Pultec EQP-500S

Single-channel, 2-band 500 Series Equalizer with Separate Boost and Cut Controls, Switchable Frequency Selection, and Variable Bandwidth
Pultec EQP-500S image 1
Pultec EQP-500S image 1

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Pultec EQP-500S
In Stock!

A Coveted Pultec, Now in a 500 Series Version

If we're talking about elusive vintage Pultecs, the EQP-1S3 takes the cake. After reissuing a 2U version, the company has shrunk their classic equalizer further with the 500 Series EQP-500S. Spec'd just like the classic, the EQP-500S delivers the signature Pultec punch and warmth that made the original a coveted piece of outboard in the 1970s, along with the modified high band that includes shelving at 5kHz and 10kHz, plus alternate low-frequency selections. Based on the esteemed API 2520 op-amp, the EQP-500S serves up that inimitable Pultec sound, with the control you need to EQ your tracks to perfection.

Pultec EQP-500S Features at a Glance:
  • Boost, cut, or both - it all sounds great
  • Vintage solid-state classics
  • Nourish your tracks with the stuff of legend
Boost, cut, or both - it all sounds great

Take a look at the Pultec EQP-500S and you'll see it's not designed like your typical equalizer. The 2-band design basically gives you flexible low shelving, along with broad-bandwidth midrange peak control. Because the boost and attenuate controls work independently, you can use an old trick to add weight to the bass region while also notching a bit above the cutoff point, by boosting and attenuating at the same time (try it on your kick drum and you'll never look back). On the high-frequency side, you can set separate ranges for the boost and attenuation. Said another way, you can boost at 12kHz and cut at 5kHz, adding air to a track without increasing presence.

Vintage solid-state classics

There were solid-state Pultecs? There were, indeed. Introduced in the 1970s, these equalizers sported tighter bass than their tube counterparts and surprisingly sweet-sounding highs. Today's solid-state Pultecs, like their ancestors, employ API 2520 op-amps (rather than vacuum tubes) to drive their make-up gain stages. Otherwise, they're functionally identical to their tubular brethren. If you love the Pultec sound, but the characteristic low-end bloom of the tube units is a bit much, the solid-state models - including Pultec's 500 Series modules - will serve you well.

Nourish your tracks with the stuff of legend

At Sweetwater, the name Pultec commands reverence. Magical tools revered for their ability to improve the sound of audio simply by passing signal through them, Pultec equalizers are the stuff of legend. They're all over many of your favorite records. Rare vintage units cost a pretty penny - if you can find one in good working order. So naturally, there have been many hardware and software re-creations over the years. Well, now you can grace your recordings with the sweet sound of a genuine Pultec EQ - conveniently located in your 500 Series rack!

Pultec EQP-500S Features:
  • Single-channel, 2-band equalizer built to 500 Series specifications
  • The vintage character of original Pultecs, the reliability of modern design
  • Incredibly low noise floor for a pure sound
  • Bandwidth control lets you decide how wide a range you're sculpting
  • Separate boost and cut controls provide additional creative potential
  • 30, 40, 70, 100Hz shelf boost, 0-13.5dB
  • 30, 40, 70, 100Hz shelf attenuate, 0-17.5dB
  • 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12kHz peak boost, 0-18dB
  • 5, 10kHz shelf boost, 0-14dB
  • 5, 10, 20kHz shelf attenuate, 0-16dB
  • Amplifier: 20Hz-20kHz; +0, -1dB (ref: 1kHz, including input/output transformers)
  • Input transformer: 600 ohms; output transformer: 600 ohms
  • Noise: below -80dBm; output level: +21dBm maximum
  • Distortion: 0.15% at 10dBm into 600 ohms
Fortify your 500 Series rack with the Pultec EQP-500S!

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500 Series Buying Guide

Tech Specs

Number of Channels 1
Number of Bands 2-band EQ
Inputs 500 Series compatible
Boost/Cut Range ±17.5dB
Frequency Response 20Hz-20kHz
Freq Range High 10kHz, 12kHz peak boost, 20kHz shelf boost/attenuate
Freq Range Hi-Mid 1kHz-6kHz, 8kHz peak boost
Freq Range Low 30Hz, 40Hz, 70Hz, 100Hz shelf boost/attenuate
Manufacturer Part Number EQP-500S

Customer Reviews

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Hearing is believing !

This is hands down the best 500 series eq on the current and future market. NO PlUG-INS can save your audio source at the tracking stage. It took me over 20yrs to realize this. If you want to mix a song right the first time please start out with an all analogue front end to record the source sounds. Neve 511, Neve 543, and Pultec eqp-500s make-up my ultimate single channel Analogue front end.


I just receive my pair of these genuine Pultec EQP-500S units and I am in sonic heaven.First off, I was floored at how heavy these things are. I spoke with Steve at Pulse Techniques and he told me that the guts of their 500 series units have the same circuitry and tranny's as their full size rack counterparts. That said, they sound outstanding, period. Yes indeed, genuine Pultec with an API 2520 opamp in a 500 series package, 'nuff said. If you want the real deal in this size, these are worth every penny. I'm lovin' these things.. ;-)
Music background: Recording since 1969
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