CreepNoMore Keyboard Pedal Pad

Floor Pad for Keyboard Pedals
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CreepNoMore Keyboard Pedal Pad image 1
CreepNoMore Keyboard Pedal Pad image 1
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CreepNoMore Keyboard Pedal Pad
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Keep Your Keyboard Pedals in Place with This Handy Pad!

The CreepNoMore pedal holder keeps your keyboard damper and sustain pedals in place, where your feet expect them to be! You don't have to resort to ugly, clunky duct tape to keep your pedals where you put them; just place the incredibly affordable CreepNoMore pad on the floor and your pedals will stay put - and roll it up when you're done. Every now and then a product comes along that's so ingeniously obvious that you can't believe you lived without it. Keyboard players of all stripes should count CreepNoMore as standard equipment!

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It Really Works!

Why didn't someone think of this before? It just works. Easy to transport, easy to use, easy to put away. My main keyboard player has a VERY active foot on pedals, and has never been satisfied with any of our "solutions" to her pedals getting away during a show. Even the Roland pedals with the rubber part to put your foot on didn't work (foot was way too active, like I said). THIS WORKS! If it doesn't work for you, try welding or railroad spikes or something. THIS WORKS!
Music background: Live Sound Engineer and Production

Does what it says on the tin...

Works just like they say it does, keeps your pedals from running away on you, and/or gives you a little mat to move them around in case they do still run away. I actually have two M-Audio sustain pedals taped together and they fit perfectly on one Creepnomore. I only wish that there were more divots in the stop to accommodate different configurations than just one pedal in the center (thus the four and 1/2 stars). Oh well, Gaffer's tape fixes the issue pretty handily. I can just wrap the tail end of the Creepnomore up and around the pedals and pack the whole thing up as one unit.
Music background: Musician and hobbyist

Creeps anyway

So instead of the pedal creeping, you have the is cloth creeping up WITH the pedal.. Cloth against floor...not s'much.
Music background: Professional keys
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