Daking FET II

Class A FET Compressor/Limiter with Discrete Circuitry, Seven Release Time Constant Settings, 3-Function VU Meter, and Two Inputs
Daking FET II image 1
Daking FET II image 1
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Daking FET II
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Get Amazingly Transparent Compression from Daking!

The Daking FET II gives you the control you need over your tracks and mixes, while its transparency and subtlety allow your audio to sound uncompressed. The FET Compressor II, like Daking's EQs and preamps, uses discrete transistor technology, Class A amps, and transformer balanced inputs and outputs for great performance and low-noise operation. You get seven release time constants for an array of classic performance characteristics, and operation is incredibly intuitive. The FET II an impressive studio performer!

Daking FET II Class A Comp/Limiter at a Glance:
  • Quality construction inside and out
  • Multiple release time settings
  • The Daking story

Quality construction inside and out
Daking's FET II uses discrete transistor circuitry, transformer balanced inputs and outputs, and Class A amplifiers. The amplifiers are based on the original "A Range" circuits. The FET II uses a Field Effect Transistor as the gain change element. It's a great feeling to know you're working with a piece of gear that keeps your mixes under control transparently while giving you very reliable, low-noise operation.

Multiple release time settings
The FET II includes seven release time constants: .5, 1, 1.5, Neve 33609 Auto, A&D •, Compex Auto, Fairchild 670 #5, and Fairchild 670 #6. It's like having several great units built into one!

The Daking story
Having broken into the music industry as the drummer for '60s psychedelic band the Blues Magoos, Geoff Daking went on to truly make his mark designing and building boutique-quality studio gear. His company's latest offerings not only look classic, sound great, and perform solidly - you'll be knocked out by their decidedly non-boutique prices. Daking puts a premium on putting quality components at the heart of his gear, from circuits to transformers to amplifiers, while implementing modern techniques to ensure reliable, consistent performance.

Daking FET II Class A Comp/Limiter Features:
  • Stainless steel construction
  • All discrete transistor circuitry
  • Transformer balanced inputs and output
  • Class A amplifiers
  • Threshold adjustable from -10 to +10 in 2dB steps
  • Ratios: 1.5:1, 2:1, 3:1, 5:1, 10:1, and 20:1
  • Attack: 250 microseconds to 63 milliseconds
  • Seven release time constants
  • Make up gain: 0 to 11dB in 1db steps
  • 3-function VU meter: Input/Output/Gain Reduction
  • Two Inputs: XLR +4dbm transformer balanced; 1/4" TRS -10dB transformer balanced
The Daking FET Compressor II makes it easy to take control of your mixes and sound great!

Additional Media

FET II Spec Sheet
FET II User Manual
Signal Processing Buying Guide

Tech Specs

Type FET
Number of Channels 1
Controls Threshold, Ratio, Attack, Release, Gain
Threshold -10dB to 10dB
Ratio 1.5:1 to 20:1
Frequency Response 10Hz-25kHz
Inputs 1 x Combi (XLR/TRS), 1 x Combi (XLR/TRS - For Stereo Link)
Outputs 1 x XLR
Rack Spaces 1U
Height 1.75"
Depth 12.25"
Width 19"
Weight 5.75 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number FET II Compressor

Customer Reviews

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Creme de la Creme

I've had the pleasure of owning and using this compressor for about 3 months now, and let me quickly outline exactly what I love about it so much. For all intensive purposes this is a very clean, pristine, and transparent compressor. Even under heavy use (low threshold, high ratio, fast attack, slow release, high output makeup gain) it still manages to retain a very transparent response. You almost can't hear it working whatsoever... Assuming you use the normal release options that is... This compressor may be transparent when using the normal release times (.5s to 1.5s), but as soon as you get into the multiple release constants, the entire tone and character of the compression goes from transparent to very colorful. When using the auto 33609 release settings the tone is low-mid forward, with tamed brightness. It adds warmth and fatness/weight to anything that goes through it, this setting is awesome for bass and warm guitars. The compex auto setting tends to be a little brighter, but scooped mids. The Fairchild 5 is really like a mix between the compex and the 33609, but more balanced sounding. Now comes the Fairchild 6, modeled to resemble the iconic 670. This is where this compressor truly shines. ANYTHING you run through this compressor with the 670's release settings gets completely colored, in a gorgeous, musical way. I find it really "airy" and "sweet" sounding. It doesn't remove bass response per se, but it definitely adds a bright colored tone to anything you use it on. The best part about it is the more you compress the signal in this setting, the more of that brightness it adds. Gone are the days where compressing removes high-end tone, this thing adds it. All in all, it's a workhouse compressor that will work on anything. Mixing vocals, guitars, general tracking, fattening up bass, even mastering. But for me the greatest use is as a peak limiter for tracking vocals with the 670 release settings to add that special sweetness. I also own a Purple 1176, and an LA-2A, but they simply cannot compete with the Daking for transparent peak limiting on vocals.
Music background: Audio Engineer, Music Producer

Amazing Compressor

I'll keep it short since others have hit most of the main points. This is a pro-level compressor without a doubt. However, as others have stated, this is not a character/color compressor. The combination of its FET compression and Jensen transformers makes for very clean, colorless (but not sterile) compression. In addition, this clean accuracy means that I can regularly shave 5-7db off a dynamic singer with no audible artifacts or hint that it's happening. Its automated multi-time release constants take it to a crazy level versatility. It also has such fast options for attack that I would imagine it could make a good limiter, but I've never used it for that purpose. In the end, I couldn't be happier with it. If you intend on compressing while tracking or re-tracking, this is great. If you have the main intention of mastering with it or generally using it on the 2-buss, consider the daking FET iii. These can be stereo linked via voltage summing which works fine, but is generally not as accurate across a stereo image as audio summing that the FET iii uses.
Music background: Bassist & Sound Engineer

I love the Daking FET II

I have two of these now. They are extremely useful around the studio: quick and easy to setup and versatile. Most importantly they have a great sound that will work on anything. Vocals, guitars, drums, 2-bus-- you name it. Highly recommended.


I purchased one of these units during a Sweetwater sale without expecting much other than another compressor to add to my arsenal. However, it only took ten minutes of running a few kick drums and snares through the unit to realize that I needed more. This compressor has one of the sexiest output transformers that I have ever heard. I own 1176's, Distressors, a Vari-Mu, 2500, Titans, etc. I find myself constantly reaching for the FET II as opposed to my other units now. This compressor is extremely transparent (I'm talking walk into a glass door clean.) It is extremely fast as well with a 250µs attack time .. but that's not all. The 33609 auto release setting on the mix buss sounds like Kate Upton whispering sweet dreams into your ears! I swear that I can write for days. I highly advise anyone reading this to buy one and I promise that anything you run through it will turn into a unicorn and fly out of your speakers. Daking FET II = 10/10
Music background: Mastering Engineer

I have one, ordering another. nuff said

I have one, ordering another one. nuff said.
Music background: Producer/engineer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist
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