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Room Correction System and Audio Interface with Hardware Unit, Measurement Microphone, and Required Software (Mac/PC)

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KRK ERGO image 1

Sorry, the KRK ERGO is no longer available. We've left this page up for reference only. Check out the great alternatives on this page or call toll-free (800) 222-4700 to speak with a Sweetwater Sales Engineer about similar products.

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Correct for Deficiencies in Room Acoustics, and Create Mixes That Translate!

Room less than perfect? You're not alone - but KRK's got your back with their innovative ERGO. It stands for "Enhanced Room Geometry Optimization," and it's nothing short of a windfall to anyone who's ever struggled against testy room acoustics (and who hasn't?). Perhaps you've thrown acoustic treatments at the problem - and that's a good start. But the KRK ERGO provides a wall-to-wall solution - and an affordable one at that.

The KRK ERGO can be used in two ways:

  • As an audio interface (with room correction) to hardware running Mac OSX (Core Audio) or Windows (DirectX-WDM/ASIO) operating systems, allowing full access to audio input and outputs for recording and monitoring, and room-correction.
  • As a stand-alone room correction device which sits in-line with your monitoring signal path. Connect to your Mac OSX or Windows hardware for room calibration; once complete, ERGO can be disconnected and used in stand-alone mode, providing room correction to the line input signal and supplying the corrected signal to your monitoring system.

Both of the above methods allow for calibrating either two sets of monitors (via the onboard A/B switch), or a 2.1 system incorporating a subwoofer. With ERGO, calibration is a painless process: flip the calibration switch, and the KRK ERGO uses its included mic to take multiple measurements, then implements proprietary algorithms to create a 3D image of the room. 1024 dynamic filters are then applied to control the audio environment. The 3D model allows you to preserve the favorable characteristics of the room, while correcting the offending ones.

ERGO corrects for your monitoring position (there are provisions for two sets of monitors). This gives you perfectly corrected sound while mixing. In Global Mode, the sweet spot is widened so that others (producers, musicians, A&R execs, etc.) can enjoy your mix in a corrected environment. The KRK ERGO doesn't color the sound or produce an artificially sterile environment, but rather produces the best mix for a given room: a mix that will translate better to other listening environments, since it was mixed in a "perfect" room. Get ERGO and kiss your room's acoustical problems goodbye!

KRK ERGO Room Correction System Features at a Glance:
  • Optimize your studio acoustics
  • Tame unruly spikes and dips in your room acoustics
  • Create better mixes that translate beyond your studio
  • Measurement Microphone included
  • Required Software
  • Large analog volume knob
  • Dual Firewire ports
  • Calibration mic (included) input
  • S/PDIF input
  • Line input
  • Subwoofer mode (2.1)
  • Accommodates 2 sets of monitors (Balanced 1/4" TRS analog line outputs)
  • Mac and Windows compatible
  • Headphone Output
  • Kensington Security Lock
Tame nasty room acoustics and create better mixes with the KRK ERGO Room Correction System!

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