TC Electronic G-System Multi-effects Floor Processor

Floor-Based Guitar Effects and Management System
TC Electronic G-System Multi-effects Floor Processor image 1
TC Electronic G-System Multi-effects Floor Processor image 1
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TC Electronic G-System Multi-effects Floor Processor
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Legendary TC Guitar Effects in a Floor Based System

Over the years, t.c. electronic has become a leading manufacturer of a wide variety of world-class audio equipment for recording studios. But TC has always been true to their first love; guitar processing - and today tc is acknowledged as a leader in guitar effects processing. The t.c. Electronic G-System is built on that legacy and pushes the boundaries even further.

t.c. electronic G-System at a Glance:
  • Multi-effects processor floor pedal.
  • Processor can be separated and rackmounted while leaving the control board on the floor.
  • Sturdy build for the road.
  • Rock Solid User Interface.
  • Chromatic Tuner.
  • Analog Pedal Loops.
  • Amp Switching.
  • Delay.
  • Reverb.
  • Pre Effects; compresson, and filters.
  • Post Effects; noise gate, modulation, and pitch.

Multi-effects Processor/Floorpedal
Choose between a rack or a floor based setup, decide how the effects are routed, tailor the foot switch layout, and choose from more than 25 different on-board effects. The GFX01 19" 1U effects processor can simply be removed from t.c. electronic G-System and rackmounted. A single cable connects the GFX01 with the t.c. electronic G-System floor unit putting your stomp boxes and messy cables out of sight while keeping the power and control under foot.

Sturdy and Stable
A live product must be built to survive the road, and t.c. electronic G-System has been designed to do just that! The t.c. electronic G-System user interface and mechanical design are truly unique. With the heavy duty aluminum face plate, extruded supports and the 18 giant metallic chrome switches, stability is ensured and durability is a given, no matter how hard life gets on the road.

Rock Solid User Interface
Direct access user interface is via 6 rotary encoders. Not only are these encoders protected by the heavy duty chrome switch housing, but vital components are protected below. With no vulnerable plastic knobs and no obvious openings G-System is sealed against dust, dirt, moisture and the inevitable "liquid accident" on stage.

Chromatic Tuner
With the full chromatic tuner you can always keep an eye on your guitar tuning. By pressing and holding the "tuner" switch the outputs will mute and even more precise tuner information will be displayed in the LED matrix. Hitting any switch will instantaneously un-mute the output and send you back into the play mode.

Analog Pedal Loops
It is a well-known fact that any disengaged pedal will eat into your guitar tone. The 4 analog loops in G-System give you full preset control as well as on-the-fly enabling/disabling, allowing "true bypass" of any pedal. The 5th loop is custom designed for pre-amp insertion. Buffered driver design of the insert loop allows for extra long cable runs with no loss of audio quality.

Amp Switching
4 relay switches gives you remote analog control of preamps and amps. Relays are under G-System preset control and can be controlled on-the-fly as well.

The delay section sports more than 6 different effects, including legendary 2290 dynamic delay, reverse delay, tape echo and more. All delays feature true "spillover" allowing the repeats of the delay to ring out across any preset change. Tap tempo is a given and can of course be tied to MIDI clock.

Reverbs from the famous TC palette are included. Plates, rooms, springs and halls are available in the reverb section, all specifically tuned and tailored for guitar. But wait there's more... The G-System holds numerous extras. To mention a few, ultra smooth noise gate and three band EQ are included. The boost function makes your 'fill' or solo stand at the flick of a switch, all tempo based effects can be individually controlled by tap tempo or MIDI clock, and numerous parameters are under expression pedal control.

Pre Effects
Effects that are typically used prior to your 'lead' effects are found in the pre effects section. The pre-loop DSP section of t.c. electronic G-System features a high impedance instrument input and full 96kHz/24bit conversion and processing. This high resolution processing ensures maximum preservation of the guitar's original harmonics which are vital to the character of any overdrive pedal or preamp. The t.c. electronic G-System filter section allows you to select between touchand manually controlled filters, ranging from wah wah over formants to high peak resonance filters. The t.c. electronic G-System compressor section enables perfect dynamic control of the previous filters, a pumping style compressor or the more transparent compression style that gives smooth dynamic control and lengthy sustain.

Post Effects
The t.c. electronic G-System post effects section includes all the traditional effects that belong after the 'lead' section. The t.c. electronic G-System post-effect section features an ultra-fast noise gate allowing removal of background noise from potential high gain pedals or preamps when not playing. Modulation effects of your choice, including the famous TC chorus, flangers, phasers, tremolo, vibrato and more, are available in the t.c. electronic G-System modulation section. The t.c. electronic G-System detune feature adds to your stereo image, while whammy and octavers allow for more effected sounds. The regular pitch shifting features up to a two octave shift.

t.c. electronics G-System Features:
  • Multi-effects processor floor pedal.
  • Up to 9 simultaneous effects.
  • Ultimate flexibility as the board can be separated with loops etc. in a 19" rack while leaving the control board on the floor.
  • MIDI control of additional external MIDI units.
  • Connections for 2/4 Expression pedals.
  • Fast and smooth preset changes featureing delay spill-overs.
  • Four switchable mono sends for your favorite effects pedals.
  • One additional loop/insert point dedicated for preamp.
  • 4 x 9V DC outlets for powering your effects pedals.
  • USB Connection for software updates.
  • Rock Solid User Interface.
  • Chromatic Tuner.
  • Analog Pedal Loops.
  • Amp Switching.
  • Delay.
  • Reverb.
  • Pre Effects; compresson, and filters.
  • Post Effects; noise gate, modulation, and pitch.
A great all-in-one guitar effects solution with the t.c. electronic G-System!

