Bose L1 Model 1S with B1 Bass Module and ToneMatch

Compact PA System with T1 ToneMatch Audio Engine/4-channel Mixer, Loudspeaker Line Array, Powerstand, B1 Bass Module, and Carrying Bags
Bose L1 Model 1S with B1 Bass Module and ToneMatch image 1
Bose L1 Model 1S with B1 Bass Module and ToneMatch image 1
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Bose L1 Model 1S with B1 Bass Module and ToneMatch
In Stock!

Superior PA Performance and Portability

The Bose L1 Model 1S compact PA system gives you portability, flexibility, and great sound! Featuring a proprietary 12-speaker articulated line array and a B1 Bass Module, the Model 1S delivers 180-degree coverage for audiences of up to 300. You get consistent tonal balance throughout the venue, with less SPL drop-off over distance than conventional PAs. Placed behind you onstage, you hear what your fans hear, so your Model 1S also functions as your monitor. The fabulously functional T1 ToneMatch Audio Engine is included with this Bose L1 Model 1S system.

Perfect for audiences of up to 300

If you're a musician or DJ who performs in venues with up to 300 people, Bose's L1 Model 1S is a great-sounding, convenient PA solution. If you're in a band, a premium setup would be one system per player; however, two systems used as a pair behind the band can also be a highly effective solution that eliminates the need for a conventional PA and monitors.

Includes the ToneMatch audio engine for multichannel power

This Bose L1 Model 1S system comes with the T1 ToneMatch audio engine, putting Bose's largest library of customized presets at your command. These ToneMatch presets instantly optimize instruments and microphones for your L1 Model 1S system, all at the touch of a button. Different presets can be independently assigned to each of the engine's four channels. For example, select exact microphone presets for the microphones you're using on channels 1 and 2, your guitar model for channel 3 and your bass model for channel 4 all at the same time. Bose's engineers often work with manufacturers directly to expand the ToneMatch preset library and updates are available to you free, with easy downloading via the engine's USB port.

Ideal for education, business, and houses of worship

Used as a general PA system, the Bose L1 Model 1S is ideal for educational and business applications such as presentations, announcements, and training sessions for audiences of up to 300. It's also great for portable use in houses of worship, at sporting events, and many other occasions where you need a PA system.

Enjoy quick and easy setups and teardowns

The Bose L1 Model 1S system consists of lightweight pieces that set up and tear down in a jiffy. These road-tough components effortlessly connect without the need for cables or stands and are easily transported in the supplied carrying bags.

Bose L1 Model 1S Single B1 with T1 ToneMatch Compact PA System Features:

  • Proprietary 12-speaker articulated line array delivers 180-degree coverage for audiences of up to 300
  • Consistent tonal balance from front to back
  • Less drop-off in SPL over distance than most conventional loudspeakers
  • Compact, lightweight design sets up and tears down in minutes
  • Durable components easily connect without the need for speaker stands
  • Includes loudspeaker line array, powerstand, T1 ToneMatch Audio Engine, B1 Bass Module, and carrying bags
  • Included T1 ToneMatch Audio Engine/4-channel mixer instantly optimizes instruments and mics

Additional Media

L1 Model 1S Series User Manual

Tech Specs

Number of Speakers 12 (Line Array), 1 (Bass Module)
Height 88.13", 15" (B1 Bass Module)
Width 10", 10.25" (B1 Bass Module)
Depth 27", 17.75" (B1 Bass Module)
Weight 23.7 lbs. (Stand), 16.3 lbs. (Top Array), 8.5 lbs. (Bottom Extension), 25.1 lbs. (B1 Bass Module)
Manufacturer Part Number 359376-0010

Customer Reviews

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Bose L1 + B1 + ToneMatch = AMAZING

