Radial JDI - Jensen Equipped 1-channel Passive Instrument Direct Box

Passive Mono Direct Box with Jensen Transformer and Rugged I-beam Construction
Radial JDI - Jensen Equipped 1-channel Passive Instrument Direct Box image 1
Radial JDI - Jensen Equipped 1-channel Passive Instrument Direct Box image 1
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Radial JDI - Jensen Equipped 1-channel Passive Instrument Direct Box
In Stock!

One of the Finest Passive DI's Available Anywhere!

The Radial JDI passive direct box is the kind of premium-quality direct tool you need for great sound and rock-solid reliability on stages and studios anywhere. The Radial JDI features a Jensen isolation transformer to give you the best performance possible at all frequencies. This box can handle very high signal levels without distorting, and its passive design helps to eliminate 60-cycle ground loops. Great for everything from passive and active guitars and basses to analog and digital keyboards, the Radial JDI is a dependable, quality performer!

Radial JDI at a Glance:
  • Jensen transformer-equipped passive DI
  • 100% isolation eliminates ground loops
  • Virtually zero phase & harmonic distortion
  • Exceptional signal handling
  • High common mode noise rejection
  • Welded I-beam construction
Jensen transformer for optimum performance

The JDI's Jensen transformer is the product of decades of experience in transformer production. This transformer delivers optimum audio performance offering outstanding linearity at all frequencies, combined with extraordinary level handling without introducing distortion.

The input panel features a 1/4" instrument input and traditional thru-put. An innovative 'merge' function allows the thru-put to be converted to a second input to allow stereo to mono summing. This is often used to interface stereo sources such as keyboards or CD players in live shows where audio channels may be not always be plentiful. The JDI also sports a -15dB pad to interface with higher output levels.

The JDI's output panel features balanced 600-ohm XLR connector with pin-2 hot following the AES specification. A polarity reverse switch toggles pin-2 and pin-3 to allow the JDI to interface with older non-AES equipment and for creative tinkering. The ground lift switch disconnects the XLR pin-1 ground from the JDI for 100% input-to-output isolation.

Finally, a second -30dB pad may be engaged that, when used in tandem with the -15dB input pad, allows the JDI to be connected in parallel with a speaker. This, for instance, allows the engineer to 'tap' the sound coming from a guitar amplifier speaker 'post distortion' thus adding another creative dimension. This unique function incorporates a speaker emulation filter circuit that rolls off highs and lows to more closely approximate the sound of a 12" driver.


As with all Radial direct box, the Radial JDI is designed for use in abusive environments such as on fast-paced stages of concert touring. An innovative book-end design provides a protective zone around the switches and connectors that makes it practically impossible to damage these components.

The inner skeletal frame features a unique 14-gauge welded I-beam construction that makes it impossible to torque the PC board. Stress on the printed circuit board can introduce intermittent solder joints, which by all accounts is the primary cause of direct box failure.

An innovative full-bottom no-slip rubberized pad works double duty by assuring the J48 won't slip and slide around when placed on an amplifier. The protective pad also ads an element of electrical shock resistance by providing a mechanical shield from guitar amp handles that are often directly coupled to the amp chassis.

Radial JDI Features:
  • Welded I-beam construction makes it impossible to torque the PC board. This virtually eliminates cold solder joints - the No.1 cause of system failure in the field.
  • An innovative 'slide-in-place' XLR trace makes it possible to use I-Beam girder construction.
  • Jensen transformer for distortion-free performance.
  • A military-grade PC board is employed for maximum wear and tear in abusive environments. Welded steel standoffs ensure the PC board will not shift.
  • A -15dB pad allows super hot inputs such as that from a CD player to be connected and balanced for long runs.
  • The Merge function turns the input and thru into a passive mixer to sum stereo feeds to mono at the XLR output. This saves valuable inputs on the mixer!
  • The input connects to the instrument.
  • The thru-put is connected to the instrument amplifier. The JDI has a high input impedance to reduce loading.
  • Book-end design creates a protective zone around the switches & connectors for best protection!
  • A heavy-duty baked enamel finish for excellent durability and great looks for years! 100% 14-gauge steel construction.
  • The XLR balanced mic level output provides 100% isolation for runs to 1000 feet without appreciable noise.
  • A polarity reverse switch flips the polarity from the AES standard Pin-2 to Pin-3 on the XLR and is used when combining sounds that may be out of phase.
  • The ground-lift disconnects the ground path to the transformer at the XLR output. This is used when a ground path is made at the input side such as with a keyboard.
  • The parallel speaker interface option introduces a second -30dB pad with band-pass filter to emulate a 12" guitar speaker.
  • A no-slip full bottom pad reduces mechanical vibration, improves electrical isolation and keeps the JDI from moving around on busy stages!
The Radial JDI is a solid choice onstage and in the studio!

