Way Huge Echo-Puss Analog Delay Pedal

Analog Delay Pedal with 600ms of delay
Way Huge Echo-Puss Analog Delay Pedal image 1
Way Huge Echo-Puss Analog Delay Pedal image 1
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Way Huge Echo-Puss Analog Delay Pedal
In Stock!

Pure Analog Delay with Extensive Control!

Guitar effects pedal specialist Jeorge Tripps designed the Way Huge Echo-Puss Analog Delay as an easy-to-use, flexible delay pedal that delivers the adjustable parameters guitarists demand. Known for his innovative and sometimes unconventional techniques, Tripps gave the Echo-Puss up to 600ms of organic analog delay with a pair of gravelly-voiced bucket brigade chips. The Echo-Puss pedal also features a fully tweakable Low Frequency Oscillator (LFO) circuit that allows you to add a liquid texture to the sound of repeats. If you want to add another dimension to your guitar effects, check out the Way Huge Echo-Puss Analog Delay Pedal.

Way Huge Echo-Puss Analog Delay Pedal at a Glance:
  • Organic analog delay tone by classic bucket brigade circuitry
  • LFO modulation circuit provides spectacular chorus effects
  • Versatile fine-tuning with a simple user interface
Organic analog delay tone provided by classic bucket brigade circuitry

Unlike the classic Way Huge Aqua-Puss delay pedal, the Echo Puss comes with two low-headroom bucket brigade chips instead of one. This design allows the delay signal to naturally break up a bit. In addition, the natural tendency of bucket brigade technology makes the repeats sit back in the mix, adds fullness, and cuts off some of the high frequencies. As a result, the Way Huge Echo-Puss lets you get a warm vintage delay tone.

LFO modulation circuit provides spectacular chorus effects

With the fully tweakable Low Frequency Oscillator modulation circuit, you can add more to your delay tone, ranging anywhere from subtle modulation to pitch-shifting chorus effects. Combined with the tone and blend knobs, this modulation circuit can deliver another dimension to your wet delay signal.

Versatile fine-tuning with a simple user interface

The Way Huge Echo-Puss Analog Delay pedal is designed specifically to cater toward guitarists who want an easy-to-use pure analog delay with extra control and versatility. With 20-600ms of delay and several adjustable tonal parameters compacted into a very user-friendly interface, you will have complete control over this pedal on a short learning curve.

Way Huge Echo-Puss Analog Delay Pedal Features:
  • 600ms of delay
  • Delay and feedback controls
  • Fully tweakable LFO modulation circuit
  • Depth, speed, tone, and blend control knobs
  • Aluminium anodized chassis
  • True bypass
  • Blue LED indicator
Take full control of your vintage-sounding delay tone with the Way Huge Echo-Puss Analog Delay Pedal!

Tech Specs

Pedal Type Analog Delay
Maximum Delay Time 0.6 seconds (600ms)
Inputs 1 x Instrument
Outputs 1 x 1/4"
Batteries 1 x 9V
Height 3.125"
Width 2.5"
Depth 4.875"
Weight 1 lb.
Power Supply Included No
Manufacturer Part Number WHE702S

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
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Great Analog Delay

I'm one of the fortunate people that lucked into inheriting a 1971 Echoplex EP-3. That being said, that EP-3 was my first delay. As much as I love my Echoplex, I hate taking it out to play. So I have been trying to find a delay that can get close to the sound of an original Echoplex. Naturally, I tried the Dunlop Echoplex pedal, its ok, then the Boss RE-20 Space Echo, still just ok. Then I stumbled upon the Echo-Puss. This pedal sounds more like my Echoplex than the Dunlop Echoplex stompbox by a long shot. The delay itself is a darker delay, much like tape, yet still has a shimmer, then, when the chorus is engaged, you can mimic that warble of tape. The chorus is very good too. I have a Korg Nu-Vibe as well, the reissue of the Uni-Vibe, this chorus can't go to the depths of a Nu-Vibe, it can however, do just as good as the Nu-Vibe chorus in its range. If you want a good sounding delay, that can come close to emulating your tape machine, buy this one. Save time, money, and hassle. This thing is Way Huge.

Authentic tone

Great slappy, wet sounding delay. Very warm. Great for shaping your own tone instead of just replicating a particular delay.

Fantastic Delay

I love this delay. Its got a great tone to it. You can sort of use it like you would a Memory Man but a pedalboard friendlier option. But honestly my favorite use for this pedal is slap-back. I do a lot of Alt. Country stuff that requires a lot of slap and this is by far the best pedal I've come across for that. I've used the Carbon Copy, AquaPuss, DD2, etc. But this blows them all away for slap. You can mimic a bit of tape wobble with the modulation, and you can mimic tape degradation with the tone control, and of course having the blend knob is great on any pedal so that's always a big plus.
Music background: Engineer, Producer, Songwriter

The hidden gem of analog delay

The Echo Puss has to be one of the most underrated delay pedals out there. I have no idea why it doesn't get more buzz, but this delay pedal is a hidden gem. I consider this pedal one of the more stable and usable analog delays out there. You can crank the feedback knob pretty far before it starts to oscillate and go crazy. A lot of delay pedals that I have used tend to start oscillating way too early on the feedback knob, but the Echo Puss has a very usable range of feedback/repeats. In fact, it's actually takes a bit of work to make this thing do the oscillating/spaceship noises, so if you're really into that stuff, maybe the EP isn't quite what you'd want. Perhaps the most useful feature of the EP is the tone control, to help your darken/brighten the repeats. There aren't too many delays out there that give you that option. The delay tone on the Echo Puss is killer good - very warm tones, and it sits in the mix incredibly well. You can add all that chorus stuff too - it's all in there. I've had all three of the Way Huge delays - Aqua Puss, Echo Puss, Supa Puss - and the one I kept was the Echo Puss. This pedal needs more appreciation!
Music background: hobby / praise & worship

Not your typical analog delay

Well Built. The chorus sounds great subtle to all out whacky. For an analog delay it cuts pretty well through a mix. Plays well with dirt pedals before it. Its a stable, very controlled and controllable analog delay that retains its tone regardless if you have short or long delay. Tone knob shifts the frequency response of the delay. So past 12 o clock it emphasizes the high notes and cuts off the bass, and below it emphasizes the low notes and cuts out the high notes in the repeats. I like to leave it rather close to noon sounds more like the original guitar tone is getting delayed. The blend doesn't seem to get 100% wet more like 50% dry 50% wet (unity) and possibly a little more than that. So your original guitar tone is always coming through. It very slightly affects the bass end of my original guitar tone when i turn it on . But its so slight even i sometimes don't notice it. Could just be in my head. But I think this is also why it works pretty well with dirt pedals compared to my other analog delay. It won't oscillate unless you have the feedback knob pretty much maxed out and the delay time pretty short, but when you do, it doesn't really increase volume. It stays controlled unlike a lot of analog delays, which is nice! But if you want to move the delay knob get all the out of control volume jump and crazy pitch shifting noises while its oscillating, it may not be for you because it has a rather short range when doing this. Its size is wider than a typical mxr or boss pedal but smaller than a typical way huge pedal. Long story short great quality delay, a bit pricey for what it does but you're paying for is more control of tone, feedback(repeats), and modulation compared to other analog delays below or slightly above its price.

Sweetwater Advice

David Hess

The EchoPuss is a versatile, great-sounding delay that has become a favorite of mine in the loop of my Rivera amps. I love the tone control adjustment that allows me to really dial in that leading edge fidelity of the delay itself. It has a great round sound if I want it or can sound very sharp and defined when I prefer that. But analog tone all the way. Great device!
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