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Tech Specs

Pedal Type Multi-FX
Number of Effects 24
Analog Inputs 1 x 1/4", 2 x 1/4" (Expression and Volume Pedals), 5 x 1/4" TRS Sends
Analog Outputs 2 x 1/4", 5 x 1/4" TRS Returns, 2 x 1/4" Switching Outputs
Digital Outputs 1 x S/PDIF
Computer Connectivity USB
Power Supply Included Yes
Height 4.1"
Width 20.2"
Depth 10.5"
Weight 17.2 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number 963000011

Customer Reviews


I Love This Thing

This thing is awesome. It is a tweakers dream. More options that I could even use. I'm still trying to use it to its potential. I use mine with the nova Drive but it's nice you can add whatever drives you want. It has extra loops for additional petals has amp switching which is awesome and totally customizable. I can't say enough good things about it should've gotten this a long time ago.
Music background: 25 years playing guitar sound engineer

TC Electronics G-System Multi-FX Floor Processor

This is great! The effects are spectacular and the ability to program creative sounds is inspiring. I had multiple TC Electronics effects pedals which sounded great but having them all patched together created background noise that was annoying. The G-System eliminates the background noise and provides great effects. Thank you Sweetwater for providing information about this effects processor and offering a discount on the price. I've been dealing w/ you for years and you have provided me w/ exceptional gear and service. Zach Neels has helped me w/ everything and he's been great!
Music background: Rock/Jazz Guitar

G system

I got the g system last week It replaced my old faithful TC electronic nova system and now I am using it in a rack space with a tube preamp and I am able to change channels on the preamp with the G system via midi without being in need to buy a separated midi controller The G System platform can be separated from the brain unit and be mounted in the rack space and on the gig you just need an internet cable to connect the platform to the rack unit and your good to go. Very clean and efficient, The sound of the new g system is more clear and transparent due to an improved buffer section done by the Italian tach engineer massimo mantovani, that modification was added originally on the G system IB modified and now TC applies them on all of they're recent units. The effect are top quality with many options to choose from including the Tc's famous delays and reverebs chorus flanger univibe phasers terms guitar dubler filters wha wha and more, and all effect parameters can be controlled with an expression pedal, 3 band parametric EQ and 3 fx routing Methods can be assigned separately on each present You can control your favorite amps via relay switch Change channels on your favorite preamps and connect your favorite pedals to 4 loops on board with integrated 9v power section for each You can do with this unit almost everything you want Enjoying great fx quality and a platform built like solid rock and very simple to program and use at home studio ore live

Maybe the last effect pedal I will ever need. (I'm sure I'll buy more anyway)

After spending some time learning how to set the G System up properly, I am completely knocked out by what it does and how it sounds. It's built like a tank too! I was shocked by how heavy the thing is, but it's worth the weight. It's capabilities are amazing. I'm using it to switch channels without MIDI on my Boogie Mark V. It also works with my Mark V 25 for smaller gigs. I'm also using four effect pedals plugged into the loops. The sound is clear and the effects are stunning. You have to look for and read the white paper written by a long time G System user to get the thing set up correctly and quickly. (Check the G System Forums) Otherwise, you might spend quite a while figuring out how to use the 4 Cable method with a reasonable noise level. Anything with this many capabilities can get complicated, but the white paper will help you get everything working right with a minimum of hassle. Once you get the initial setup out of the way, It's a joy to program and it works great live on gigs. NO MORE TAP DANCING! I can't say enough good things about it. Last pedal I will ever need. (But there may be some other I might want later;)
Music background: Professional Musician and College music prof. 44 years exp.

TC Electronic G-System

Anything effect I can think of I can enter into the G-system, adding a delay to the flanger or phaser "on the fly" , or add a phaser to the reverb "on the fly" with just the tap of a button..bang!! I have the effect that I want. I added another effect pedal to my G-System and put it in Loop 1 so if I want that effect I just depress "Loop 1" and badda-bing-badda boom! it's in the mix!! The G-System is this bass players answer to the Holy Grail of Effects!. It's not just for guitar players!!!!
Music background: Weekend Warrior and some weekdays too!

Sweetwater Advice

Ryan Murphy

TC Electronic went to a military base and drove a tank over this and it still worked.

Nate Edwards

The G-System is one of the coolest guitar processors to appear in recent history; not only does it have incredible sounding effects from TC Electronic, but it's built more like something made for the Army than something for the studio. It will stand up to just about any live abuse, and the FX loops and other options ensure that you can use it alongside your favorite pedals with no problem. Awesome!

Mark Magdich

The G System is the finest complete guitar system I have ever seen and played. The integration of external switching, ease of editing, and the effects make it worth thousands of dollars more that what it is. Completely transparent and mixes with any guitar amp and tone!
See also: Multi Effects Pedals, TC Electronic, TC Electronic Multi-effects