Hohner 542BX/C Golden Melody Diatonic - Key of C

Diatonic Harmonica with Equal-tempered Tuning for Melody Playing - C
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Hohner 542BX/C Golden Melody Diatonic - Key of C image 1
Hohner 542BX/C Golden Melody Diatonic - Key of C image 1
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Hohner 542BX/C Golden Melody Diatonic - Key of C
In Stock!

A Tempered Harmonica

Possibly the original pocket instrument, the harmonica has made its way into every style of music. Not all harmonicas are made the same though, the Hohner Golden Melody Harmonica is the only model made by Hohner that features equal tempered tuning which makes it especially suitable for melody playing. The 1950s styling gives the Golden Melody a classy, retro look. Let your melodies flow and the chords chug with the Hohner Golden Melody Harmonica.

Hohner Golden Melody Harmonica Features at a Glance:
  • Key of C
  • 1950s styling
  • Equal-tempered tuning
Let your melodies sing with the Hohner Golden Melody Harmonica

Tech Specs

Scale Diatonic
Key C
Manufacturer Part Number 542PBX-C

Customer Reviews

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An underrated harmonica

The Hohner Golden Melody has become my harmonica of choice. It is especially suited for single-note playing which is great for rock, blues and folk tunes. I used Lee Oskars for years, but they do not compare. When you blow or draw into a GM, it's almost effortless. This helps you hit notes with very little air pressure. For fast players, this is essential. The tone is amazing and bending is a breeze. I've found nothing I don't like about this harp. If you're more of a single note player, I highly recommend the Golden Melody. Chords sound wonderful too. Please note, I am not primarily a blues player. For blues, the Lee Oskar and the Hohner Special 20s can do the job quite nicely. But even then, I still prefer my GM.
Music background: 30+ year harmonica player


Really enjoy my harmonica, later plan on getting other keys. Outstanding service and direction.
Music background: hobbyist

Hohner Golden Melody Diatonic Harmonica (Key of C)

Love it. Enjoy playing it almost everyday. Thanks again for all your help in choosing this gear. Your sales staff is very knowledgeable and very helpful. Gabriel
Music background: Hobbyist

recent purchase

Sales rep.knowlegable,very helpful. thank you. I will be buying again in the future, at your location. And thanks again for carrying Hohner products, the best!
Music background: hobbyist
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