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144-key USB MIDI Controller with Touch Screen and Onboard Polyphonic Synthesizer
Item ID: Kitara

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Misa Digital Kitara image 1
Misa Digital Kitara image 1

Sorry, the Misa Digital Kitara is no longer available. We've left this page up for reference only. Check out the great alternatives on this page or call toll-free (800) 222-4700 to speak with a Sweetwater Sales Engineer about similar products.

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Misa Digital Kitara
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A MIDI Controller for Guitar Players

Looking for the evolution of MIDI and guitar? Look no further than the Misa Digital Kitara. The Kitara is a solution for musicians everywhere wanting a guitar fretboard-oriented controller, but the Kitara also has an onboard digital synthesizer and an interactive multi-touch screen. Now you can use the traditional guitar playing techniques you know and love and use them to create digital sounds only dreamed of, until now. Select the notes you want to play on the fretboard and then use the touchscreen to trigger the sounds. The Misa Digital Kitara opens the world of MIDI like never before.

Misa Digital Kitara at a Glance:
  • The future is here
  • Built-in polyphonic synthesizer
  • Guitar feel and familiarity
The future is here

With looks right out of a futuristic vision, the Misa Digital Kitara not only brings style but a huge cool factor to musicians everywhere. The touchscreen not only gives you unheard of control, but also provides a very cool light show for all those watching.The limits of using the Kitara are only set by your imagination. Is it a guitar? A MIDI controller? A synthesizer? You decide. Arguably one of the most flexible and innovative instruments in modern history, the Kitara is a chameleon of many colors.

Built-in polyphonic synthesizer

A full-featured polyphonic synthesizer is built into the Misa Digital Kitara, making it a self-contained instrument. An 8" multi-touch screen gives you massive and innovative control over the features and playability of this unique fretboard controller. You trigger notes and sound by touching the screen, how you place and move your hand determines how the sound is processed. Strum, tap, drag, multi-touch, whatever, every touch is control over a parameter, instrument, or effect. You get to choose how the instrument functions. The Kitara fretboard lets you choose the notes, much like a keyboard, except there are 144 keys to choose from. You can assign all six strings to play one sound, or designate a different sound per string. The Misa Digital Kitara can also control compatible MIDI devices.

Guitar feel and familiarity

The Misa Digital Kitara has a layout that is very familiar to guitar players. The fretboard features 24 frets, but instead of strings each fret space is a button. Now all those chord voicings and arpeggios you know on guitar can translate directly into MIDI devices with ease. The Kitara's built-in synthesizer has tons of great tones and even built-in effects. You get a range of effects from distortion to delay to modulation. Jump into the MIDI realm with a fretboard controller that is as familiar as your guitar.

Misa Digital Kitara Features:
  • 8" multi-touch display
  • Onboard polyphonic synthesizer
  • Built-in effects
  • 24 frets, 144 buttons/notes
  • Headphone out
  • Audio out
  • USB port
The future of fretboard controllers is here with the Misa Digital Kitara.

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Manufacturer Part Number KITARA

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