Zoom G3 Multi Effects Pedal

Pedalboard-style Guitar Multi-effects with 100 DSP Effects and 40-second Looper
Zoom G3 Multi Effects Pedal image 1
Zoom G3 Multi Effects Pedal image 1
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Zoom G3 Multi Effects Pedal
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Powerful Multi-effects Plus Pedalboard Convenience

With the power of an advanced multi-effects unit, the convenience of a pedalboard, and the versatility of a USB audio interface, the Zoom G3 guitar effects and amp simulator pedal is your go-to all-purpose guitar super tool. Three large LCD displays and footswitches give you a genuine stomp-box experience, and individual controls for effects and amp modeling make the G3 an invaluable live tool. Create and store up to 100 original tones using 100 built-in DSP effects. Other features, such as an onboard drum machine and a built in 40-second looper are especially handy for private practice. In the studio, you'll love the G3's USB and XLR outputs. And because the it comes with both Zoom's Edit & Share preset software and Steinberg's Sequal LE recording software, you'll get even more out of your G3 when you hook it up to your computer!

Zoom G3 Multi-effects Pedal Features at a Glance:
  • 3 large LCD displays and footswitches
  • Amp or stomp box effects can be used in any combination
  • Authentic amp modeling simulates amps, cabinets and mics separately
  • Over 100 built-in DSP effects
  • Create and store up to 100 original tones
  • Integrated drum machine
  • Looper function with 40 seconds of phrase recording and overdubbing
  • USB audio interface for DAW recording (Mac and PC)
  • Includes Edit & Share and Steinberg Sequal LE recording software
  • Over 6 hours of operation using 4 AA batteries, as well as USB bus and AC power
Get tons of effects plus the stomp-box-style performance, from the Zoom G3 multi-effects processor!

Additional Media

G3 Multi Effects Pedal User Manual

Tech Specs

Number of Effects 107
Amp Modeling Yes
Number of Models 22 Amp Models
Analog Inputs 1 x 1/4"
Analog Outputs 2 x 1/4", 1 x XLR
Digital Inputs No Digital Inputs
Digital Outputs No Digital Outputs
Power Supply Included Yes
Batteries 4 x AA
Height 2.2 inches
Width 9.2 inches
Depth 6.6 inches
Weight 2.7 lbs.
Type Multi-FX
Manufacturer Part Number ZG3

