Motion Sound KBR-3D - 200W Rotary Keyboard Amp

200W Mechanical Rotary Speaker System with 2 Horn-loaded 10" Speakers and Stereo Low-rotor Simulator
Motion Sound KBR-3D - 200W Rotary Keyboard Amp image 1
Motion Sound KBR-3D - 200W Rotary Keyboard Amp image 1
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Motion Sound KBR-3D - 200W Rotary Keyboard Amp
Special Order

Awesome Rotary Speaker Keyboard Amp

Need swirlicious organ sounds that only a real mechanical rotary speaker system can provide? Sweetwater has an excellent suggestion for you: the Motion Sound KBR-3D. The KBR-3D sports two stereo channels: Hi-Fidelity (for synths, pianos, etc.) and Rotary (for organ). A 12AX7 in the preamp stage lets you dial in the preferred amount of tube grit. You get tons of control over your sound, including a 3D spatial expander that greatly expands your stereo image, and an included footswitch that lets you control rotor speed. Factor in its curb weight of only 70 pounds, and the Motion Sound KBR-3D makes an ideal gigging keyboard amp.

Motion Sound KBR-3D Mechanical Rotary Speaker System at a Glance:
  • From your synths to organ, the KBR-3D handles it all
  • Engineered to sound amazing
From your synths to organ, the KBR-3D handles it all

As you might surmise from the company name, Motion Sound specializes in this stuff, and take it from Sweetwater, they know what they're doing. Quite a few of our keyboard-playing Sales Engineers swear by these amps, because they make them sound great and offer tons of versatility. Motion Sound has equipped the KBR-3D with two stereo channels - Hi-Fidelity, for pristine amplification of your stage piano and synthesizers, and Rotary, for those delicious, swirlicious organ sounds you crave. Between the two, you've got any gig or studio session covered.

Engineered to sound amazing

The KBR-3D sounds fantastic, and it gives you a ton of control over your sound. It sports a 12AX7 in its preamp stage, letting you dial between squeaky-clean and crunchy tube overdrive - and all points in between. You also get a contour control (4-7khz) that lets you emulate the frequency response of vintage rotary speakers. The Post Gain pot controls the volume of the rotary horns and low-rotor simulator. The Stereo simulator is mixed into the Hi-Fidelity channels. Two microphones are built in with level controls mixed into the XLR line outputs. It all adds up to one stunning keyboard amp!

Motion Sound KBR-3D Mechanical Rotary Speaker System Features:
  • Two 10" speakers; two 3.5" ferro-cooled horns
  • 80-watt MS 1.2 rotary-horn driver
  • Stereo low-rotor simulator for fat, punchy low end
  • Two stereo channels: Hi-Fidelity (synths, pianos, etc.) and Rotary (organ)
  • Two pairs of 1/4" inputs with separate volumes plus global 3-band EQ
  • Fast/Slow/Stop rotary speed control 2-button footswitch (included)
  • Bass, horn volume, and effect level controls
  • Two microphones on rotary horn, rear panel mixer to outputs
  • 1/4" rear-panel power amp line inputs
  • XLR L/R outputs include all signals for PA feed
  • Curb weight: a manageable 70 pounds!
Make your keyboards sound amazing, with the Motion Sound KBR-3D!

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Tech Specs

Speaker Size 2 x 10", 2 x 3.5"
Total Power 2 x 100W
Inputs 6 x TRS"
Outputs 2 x XLR
Frequency Range 50Hz-15kHz
Enclosure Material MDF
Mounting Options Floor
Height 21"
Width 24.5"
Depth 16.5"
Weight 70 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number KBR-3D

Customer Reviews

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The Best

For a combination keyboard amp and Leslie equivalent, nothing even touches this thing. I've been using mine for ten years, playing professionally around the world. Works like a charm, and sounds absolutely beautiful. The Leslie imitation has made several heads spin over the years. Pro sound men see it and smile and say "awesome". Not only for the easy hook up to two XLR jacks on the back, but just because the know the sound quality. I've had guys who are at the top of their field listen to the Leslie sim in amazement. (I use either Mainstage 3, Galileo on an iPad, or a vintage Voce V3 as the organ sound source.) If I had to nitpick and find anything to criticize, it would be the way acoustic piano samples sound. But then, let's be honest - what on the market does replicate piano sounds really well? Nothing. EP's, organs, synths, everything else just shines. Oh, and the tone controls are real - they actually introduce signal into the mix instead of just coloring the tone like a car radio. Get one!
Music background: Professional musician, live and studio

