Aphex Exciter

2-Channel Aural Exciter with Optical Big Bottom
Aphex Exciter image 1
Aphex Exciter image 1
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Aphex Exciter
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Flawlessly Increase Your Loudness and Clarity

For years, professional audio engineers and producers have relied on Aphex's Aural Exciter to brighten up sound dulled by lo-fi equipment or a difficult A/D transfer. Now, with the Exciter, Aphex has brought back the Aural Exciter in an enhanced, two-channel version - and thrown in the Optical Big Bottom for extra measure! The Exciter dramatically enhances the presence and clarity of your audio signals. On the high end, the Aural Exciter restores natural brightness and improves sonic detail. The Big Bottom performs a similar function on the low end, providing deeper, more resonant bass with little or no increase in peak output.

The Aural Exciter is more than just another "audio enhancer;" it actually extends your high frequencies for a greater perceived loudness without an introduction of noise into the audio path due to increased gain. Vocals and instruments leap out without raising individual volumes in the mix.

The same can be said for the Optical Big Bottom capabilities of the Exciter, except on the opposite end of the sonic spectrum. Big Bottom tightens and boosts the bass, allowing individual notes to be more articulated and recognizable, providing a deeper, more resonant bass without overloading the sound system.

With the Exciter in your setup, your audio will be fuller, bigger, and generally sound louder, but with little or no increase in peak volume. This is a versatile tool for a huge range of applications, from recording to broadcast to performance.

Aphex Aural Exciter Features:

  • Two independent channels

  • Internal power supply
  • Balanced XLR and 1/4" I/O
  • Increased presence and clarity
  • Deeper, more resonant bass
  • Restores natural brightness
  • Little or no increase in peak output
  • Greater perceived loudness
  • Tighter bass articulation
  • Improved detail and intelligibility
  • Extended low frequencies

Additional Media

Exciter User Manual
Signal Processing Buying Guide

Tech Specs

Number of Channels 2
Manufacturer Part Number Exciter

Customer Reviews

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I Love My Aphex!

I've been playing with one of these for a while now. I use it primarily to get definition and richness out of my acoustic guitar, but it works on anything! The ability to pull depth out of the bass is unmatched by anything I've ever used. By increasing the "Tune" setting you can bring up bass overtones that are, for instance, missing on the D string in a way that adjusting EQ just won't match, or dial it down a bit to clean up a strum. The same is true on the top end, plus it has a "Harmonics" setting that allows you to add "etherial" qualities to your mix. People regularly commend me on my acoustic sound and having and know how to use this thing is largely why. The effect is so powerful there is a real trick to knowing when you've gone too far. I wish it had MIDI-controller selectable settings I could recall, but I still love it!
Music background: semi-pro

This unit does what it says

This unit does provide a significant increase to the volume and definition to the low frequencies. It also boosts the clarity and punch of the mid frequencies. I have not set to the high frequencies, since my system reproduces them fine. One minor problem is that it is difficult to see where the knobs are set, because of the small markings on the knobs. I am happy I purchased this unit.
Music background: Serious audio/video hobbiest

Sugar and Spice

Adds a nice sparkle to mids and highs and some perceived thump to the bass. Great SN ratio for final drive stages. I wish the dials were select-able between free floating and 'clicked' so I could precisely set the controls the same on each channel for stereo and per venue.
Music background: Live Sound, Amateur Musician


'Used it at a gig last night. Patched it after my PROFX-12. It did make a difference, punchier lows, crisper highs. I wasn't too surprised until I noticed that the built-in EQ on the Mackie mixer was set to flat!? Like they say, "Works as advertised without adding problematic gain!" 'Glad I picked this puppy up!
Music background: Weekend Performer

well worth the money

This piece of equipment does exactly what it says on the box. I totally agree with the other review. I use the Presonus monitor channel and some jbl's in my home/project studio and the sound was sweet. Punch and presence. No need for eq. My sales engineer put one aside for me as soon as it became available and shipped it out the day it arrived. Add one to your recording rig and feel/hear the difference. Cheers
Music background: Musician

Sweetwater Advice

Carson McClain

Plug-ins often leave my mixes with a collapsed stereo image, sounding dead and lifeless with no punch. The Aphex Exciter returns life to my soft synths and even to my software drums that plug-ins in a final mix struggle to do in an ear-pleasing way.
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