Lock-It Straps Professional Gig Series 2" Black Poly Strap with Locking Ends

2"-wide Nylon Guitar Strap with Snap-action Locking Ends - Black with Black Ends
Lock-It Straps Professional Gig Series 2
Lock-It Straps Professional Gig Series 2
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Lock-It Straps Professional Gig Series 2" Black Poly Strap with Locking Ends
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Never Drop Your Guitar Again!

The Lock-It Straps LIS 001 P2-BLK Guitar Strap is more than just a great nylon guitar strap, it's the perfect way to keep your favorite guitar safe from serious harm. Thanks to its innovative snap-action locks, the LIS 001 P2-BLK Guitar Strap gives you the stability of a standard locking strap, with no modification to your guitar. There's a low-profile, spring-loaded locking mechanism built into either end of the LIS 001 P2-BLK Guitar Strap. Just slide the tab back, slip the end over your strap button, and let go. No rattling, no special hardware, just the security you need to rock out as hard as you like. Get your LIS 001 P2-BLK Guitar Strap from Sweetwater!

Lock-It Straps LIS 001 P2-BLK Guitar Strap with Built-in Locking Mechanism Features:

  • A quality nylon strap that will keep your guitar safe from harm

  • Low-profile, spring-loaded locking mechanism easily locks onto any standard strap button
  • High-quality polymer provides comfortable flexibility without restricting locking functionality
  • Snap-action locks provide the security of a locking strap
  • No guitar modification necessary
Keep your guitar safe and modification free with a LIS 001 P2-BLK Guitar Strap from Lock-It Straps!

Tech Specs

Material Nylon
Width 2"
Min Length 36"
Max Length 60"
Color Black with Black Ends
Pattern Plain
Manufacturer Part Number LIS 2G-BLK/BLK-1

Customer Reviews

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Only strap I'll ever buy again

The most reliable strap you can get. I don't like modifiying or removing anything from my instruments so having a strap that can lock on is amazing. I've had mine for months now and it is still in like new condition. These things are amazingly durable. Only strap I'll ever buy again. Also love all of the color option. 10/10
Music background: Gigging bass player. Jazz, Rock, Punk. Soloistic bass.

New Convert

I had used the 'other' stap locking mechanisms for years. I had a bad experience a few years ago. I had ordered a new guitar and just went with the "old stand-by". The cheap metal screw on that "other system" stripped (probably not the best word - more like just became a big circle where the phillips grooves were) and I could not fully screw it into the body nor get it out!!! It was a pain and I ended up causing some minor damage to the body of my guitar just to get that cheap screw out. Yeah, so I decided - never again. I found some straight head screws at Lowe's that worked instead of the ones provided for that other system. But I ordered a new guitar recently and I was NOT going to recreate that problem nor did I want to mess with those buttons or installing them on the strap either. Then, I saw this strap. I was impressed and it got good reviews so I ordered two. I do not regret it at all. This seems like a good strap. I have a couple of band practices and a gig in the next week, and I believe it will do great for my new guitar!!! I even removed the "other" strap buttons on two of my old guitars and put the originals back on.
Music background: Gigging, Recording, Playing Guitar 20+ years

Absolutely the Best!

I couldn't be happier with the Lock-It Straps Pro Gig Series strap. I bought some really cheap guitar strap that ended up being a waste of money. You get what you pay for sometimes. I didn't even try using them on my new G&L Legacy USA guitar as I knew they wouldn't keep my baby safe. The Lock-It is absolutely the best strap. I couldn't imagine using anything else. Very sturdy, very comfortable, looks fantastic and easily adjustable. I'll be buying more of these in the future.
Music background: Electric/Accoustic Guitar Hobbyist

Best Alternative to Strap Locks!

I used to always get strap locks with my guitars, and over time they would come loose or be damaged. Well now that I have found the Lock-It Strap, I can leave my hardware to factory and not worry about it ever again.This strap is the perfect length and is very resilient to going on and off of the guitar every time I play it! I will be shopping for a leather one soon!
Music background: Guitarist, and EDM Hobbyist.

What a great system!

Lock It Straps- what a great system. So simple but secure. I'll be buying some of the more expensive models...wanted to ck one out before spending 70.00 on a leather strap!
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