This won't be quick, but I'm going to try and cover what prospective buyers should really know about this remarkable product. I've owned one for going on a couple of years now and I'm still amazed every time I turn it on. This is LITERALLY A "PLUG AND PLAY" PA that sets up in minutes and SOUNDS GREAT seemingly anywhere and everywhere w/ZERO fuss. I know that sounds impossible to the many (like me) who have come to expect mostly frustration w/their live sound (especially on one-nighters), but it's true. The ToneMatch unit (serves as the mixer) is a GENIUS type thing that allows you to choose from a wide variety of "EQ Presets" to suit whatever device you're plugging into each channel. From there you simply adjust the volume, add your desired type/level of effects (from the basic but very nice built-in array of options), tweak a little if necessary, and GO. Example: we use Shure SM 58's for vocals and they happen to be one of the mic choices in the ToneMatch menu. So we set our mic channels to "Shure SM 58", add a little reverb, and we instantly have VERY sweet sounding vocal mics... indoors, outdoors, just like that, NO KIDDING. It can be a little trickier for devices that aren't on the menu (there isn't a custom preset for every mic and instrument ever created), but there are good generic options for most types of things and sometimes a Brand X setting works great for a Brand Y device. The point is, a little trial and error will generally do the trick and you only have to figure out the best settings for your gear ONE time. Consider... although you can (but sort of rarely will) make the standard "low, mid and high" EQ adjustments to each channel, THERE IS NO MASTER/GLOBAL EQ TO EVEN MESS WITH BECAUSE THERE IS NO NEED FOR ONE. Seriously. We're talking nearly foolproof setup and results, FAST. One and only gripe: the ToneMatch only has 4 channels (seems like it could've/should've just as easily been made with 6 or whatever) and that can be confining, but to be fair this was never intended to be the PA for a 5 piece rock band. In reality, you have 6 possible inputs if you happen to have the right combination of gear. Channels 1-3 accept XLR or 1/4" inputs, but it's one or the other, not both. Channel 4 (it's labeled "4/5") has TWO 1/4" inputs (no XLR) that CAN be used simultaneously, but both devices would have to share the same channel settings. Lastly, there's a 1/4" input in the base w/just a volume knob (no tone adjustments) that will work for a keyboard, or your break music source, or any other device that doesn't really need any signal processing from the PA. It's also possible to add another ToneMatch unit to basically double your number of inputs, but that option DOES require an extra little pile of cash. One thing too many reviewers don't emphasize enough... because the speakers are DESIGNED to be set up BEHIND the performers, there is NO need for monitors, EVER. The players set up in FRONT of the PA and ALWAYS HEAR BASICALLY THE SAME THING THE AUDIENCE HEARS (a gift you NEVER get tired of), and somehow feedback just isn't the problem you would expect it to be. Lastly, the speakers in the tower are set at alternating angles, so the music just kind of spreads around and sounds almost unbelievably similar (and good) everywhere in the listening space. Bottom line... for anyone who's ever had to muck their way through 1 or 1000 nights of trying to get some kind of respectable noise out of a clunky PA that seems to WANT to sound horrible, THIS THING IS A SLICE OF HEAVEN. If you regularly play out in small-to-medium sized venues, and you do your own sound, and move your own gear (did I mention this packs into 3 INCLUDED medium sized nylon bags/covers that will easily fit in the trunk of ANY car?), you honestly won't believe how much you're going to love one of these.
Music background: Full time club player 15 years, occasional player now.

Amazing Sound & Tone

I researched line array systems for quite a while before choosing the Bose L1 Model 1S, with the Tone match. I have to say that Sweetwater Sales Engineer Ryan Clapper, could not have been more helpful, or patient with me. I've heard all the 'nay sayers' with their 'You're just paying for the name' lines, but I'm happy to say that isn't so. Ryan and I talked about the other choices and he discussed pros and cons of each, but when it came down to it, Bose knows what they are doing. When I run my Gibson J-15 acoustic through this, and the Tone Match, the sound is absolutely amazing. Tone is fantastic, clear and clean throughout the room. This isone of the best sounding systems I have played through. Thanks again to Ryan for all the help.
Music background: Played professionally years ago, now for fun

Bose L1 Model 1S with B1 Bass Module and ToneMatch

Amazing! This system is amazing. Fast, easy setup and tear down. Great sound. Fills the room with crystal clear sound. Plenty of power. The ToneMatch makes it easy to get a great sound. Randy Akins at ext1299 is the best. Thanks for the great service..
Music background: 30+ years semi professional

Very, Very SWEET!

My wife and I have been doing gigs now for 7 months with this system. It is so easy to set up and it has a sound that is really sweet! I only wish I had the money to get two of them! You can not go wrong with this purchase and my back is also glad that I did. No more heavy lifting and dreading the set up and hauling the sound system. It is just soooooo sweet!

L1 S1

Music background: SINGER SONGWRITER
See also: PA Systems, Bose, Bose Portable PA Systems