EMG Geezer Butler Signature P Bass Pickup

Signature Passive Single-coil P-style Pickup with Alnico 5 Magnets, Mounting Hardware, and a Solderless Wiring Kit
EMG Geezer Butler Signature P Bass Pickup image 1
EMG Geezer Butler Signature P Bass Pickup image 1
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EMG Geezer Butler Signature P Bass Pickup
In Stock!

Authentic Black Sabbath Tone!

The EMG Geezer Butler Signature GZR-P passive bass guitar pickup gives you the original Black Sabbath bass tones. This vintage-style P pickup has the deep, tight low end you know and love from '70s. Using alnico 5 magnets, the EMG GZR-P provides all the fat bass tone you want without the hum and noise, something Sweetwater bass players look for, usually associated with single-coil pickups. This pickup gives you enough output and punch for everything from blues to hard rock. GZR-P pickups come with EMG's 5-wire quik-connect output, which allows for a number of wiring schemes. It's also fully shielded, so you'll always get low-noise operation from the EMG Geezer Butler Signature GZR-P pickup.

EMG Geezer Butler Signature GZR-P Passive Bass Guitar Pickup Features:
  • Alnico 5 magnets deliver vintage-flavored tone
  • Deep and tight low end without the hum and noise
  • Includes 5-wire quik-connect, volume pot, tone pot, and output jack
  • Fully shielded for optimal performance
  • Passive pickup that doesn't need a battery
The EMG Geezer Butler Signature GZR-P passive pickup gives your bass that old-school Black Sabbath tone!

Tech Specs

Type P Style
Active/Passive Passive
Magnet Material Alnico
Number of Strings 4
Position Multiple
Manufacturer Part Number 4646.00

Customer Reviews

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Ripped the entire electronics out of my Squire Affinity P and installed this EMG Geezer. WOAH!! Talk about improvement! Clear bright and transparent tone. Pots are incredibly better. Geezer kit is a snap to install using the EMG video on youtube. I also added wood inserts to the neck and bridge. That tightened up the bass and the sustain with LaBella FL flats just pours out thanks to the Geezers. Very highly reccomend this pickup.


Solid upgrade from the standard P-bass pickup in tone character-and-quality at a surprisingly good price!

Very very good.

I have an older PJ Fender Prodigy bass that was active electronics. It started to buzz and hum real bad, so I gutted everything out and replaced it all with the EMG Geezer Butler Signature P Bass Pickup. I did not realize it came with everything needed including volume and tone pot!. It sounds amazing and has zero hum. The dynamics are awesome! You can play nice and soft by fingering up the neck a little, or rock out fully by playing right over the pick-up. The volume is slightly less than the active pickups, but overall they sound awesome!! Anyone wanna form a Black Sabbath tribute band?!?

The only pickup you need is this one

There is only one word to describe the EMG GZR-P. Perfect.The lowdown word on the street is that this pickup is a copy of a certain 68' Precision bass that frequents the labs over at EMG. This pickup nails that old school precision bass tone and puts it a touch more in your face without sounding overly-loud or over driven. It's like they took the best sounding vintage P bass tone and kicked up the low-mids a notch but left the balance of tone all the same. This is not a bright sounding P. This is not a thumpy sounding P, This pickup just sounds like the best P bass you've ever played. A pickup that accurately brings our what your hand is doing. Everything is right, from the magnet strength, to the metallic composition of the magnets, to the wire gauge chosen. I would say that this pickup is far superior to the fiber bobin pickups that were in the vintage P's. EMG construction is top notch, and this pickup is no exception to that long standing tradition of all EMG products. Buying this pickup you can feel confident that you will not have pickup leads short out, solder break and wear out from your sweat. The solder-less installation has grown on me and I now prefer EMG products that are solder-less for their ease of installation. There are EMG Original P pickups that rolled off the EMG line the week they were built that are still playing strong. I would expect this pickup to do the same.My only negative comments have to deal with the J in the GZR-PJ. It's just an alright/good sounding J by itself, but it just seems to suck the tone right out of the P when used with it. I left mine off all the time for long enough that I uninstalled it and now use just the P. If you have a PJ Bass, skip the GZR-PJ and move on to the EMG PJ-Set, the best sounding PJ pickups in the world. Those went back in my PJ.If you have just a P pickup bass, it would be near impossible to go wrong here. Take any great playing P-Bass, throw this pickup in it, give it a good setup/intonation and your done. You now have a tone machine that will stand the test of time and record hit after hit again and again in your studio. There is no need to shop around the boutique brands for a $150 pickup without potentiometers. This one pickup for $100 is it.
Music background: Professional bass player

Punchy, strong mids

Great pickups. I replaced the stock pups in my '15 American Standard Pbass with these after reading what ppl where saying on the Talkbass forum. Basically they have more mids, which can be overpowering if you play bright strings however these work great for me because I play flats. I would give them a 5.0 if it wasnt for the confusing instructions for installation. Its easy to misinterpret the diagram when connecting the output jack. Basically if you install them and get no output then you need to swap the wires on the output jack, which is exactly what happened to me. Other than that the solderless installation was super easy.
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