Studio Electronics Boomstar 3003 Analog Synthesizer

2-oscillator All-analog Synthesizer Module with a Classic TB-303-style 24db/octave Lowpass Filter
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Studio Electronics Boomstar 3003 Analog Synthesizer image 1
Studio Electronics Boomstar 3003 Analog Synthesizer image 1
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Studio Electronics Boomstar 3003 Analog Synthesizer
Special Order

Classic Synth Bass and So Much More!

If there's one analog synthesizer that literally set the tone for synth bass then it was the Roland TB-303. Although you can't get an original 303 anymore, this incredible Studio Electronics Boomstar 3003 synthesizer module can offer you the same great sound and a whole lot more. That's because Studio Electronics built the Boomstar 3003 around a classic TB-303-style lowpass filter, complete with the gritty resonance and sonic idiosyncrasies that traditional synth nuts love. On top of that, you get a wonderful pair of oscillators, excellent modulation options, an amazing amp section, and both MIDI and CV connectivity to make integrating the Boomstar 3003 with the rest of your gear easy.

Studio Electronics Boomstar 3003 Analog Synthesizer Module at a Glance:
  • Old-school analog goodness any synth nut can enjoy
  • Classic Roland TB-303-style filter delivers vintage synth sound
  • Get creative with advanced CV and MIDI implementation
Old-school analog goodness any synth nut can enjoy

Whether you're a seasoned synth tweaker or new to the game, you're going to love this synthesizer module! Each Studio Electronics Boomstar model features the same basic layout, with a comprehensive collection of pots and rotary switches set in its sturdy steel chassis. Starting with a pair of multi-waveform oscillators and ending with a warm and forgiving VCA, the Boomstar 3003's analog signal path is totally discrete, going so far as to offer hand-matched transistors in the filter and amplifier sections. As far as modulation and routing options go, you really can't knock the Boomstar 3003, which includes all of the standard LFO and envelope options you'd expect, plus cross modulation and ring modulation so you can really go nuts.

Classic Roland TB-303-style filter delivers vintage synth sound

It really says something about the Roland TB-303 that despite being a sheer nightmare to program, the sound of that amazing lowpass filter at work has remained one of the staples of synth bass to this day. With the Studio Electronics Boomstar 3003, you never have to worry about recreating this iconic sound, because the very filter you're looking for is built right in. And thanks to its fat multi-mode oscillators and advanced control options, the Boomstar 3003 make programming vintage grooves and TB-style synth lines easier and more rewarding than ever.

Get creative with advanced CV and MIDI implementation

At Sweetwater, our Sales Engineers are used to helping musicians and engineers put together complete systems, which is one of the reasons we think the sheer routing and setup flexibility the Studio Electronics Boomstar 3003 has to offer is so cool. For starters, the Boomstar 3003 gives you an essential set of CV I/O, plus the external audio input that's let so many non-keyboardists get really creative with analog synth technology. But Studio Electronics did something different with the onboard MIDI circuitry, providing you with a MIDI learn function that makes the Boomstar 3003 almost as easy to integrate into your rig as a modern virtual instrument. And to top it off, you can even set note priority and allow overflow notes to pass along to additional Boomstar modules.

Studio Electronics Boomstar 3003 Analog Synthesizer Module Features:
  • An old-school all-analog synthesizer module built for modern artists and composers
  • All discrete circuity features hand-matched transistors in the filter and amp
  • 31 pots, 2 rotary switches, and 18 toggle switches let you shape your tone dynamically
  • Dual oscillators, multiple modulation sources, and powerful mixing capability provide enough hands-on controls to satisfy the most diehard synth nut
  • Outfitted with a classic Roland TB-303-style 24dB/octave lowpass filter
  • All-metal chassis and top-quality components mounted in a through-hole circuit board provides a lifetime of quality performance
  • Control voltage, gate, and external input connectivity provide compatibility with other analog synths
  • MIDI I/O with learn mode makes connecting to the rest of your gear easy
  • MIDI overflow function lets you daisy chain multiple Boomstar models together for a polyphonic arrangement
Get classic synth sound with a Studio Electronics Boomstar 3003 analog synthesizer module!

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Additional Media

Studio Electronics Boomstar 3003 Analog Synthesizer Demo

Tech Specs

Sound Engine Type(s) Analog
Polyphony Monophonic
Analog Inputs 1 x 1/8"
Analog Outputs 1 x 1/4"
Height 3.625"
Width 8.7"
Depth 7.05"
Manufacturer Part Number Boomstar 3003

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Love Mine

I have yet to find anything that can compare at this price range. If you major concern is the sound of your instruments over features, then you owe it to yourself to check the Boomstars out. IMO, it has a raw and full sound that a lot of today's synthesizers lack. Plenty of meat to tailor with plug-ins and/or outboard. An absolute keeper for me. I also recently supplemented its' use with a Korg Monologue given the Boomstar semi-modular setup. They really work great together given their feature sets.
Music background: Audio Engineer, Sound Designer, Electronic Music Producer


It is raw...which was what I was looking for, but also unpredictable. It was my first analog synth, so had no idea how quirky it was until I bough a Moog for comparison. If I had to do it over, I would go with the Moog first and then think about getting this one. I've had constant issues with notes hanging and have never gotten the audio through to work correctly (supposedly you can use the filter as a stand alone effect). Both problems persist even after talking to the company numerous times. That being said, they have always been responsive and I would not get rid of it. It's gritty & has a thick sound, but I am def. happier with the Moog right now.
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