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Percussion Virtual Instrument with Authentic African and Middle Eastern Patterns and Instruments - Mac/PC
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Wizoo Darbuka image 1

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Wizoo Darbuka
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Spice Up Your Tracks with African and Middle Eastern Percussion Grooves!

Reach out and create a whole new world of grooves with Darbuka! This collection is not just a sample library - nor is it another product based on a standard sample player. Darbuka features real performances on Arabic and Middle Eastern instruments played by world-renowned percussionists.

Wizoo Darbuka at a Glance:
  • Complete Arabic and Middle Eastern performances
  • Authentic instruments played by master percussionists
  • An impressive array of styles
  • Unrivalled real-time control
  • Freely place instruments in surround with adjustable ambience

Complete Arabic and Middle Eastern performances
Darbuka is the most musical way to bring ethnic percussion from North Africa and the Middle East to your tracks. This virtual instrument plug-in features a complete Arabic and Middle Eastern percussion group with a surround stage and unrivalled real-time control over arrangement and sound. Darbuka offers 2GB of high-quality original multitrack groove performances from Algeria, Arabian Gulf, Egypt, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Nubia, Sudan, Tunisia and Turkey. You can mix patterns and instruments to create exotic patterns of your own!

Authentic instruments played by master percussionists
With Darbuka you have a new palette of instruments and sounds at your command. Darbuka performances are played by world-renowned master percussionists Suat Borazan and Mohamed Zaki. Together they combine rhythmic patterns from a variety of Arabic and Middle Eastern instruments.

Darbuka Instruments Include:
  • Darbuka
  • Douhola
  • Bendir
  • Riqq
  • Sagat
  • Tura
  • Bongos
  • Shaker

An impressive array of styles
Darbuka serves up a remarkable collection of authentic musical styles to give you a world of new rhythmic possibilities.

Darbuka Styles Include:
  • Ayoub/Zar
  • Baio
  • Chiftetelli
  • Churchuna
  • Dabkkah
  • Darig
  • Daza
  • Dishka
  • Fallahi
  • Fazani
  • Karachi
  • Jirk
  • Laz Havasi
  • Libi
  • Maghrebi
  • Maksum
  • Malfuf
  • Mambo Sudani
  • Masmoudy Kebir
  • Nubian Reggae
  • Nubian Samba
  • Rai
  • Roman Havasi
  • Rumba Khaligi
  • Rumba Masri
  • Saidi
  • Samai Thakil
  • Sufi
  • Sudasi
  • Tom Tom
  • Wahda
  • Wahrani
  • Wals
  • Zafa
  • Zorofat

Unrivalled real-time control
You have an incredible degree of control over the performances in Darbuka. Wizoo's proprietary FlexGroove engine adds full real-time control over arrangement, performance, sound and integrated surround ambience. The integrated mixer includes independent EQ, punch, and ambience adjustment for each instrument. In addition, Darbuka gives you control over tempo, tempo scale, variance, timing effects (tight/loose, quantize, swing), instrument groups, pattern complexity, mute/solo, level, positioning and more.

Freely place instruments in 15 surround stage rooms with adjustable ambience
The Darbuka performances also give you surround mixing capability. In Darbuka you can place instruments freely in one of 15 different surround stages, and select the level of ambience for each instrument. You can also play Darbuka's patterns, fills, solos, variations and mutes via a MIDI keyboard controller.

Wizoo Darbuka Features:
  • Middle Eastern & Arabic Virtual Percussionist soundstage and multi-instrument plug-in
  • 2GB of high-quality original multi-track groove performances from Algeria, Arabian Gulf, Egypt, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Nubia, Sudan, Tunisia and Turkey
  • Wide variety of instruments
  • Dozens of authentic ethnic styles
  • Real-time performance control
  • Mixer features EQ and punch per instrument, master EQ and master dynamics
  • Place instruments within 15 surround stage rooms with adjustable ambience
  • Configurable instrument combinations (patterns) with 61 scene memories
  • Outputs for main stereo/surround plus 14 individual instruments
  • Compatible with Mac Audio Units, VST Win/Mac, Mac RTAS
Darbuka offers a whole new world of old-world sounds!

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Manufacturer Part Number 9910-40694-00

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