PageFlip Firefly Bluetooth Page-Turning Pedal

Battery/Bus-powered Customizable Bluetooth Pedal for Mac/Windows Computers and iOS/Android Mobile Devices
PageFlip Firefly Bluetooth Page-Turning Pedal image 1
PageFlip Firefly Bluetooth Page-Turning Pedal image 1

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PageFlip Firefly Bluetooth Page-Turning Pedal
In Stock!

Add Hands-free Control to Any Software!

Browse digital documents, flip through virtual sheet music, and even control your DAW's transport all with hands-free convenience, thanks to the incredibly handy PageFlip Firefly. This Bluetooth equipped dual-pedal device lets you send simple keystrokes and mouse-clicks to your Mac or Windows computer, iOS device, or Android tablet, rendering it almost universally compatible with anything from Avid Scorch and GigBook to Ableton Live or Studio One. Five preset modes cover most music display apps and software, and an editor on Windows lets you create your own, using both built-in pedals and two expansion pedal inputs. And since it's USB or AA battery powered, you can take your PageFlip Firefly with you anywhere!

PageFlip Firefly Bluetooth Page Turner at a Glance:
  • Hands-free page turning for virtually any computer software or mobile app
  • Customizable controls and expansion jacks give you a ton of configuration options
  • Bluetooth or USB operation accommodates any performance environment
Hands-free page turning for virtually any computer software or mobile app

Part of what makes the PageFlip Firefly such a brilliantly useful gadget is it's sheer simplicity. Rather than employ some proprietary communications method, the Firefly sends universally recognizable keyboard commands and mouse clicks to your computer or mobile device, making it compatible with nearly any sheet music or lyric book applications out there. Setup is extremely simple, and this small and rugged double pedal is totally silent, letting you flip through pages in your software, without drawing attention to itself.

Customizable controls and expansion jacks give you a ton of configuration options

Like the Cicada that came before it, the Firefly includes a couple of external pedal inputs that let you go beyond the basic preset modes this remote pedal controller comes with. But one of the things that the musicians here at Sweetwater particularly like about the Firefly is how you can totally reprogram it, via a free Windows application. With four total pedals at your feet and five presets to configure, you can use your PageFlip Firefly to control anything from simple sheet music page turns on your iPad to hands-free transport control for your studio DAW.

Bluetooth or USB operation accommodates any performance environment

Whether you're onstage or in the studio, the PageFlip Firefly will make your life easier. Onstage, the Firefly's Bluetooth wireless connectivity will easily interface with your iPad or Android, saving you the hassle of tucking a cable out of the way. It can also run on everyday AA batteries, and its 30-minute shutoff timer can both save your batteries and spare you the embarrassment of shutting down prematurely. In the studio, a single USB cable can provide your Firefly with both connectivity and power, or you can connect a USB power supply to save you the cable run while saving batteries as well.

PageFlip Firefly Bluetooth Page Turner Features:
  • Advanced page turning device provides hands-free control over digital sheet music and similar software
  • Rugged, sturdy, hefty, and totally silent design meets the needs of serious professional musicians
  • 2 built-in pedals control basic functions; can be expanded with 2 additional pedals (not included)
  • Illuminated pedals are easy to find in dimly lit venues
  • 5 preset operation modes provide compatibility with a wide range of apps and software titles
  • Presets include PageUp/PageDown, Left/Right arrow, Up/Down arrow, Left/Right mouse click, and Space/Enter
  • Program your own unique presets via the free editor software (Windows only)
  • Connects to your computer or device via USB or Bluetooth
  • Compatible with all Mac/Windows software as well as iPads and Android apps that accept keyboard commands
  • 30-minute timeout preserves battery life but won't leave you stranded in the middle of a performance
  • Runs for hours on two AA batteries or via an optional USB AC adapter
Take control of your favorite apps and software with the PageFlip Firefly pedal controller!

Tech Specs

Computer Connectivity USB, Bluetooth
Made For Digital sheet music software
Manufacturer Part Number PFFIREFLY01

Customer Reviews

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PageFlip Firefly

Purchased this item to be used a little differently. We are a small church and I wanted the availability to change slides for songs from the stage. I saw that the PageFlip has several modes to choose from, one being control of the left and right arrows of the keyboard. I use that function on the PageFlip to go back and forth thru the slides, works perfectly, even from say 30 feet away! Great Job PageFlip!
Music background: Worship Leader

Way Better Than Airturn

After literally tossing my AirTurn BT-106 Duo because it constantly had Bluetooth connection problems with my iPad (plus I often could not get it to turn off), I bought a Firefly. What a world of difference. Instead of single button / single indicator light you get with the AirTurn, you get a simple on-off switch & a dedicated Bluetooth reset button that I've yet to use other than during initial setup. The thing pairs so reliably & quickly, I don't even notice the process.
Music background: Bass, 30yrs

Operative word: SIMPLE!

Maybe it's my age, dunno. I've watched kids handle the Firefly's competitor (BT 106) with ease. But in the 6 months I've had it (106) I got it to work for me correctly maybe twice, no kidding. Honestly, I'd had enough & decided to give the PageFlip products a try upon recommendation from a friend that had the PageFlip Cicada with 5+ years (at least) of trouble free service. So, I ordered the Firefly. No sooner than I was anticipating "pat head/rub tummy same time" so that the unit would pair, it was paired, ready to go. So my main fire was out. Just food for thought: To me, better to have a BT pedal like the Firefly that runs on batteries vs. a unit that one can't depend on to hold a charge. I could keep going about how the Cicada/Firefly is the way to go, but to sum it up; a SIMPLE on/off switch, & better with batteries than gambling on a pedal that probably won't hold a charge two days in a row. Go with the Cicada/Firefly so you can move on & take care of biz.
Music background: Writer/arranger/home studio

Not a gimmick but a necessity

I thought at first this might just be a gimmicky item and I love gimmicks but after just a couple of session it has become something I rely on not only for music but I loaded all the manuals for the many new devices and software I have recently purchased and I can work on my learning curve and read the guides hands free. This is a remarkable addition to my studio
Music background: Currently Ragtime Robert at Disneyland, 39 years before that in piano bar

Great buy

Works as expected. Has some weight to it and a rubber sole to keep it from sliding around. Nothing bad to say. Happy with my purchase.
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