Road warrior, sound warrior

Bought one when they first came out, still using it today. My guitar player loves it. Won't let me use anything else. Only issues I have had are with the finish, (refinished with bedliner myself) , and cell phones in certain settings drive this thing bonkers. Changed one belt about a month ago, had to replace an input jack also. Not bad for 11+ years of gigging, church and home use. If you are playing medium size clubs this thing is the ticket. Great leslie sound, Expander works well, and clean channel is just that. CX3, XK3, Kurz, It's had a lot of boards go thru it,and it made them all sound good.
Music background: Pro Musician, Music Director, Gigging musician


I bought my KBR-3D from Sweetwater more than 4-years ago as of this writing and I have to say that it has exceeded my expectations! Other than an issue with a bad component just past the warranty expiration (which Sweetwater made certain Motion Sound covered UNDER WARRANTY!), this amp has performed flawlessly!!! At the time I purchased the KBR-3D, I was playing a Korg CX-3 along with an SV1 and a Kronos, all of which this amp handled with no problem, and the rotary channel was a significant improvement over the CX-3's rotary sim. Since that time, I've replaced the CX-3 in my stage rig with a Crumar MOJO, which has a rotary sim that is on par with both the NEO Ventilator and the GSi Burn, and no longer use the KBR-3D's rotary channel, running MOJO through the stereo channel, and my bandmates noticed immediately how much better "that spinning thing" sounded ... even though it is no longer in use. At 200 Watts, it develops just enough SPL to fill the medium rooms and compete with loud guitars and cymbals and, with a stereo pair of XLR outputs, it makes a great stage monitor for large gigs while avoiding having to use a DI box to feed the FOH system. I also installed the subwoofer output option and the KBR-3D is monster enough to hold its own even when I'm kicking out the bass!!! Were I to buy a stereo keyboard amp today, I would probably buy the KP-500SN, as the rotary horn and onboard lower sim are no longer necessary for me, but then my guitar player wouldn't get to plug in for those SRV tunes anymore ... which would make him sad ... so I think I'll keep it. Honestly, the best keyboard amp I've ever owned ... and I've owned a bunch of 'em, playing professionally for more than 45 years!
Music background: Pro musician, composer, producer/directer.

Motion Sound KBR-3D

Well I hate buying something I didn't get to hear, but I did find a you tube clip of this amp and took a chance. I've played 2 gigs with it and I was very impressed and so was the band. Playing my Kurzweil keys in stereo channel and Roland midi in Rotary channel gave both better equalization. Plenty of power, built solid, hope it lasts for years. It fits on same stand I had my Roland keyboard amp on, right behind of my guitar amp but shoots out over, plenty of stage volume.
Music background: Record and live gigs.

Motion Sound is Back! Yay!

I was freaked when I recently read that Motion Sound had shuttered their doors. Not to worry - they are back. This is my second KBR-3D. I now have my trusty older one as a backup for road gigs. It is by far the perfect amp for me - I run a Hammond thru the rotary side, and crank the tube preamp. I run an analog synth in the expander channels and a Kurzweil for pianos and pads and such in the other channels. Pro sound guys just smile when they see me hand them two XLR output cords and that's it for hooking up to the PA. In stereo. I run the output thru an Art tube preamp when needed by the PA, but it is dialed down a lot - but it's there if they need some extra gain at the board inputs. I have read a few negative comments about build quality. I don't find this to be so. I have run mine professionally for over 6 years and have had not a problem on gigs. I bought an extra belt and tube, but they have stayed in my kit bag. The horns and tweeters have held up remarkably well. I replaced the rotating horn driver on my old unit early on with an upgraded version and have had no problems since. Good customer service in my experience. More power and inputs than the Leslie model with bigger bass drivers as well. I also have a now discontinued KB-80 in my rehearsal space. Hint: Bring it back, MS! I LOVE this amp!
Music background: Keyboards, recording and mixing engineer
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