 Power Tubes - Matched Duet

Matched 6L6 Power Tube Pair
Mesa/Boogie 6L6 STR 440 Power Tubes - Matched Duet image 1
Mesa/Boogie 6L6 STR 440 Power Tubes - Matched Duet image 1
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The Sweetwater Difference

The Sweetwater Difference

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Mesa/Boogie 6L6 STR 440 Power Tubes - Matched Duet
In Stock!

Put Mesa/Boogie Quality into Your Amp's Power Section!

The Mesa/Boogie 6L6 STR 440 Duet amplifier tube matched pair gives your amp the best 6L6 performance possible. Consistent and reliable, the STR 440 Duet features the same tubes Mesa puts in all their 6L6-equipped amps. These matched tubes give you punchy bass, great-sounding mids, and detailed high-end while providing a rich character that serves your rig well — from crystal clean all the way to dialed-up leads. Great for all playing styles, these tubes help you get the most out of your amp. Use what Mesa/Boogie uses to power their amps: the 6L6 STR 440 Duet!

Mesa/Boogie 6L6 STR 440 Duet Amplifier Tube Matched Pair Features:
  • Premium quality
  • The same power tubes Mesa installs in their 6L6-equipped amps
  • Reliable and consistent
  • Detailed and articulate, yet smooth-sounding
  • Matched for the best performance possible
  • Important Notice for International Customers: Mesa/Boogie products sold by Sweetwater are intended for use within the United States. We are unable to ship any Mesa/Boogie products outside of the US.
The Mesa/Boogie 6L6 STR 440 Duet puts premium power-tube performance into your amp!

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Tech Specs

Type Power
Model 6L6
Manufacturer Part Number 750618D

Customer Reviews

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Mesa tubes

these tubes brought a peavey 5150 combo back to life. I bought it locally and it had plenty of high gain but no low end. Changed the power tubes and the thing is a beast now. The amp is fixed bias like my boogie so I just switched them without checking current. You may want to check with an amp tech before you do. I had great results!

Great product!!!

Replaced the old tubes in my Mark 4 Boogie with 4 new Mesa/Boogie 6L6 STR 440 and the amp completely came back to life….The amp took off like a rocket & is singing again!!!! I'd recommend these tubes to anyone, absolutely worth every penny!!!
Music background: Pro Musician

Mesa/Boogie 6L6 GC STR 440 Duet

received my new tubes for my mesa recto-verb from sweetwater... got great service and a good price.. the amp roars with the new tubes A ++++
Music background: Humble Guitar God

Great tubes from a great company

Id like to know how the person claiming that these tubes arent matched tested their tubes to prove that they werent. If you have that kind of equipment you dont buy all ready matched tubes. I smell some BS brewing in that persons coffee pot. Thes tubes are great. They are rich and full of detail. They actually have a lot more chime and presence than JJ 6l6's in my opinion. And for mesa to use them knowing they are chinese I think speaks volumes about them. Mesa isnt a fan of china. They wont even use the chinese V30 speakers. To me that says alot.
Music background: Hobyist.


Despertly needed this 1 day before benefit gig. Placed order. It was delivered next day before gig. Sweetwater never lets me down, I got it for fraction of price that a I would have paid here in Flint. Thanks, Sweetwater!
Music background: pro guitar
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