Customer Reviews

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If you're at all like me, I really can't get enough when it comes to reviews... especially when I'm ready to drop a buck and a half!! I'll apologize in advance for those that just need a line or two and five stars, for the remainder, here are my impressions after a couple of weeks with the Zoom G3. The Zoom G3 is a really sweet multi-FX pedal! It has some very unusual virtual stomp boxes and FX modules. The hardware quality seems very adequate for the studio but might be a tad light for road use. Be gentle with the seven-button array along the top of the unit... I you a few users that had complained that it broke. You can't hammer it or use your foot! The easiest way to use the G3 is with the very robust, Zoom Edit & Share software. This program is perhaps, a bit long in the tooth, as the current version (, has not had any attention since 2012. On the other hand, I appreciate the fact that it does not require QuickTime, SilverLight, iLock or any other apps that can complicate things. You'll need to down this from the Zoom website and install... I found this to be an easy process. I also found that I needed to update the firmware on the G3, but that too was quick and easy. To my ears, the factory presets sound a little better on humbuckers than single coils. I doubt that a great deal of time went into the Factory Selection, however, a fair number of the presets are very usable right out of the box... more than any other multi-fx units that I've owned and used! You can learn a great deal about how the modules/stomps react from how they are employed in the factory presets. I like the fact that the Zoom Edit & Share software will not allow two different names for the exact same FX/amp string... if you want to copy and paste a favorite and then work from that, just turn one module off and then you can rename the new preset or patch when you have it the way you want. I wish it was easier to audition cabs, alternate to the matching cabs that load automatically with each amp. I did, however, find a quick way to do this: Copy the preset and paste it into slot A0 in the User Area. Next, use the right hardware scroll key on the G3 to move over to the amp. Then press the (#3) Amp Page key four times and adjust the cab parameter with knob # two. When you have the cab you like, copy the preset back to it's original position. Additionally, I do like the customizable and relatively fussy and accurate tuner. The Zoom Edit & Share softwares linear layout will be familiar to most users but there are some things that make using it rather fiddly, and at times, difficult. To begin with, the virtual knobs, buttons and sliders on the control software, called Zoom Edit & Share, are extremely small and difficult to see and use to capture with the point of your mouse. Also, Zoom could have added a tad more memory to the unit so that you can use any of the modules in any combination. If you're OK with a little extra tweaking, the sounds are quite amazing. There are some very unusual and useful FX. I like the auto-save feature. It has an on/off if you don't like it. The metronome and practice kits sound good are fun to jam and practice with. Some of the Zoom custom distortion modules/stomps are positively over the top... and there are quite a few! I like the little black box titled "LEAD". Here is some other weirdness with the Zoom Edit & Share Software: ZNR = Zero Noise Reduction and works well. Squeak = ProCo Rat Cty = Dunlop CryBaby M-Filter = Moog T-Scream = Ibanez Tube Screamer Dist-1 (orange = Boss DS-1 Great Muff = Electroharmonix Big Muff Acoustic = acoustic Simulator with effective controls for TOP, BODY and LEVEL. Not sure what HDMP mean on delay units? Although a sub-folder exists called ZOOM Online, I'm not sure how to find Zoom Presets online? When you switch from the user area to the PC area, the program does not stay on the patch you were working on in the previous folder. Instead, it goes to patch A0 in the User Area every time. This also happens on power up/down. It is a bit difficult to figure out what many of the FX are. You have to load them up and then try to remember what it was that you loaded and how it affected your sound. However, it is relatively easy to identify the FX or stomp box by its' name, color, control layout and shape and intuition! The Acoustic Simulator is the best I have ever heard! Amazing! I did a factory restore and it did not touch any of the custom patches that I had created... nice. On my 21" LCD screen, the text that describes the knobs function, and the knob pointers are also quite difficult to see and/or read. If you hover your mouse over the control however, it will dispklay the parameters name and value nicely. I was a bit disappointed to learn that the G3 does not have most of the same FX as the Zoom MS-70CDR as I thought it would. The MS-70CDR FX are stellar IMHO! i was able to "cobble" together multiple FX units to come close to some of the MS-70CDR sounds. You can not cycle through your presets from the PC folder or Group folder using the foot switches. As soon as you press and hold footswitch 1 to enter the preset mode, the software switches to the User Area folder. For some odd reason, when you fire up the kit, the G3 again switches to preset A0 in the User Area of presets???? Same goes for the tuner. I intend to call Zoom about this as this should not be happening. In summation, I would rate the G3 as the very best in class value-for-dollar. Although, Zoom does not advertise it as such, the G3, a good DAW and a pair of quality cans or near-field monitors could be the start of a very powerful, guitar-centric, home recording studio. There are many other nice features that I'll only mention like looping, three high quality amber LCD screens, 3-way power via batteries, USB or the included adapter, etc. If you are willing to put up with some quirkiness, the G3 can make amazing, unique, inspirational and unusual sounds that will never be heard from any other multi-FX unit!

Zoom G3 is well worth it!

While I've been playing guitar for thirty years,this is the first multi pedal I've ever owned.I never was a fan but over the years these units have gotten better and better.Zoom has outdone themselves here.The G3 is amazing! To start with,it's so easy to use.Most functions I didn't even need the manual.Love the LCD screens.The amp models are very nice,something for everyone.The effects are stellar as well.Chorus,Flange...they're all pretty realistic.It's nice to be able to adjust the parameters of each amp and each effect as well.My only gripe would be some of the distortion effects...not the best.But between the distortion pedals and amp models you can get some decent distortion.The forty second looper is a great option! Mix in the drum machine and it's hours of guitar fun.I haven't even tried the recording software yet.This thing is just chock full of tons of goodies!!!You definitely won't be disappointed!!
Music background: Hobbyist