Tech Specs

Type Passive DI
Channels 1
Inputs 1 x 1/4"
Outputs 1 x XLR, 1 x TS thru
Height 2"
Width 3.5"
Depth 5.5"
Weight 2.2 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number R800 1010

Customer Reviews

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The Cure for Buzz and Bad Tone

I have a wonderful UA solo 610 running into an Antelope Zen Studio. Great sounds, but man, i've always had an issue with hum and buzz. I use a Fender Dimension bass with active pick-ups and was so impressed with the active DI, i tried this to help the bass. I usually run my Bass (or guitar) into the Solo 610 and have the clean signal go into my Zen and then use the through on the Solo 610 go through effects into the Zen as a colored signal. I've never had luck with the through on the Solo, its loud, lots of hum and buzz. I plugged the JDI in, used the through...hit the ground lift and wow, in all seriousness, i couldn't believe what happened. 100% noise gone. I have a furman power conditionare rack unit and it wasn't until i got the JDI (and the active DI as well for my guitar) that i really heard my gear sing. I use the DI then into my Solo610, its just insane how good it sounds now. The ground lift on the Solo never solved my issues, but this box did. I never really 'got' the whole thing about DI boxes, but this thing just solved so many issues. Sound quality of my pre-amps are dramatically improved. Believe the hype.

Radial JDI

Couldn't have gotten the job done without it. Thanks for getting it to me so quick.
Music background: Pro Musician

Great Passive DI

I had been mulling over which DI to get and I chose to get this one. I know of Jensen transformers' reputation so I figured that a DI with one would be a great investment. As a passive DI, this thing rocks! The merge function is fantastic and I'm so glad that it can handle practically any level thrown at it with ease and without distortion. My next investment will be a good active DI for those pesky, cheap, and passive acoustic guitar pickups that so many college students seem to like. You CAN NOT go wrong with this DI...
Music background: Audio Technician/Student

Radial - the way to go for a DI

I was using a cheap live wire DI for my acoustic on stage and at a show a sound guy had one of these and said he wouldn't let me use anything else that night. I also tried a country man too which sounded incredible. We use IEM's so it's easy to tell the difference between a great DI and a crappy one when the sound is right in your ear. The live wire was not as clear / crisp. Sweetwater recommended this one also and the tone out of my Taylor Acoustic is awesome. The only draw back is that it's a little larger and heavy adding a tad bit more weight to the gig bag but the weight is worth the added tone and beyond!
Music background: Musician

The Radial JDI Box

This box is without doubt one of the best additions to my Studio to date. I recently recorded a jazz album and had the JDI box running through an unright accoustic bass. The signal was clean and constant and the bass sounded natural. I also ran this box with my Kurzweil keyboard, the same result. It a produced clean and constant sound throughout the entire nrecording process. This is excellent value for the price and if you want to get the job done right, then the JDI box is the one you will need.
Music background: Pro musician (vocalist), recording engineer

Sweetwater Advice

Kenny Bergle

This JDI is an answered prayer to sound guys. Even though it's passive, the Jensen transformer allows for completely transparent level transformation. If you need the best passive DI, get the JDI, or JDIduplex. You'll be glad you did. Also it doesn't hurt that they are built like a tank, literally (but no turret). Another cool uniqueness about the JDI/duplex is that it can be put in parallel with a speaker allowing for capturing the guitar sound after it's been distorted by amp AND speaker! ANOTHER cool function is the JDI's "merge" that allows a stereo device to be merged correctly into mono and sent out the JDI's output. Another cool thing is... ok, I'll stop. Just get one, you'll see! (or hear!)
See also: Direct Input Boxes, Radial, Radial Direct Boxes