Orange Crush CR60C - 60W 1x12" Guitar Combo Amp - Orange

60-watt 1x12" Combo Guitar Amplifier with Digital Reverbs, Effects Loop - Orange
Orange Crush CR60C - 60W 1x12
Orange Crush CR60C - 60W 1x12
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Orange Crush CR60C - 60W 1x12" Guitar Combo Amp - Orange
In Stock!

The Big Sound of Orange Amps

Orange Amplifiers expands its line of solid-state Crush amps with new CR60C 60-watt 1 x 12" combo. This Crush amp delivers more authentic Orange tone than ever, with both amp channels being designed after the Rockerverb. The clean channel sports two gain stages that start to break up when it's cranked, and the dirty channel uses four gain stages to deliver classic Orange overdrive tones.

Orange Crush CR60C 60-watt 1 x 12" Combo Guitar Amplifier Features at a Glance:
  • 60-watt 1 x 12" combo
  • 3 digital reverb choices
  • Built-in effects loop
  • Built from rugged 18mm plywood
  • Both amp channels designed after the Rockerverb
  • Clean channel uses 2 gain stages to go from clean to slight breakup
  • Dirty channel uses 4 gain stages for overdrive to over-the-top distortion

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Tech Specs

Type Solid State
Number of Channels 2
Total Power 60W
Speaker Size 1 x 12"
Reverb Yes
EQ 3-band
Inputs 1 x TS
Effects Loop Yes
Height 17.72"
Width 21.65"
Depth 11.42"
Weight 44.64 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number CR60C

Customer Reviews

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Great Amp

I am a drummer by trade and have been learning guitar for about the last year and wanted to upgrade from the cheap beginner amp that I had bought used. Overall I think it is an awesome amp for the money. I like the simplicity of the dials for each channel, it is built to last, and will probably be the only amp I will ever need. The bonus channel and reverb pedal are great too. Two rugged switches that do what they are suppose to. Access to FX loop input, power cord, and extension cabinet ports are little awkward to get to but other than that it's solid. I'm no expert on the nuances of tube vs. solid state, but what I can tell you is that both channels sound great. I originally want to get the Orange Dark Terror for the gain, I have found that this amp has plenty of gain for my needs. I had placed my order online without the help of a SW rep. but that did not stop A.J. from giving me a call to let me know that he had seen the order, let me know it was being processed and let me know that if there was anything else that could be done just to let him know. Thank you A.J. for your continued support over the last year. It is customer service like this that makes Sweetwater the best place to buy gear; hands down.
Music background: Long time Semi-Pro Drummer, Guitarist in the making

Orange AMP - Fantastic

I was real excited to order this amp and was only able to do so because they had a payment plan of three easy payments. The amp is everthing I expected and more. It has that rocking distortion that I've come to love. I previously bought a smaller Orange amp and all I can say is you'll be glad you bought this amp. It's loud and crystal clear. No hum or noise on this one - just great music.

Giant Killer

This is a solid state amp. That carries with it a lot of negative stereotypes. This is also a great amp, a classic amp, one of the best amps with solid state electronics ever built. You have a clean channel that breaks up into a gorgeous light overdrive when you push it, and a dirty channel that simply has to be lived with a while to be believed. That dirty channel will send all your od, distortion, and fuzz pedals straight to ebay, because no matter how good they sound, your guitar straight into this amp is always gonna sound better. You can dial in anything from T Rex to Black Sabbath, and a few things you never imagined. Add a slapback echo and roll the gain back to about 9 O'Clock, plug in a Strat, and it sounds like Buddy Holly plugged into Marc Bolan's stack. Nice indeed. The 60 gets stupendously loud, as well, if you need it to. Unless you are gigging larger rooms, you won't be needing the 212 or head/stack version of this beast. The bad news is, Orange appears to have discontinued the combo versions. If you were thinking of getting one of these, I'd do it now while there is still inventory out there waiting to be sold. They will vanish, and then these things are going to start developing a following as people slooooowly figure out what an amazing, giggable, gorgeous sounding amp this is. You wouldn't think two channels, three reverb models, and an FX loop would equal this much versatility, but it does. The depth of the dirty channel, the impressive sweep of the eq knobs, and the ability of the clean channel to overdrive add up to more than the sum of the parts. Best amp I've ever owned, and I've owned some really good amps down through the years. This amp will walk all over a lot amps that cost three to four times as much.
Music background: longtime player, light gigging.


No nonsense two channel, bad to the bone amp! I am simply amazed at this being solid state and my buddies are jealous when they are replacing tubes and adjusting bias and all I do is show up and plug it in and play. No tube warmup or cool down procedures either. Plenty O loud but the cr120 combo would've been my choice for the stereo sound of two speakers but I am very satisfied. Can an audiophile tell the difference in this solid state vs tube while blindfolded....maybe? Will a Lamen listening to your demo or live performance be able to tell? Don't be ridiculous Orange flavor is oozing from this amp and the spring reverb is STUPID good. I'm telling you this amp is so bad it's good! Buy it for a stage backup or for your main rig today
Music background: Amateur professional?

Great value

First off, I didn't buy this amp from Sweetwater, but their ad popped up on the screen. I decided to respond as this really is a good amp. Was replacing an older Kustom hybrid amp and went to the local store looking for a Vox AC-15. The Vox amps just didn't seem right for me. The store owner plugged me into the CR-60 while I was complaining that the Orange Amps were nothing but doomer rock amps. Ended up buying the amp. The amp really surprised me, the clean channel is really nice. When you turn it up, it will have break up. You only get bass and treble on that channel. If that isn't enough, your guitar has a tone control. Right and don't forget you can run an EP pedal into the front or into the loop. The gain channel, well, it sounds like an Orange Amp. Turn the gain up and imagine that you are in an underground sewer with a huge ball of fuzzy goo coming in your direction. So far, clean channel is a win. Gain channel is pure Orange. My biggest objection came when I ran it with my chorus pedal and another amp. The Orange's clean channel seemed to a rug thrown over the over the speaker. The game was on. Could the clean channel be improved. The Orange News to the World speaker might be the weak link. After talking this over with others, I decided to try an Emmence Governor. This is Emence's take on the Celestion V30. The speaker switch was well worth it. The notes on both channels are clearer, have more separation, and definition. The clean channel has some more warmth. The gain channel still develops some fuzz and it now has oxygen - acetylene torch cutting flame in the center. Really great amp and fun to play off the shelf. A new speaker can tailor the amp to your tastes if needed.
Music background: Neighborhood musician

Sweetwater Advice

Tomir Denton

The Orange Crush CR60C simply sounds great. I love the warm tone that I get out of it when I play this amp; it really has that true Orange sound to it. The easy-to-navigate EQ - coupled with the 3-way reverb selector - makes it very easy for me to switch between genres of music I'm playing without having to use multiple amps. It's great for practicing at home, but is equally as versed when it comes to small gigs.

Orange CR60C

Playing with these tones is fun - especially if you're into the rumbling, sustained riffs worshiped by stoner rockers....
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