Zoom G3

OK most of us like the G3 and with good reasons. Really nice effects. Versatile for practice and live performances. Oh my and so easy to tweak. For the first time I used the Return option to bypass my amps preamp (TWEAKER) and use the modelor. I was surprised of how tweakable the G3 is for modeling using it as the preamp. Opted for the fender sound and compared it with my real fender. Really close. But you have to close your eyes in doing so to really appreciate how close it sounds to the real thing. I remember when musicians were hesitant of buying ZOOM products in the early days. I was one of them. Other manufactures had a better product. I no longer feel that way with ZOOM as they are really pushing the envelope for quality, efficiency, technology and fair cost. ZOOMs chip (ZFX4) must be a powerful one. And there sigmoid curve clipper which re-creates the smooth clipping of a tube is so cool. The G3 can go from one extreme to another in tone but in a good way. Somewhere in the middle you should be able to find the tone you have in your head. For the distortion/overdrive I use my own pedals as I prefer the Wamplers, and Fulltone. But in a pinch G3 has a few that are useable for me, such as there version of the RAT, Hot Box and Tube Screamer. Overall, a great buy and I would strongly recommend this to other musicians. Hope ZOOM continues to push the envelope. Love it.
Music background: Guitarist

Zoom G3

This is a great product. It's a very fair price, and that's what it's all about. Six simultaneous Stomp effects for each chain. Use the patches OR create your own ( I choose the latter). If you like to sound good, buy it. SOUND: Great! The head turning snapped necks the first time I used it. I play a Gibson Midtown. I use the Zoom G3 Graphics EQ instead of an amp model and use the DI output to go directly into the sound board. I like a clean sound so I dislike amp models. This is because all manufacture's typical model the original amp sound and that means you even get the amp circuitry noise. The Zoom G3 and my POD xt both reproduce that same noise. I use the Zoom G3 now instead of the POD xt because of simplicity and good sound. SIMPLICITY: Each Chain's Stomp Box (6) parameters can be changed easily and quickly (Do it - it's done. No save process needed). PERFECT for me. I've read concerns about scrolling through banks. If you can dance on the buttons on a Stomp board throughout a set, then you can adapt to the Zoom G3 (simplicity). HERE"S THE SOLUTION: I don't need to jump around through more than three Stomp chains per song. I store patches in sequential order (from A0 to whatever - theres more than 100 chain slots available). During this process I put each songs primary patch in the middle and the other two (above and below the primary Stomp chain) and include a number in the Songs Title for those songs needing a sequencial series. Once the Stomp chains are set up, I hold down FOOT BUTTON # 1 to enter Scroll Mode. Then I simply scroll up and down during a song, and continually scroll up through Stomp chains as we progress through a set. Finally, during this process the name of each patch is displayed in the Far-Right (brightly lite) Window, so it's easy to see where you're at throughout the set. COMPUTER INTERFACE: Easy. Save all the patches (current factory settings and all those you create) to your computer and reload them into the Zoom G3 in whatever order needed for your next gig. Easy to do with a laptop if you're on the road. There's more.... it's all just extra toppings on a good desert.
Music background: Band, Weekly, Large Room

A Swiss Army Knife DI

Needed a DI for my acoustic guitar, so I decided to take a gamble and pick this up... Glad I did. I first dialed in an eq to make the guitar sound as natural as possible, and as a DI, I was very happy with it. Then I added a compressor to raise the volume of finger style passages, and it sounded great. A nice hall reverb added some fullness. Then, because of the firmware update (see below), I was able to add a delay/chorus following an amp model based on a Fender Vibroverb set to be slightly clean, with a boost pedal in front of it to give it a bit more bite and growl if needed. The three (nice) switches control the boost, amp model, and chorus, and it ended up making a great little pedal setup for my acoustic guitar. The bottom line is that it does a great job as a DI, and I got some added tone toys thrown in. The amp models don't feel as lifelike as the Line 6 HD, but they sound great on stage and in the mix. The only thing I wish Zoom would have included is the ability to sync delay tempo via midi. However, at this price, that isn't really expected. As an aside...when the unit first arrived with the old firmware, only three effects could be used at a time, but the firmware update 2.0 adds the ability to use six at a time...that essentially gave me the freebie sound options described above. It is now my favorite DI.
Music background: Pro musician

Sweetwater Advice

Brian Kerns

When I first started with my Zoom G3, I realized one thing: This pedal is incredibly easy to use. Not only that, but the effects sound great! With a built-in drum machine and looper, it's really fun when I'm just jamming in my apartment. And I can also use it as an audio interface, so I can quickly recording any song I've just written. I think this pedal is a great addition to any guitar rig.
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