BoiceBox T-21HT Bamboo Pedal Board with Lid - 21" - Tiered No Longer Available

21" 2-tiered All-in-one Bamboo Pedalboard and Case with Right-side Single Rocker Platform, Onboard Cable-management System, and Hard Top Lid
Item ID: BoiceT21HT

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BoiceBox T-21HT Bamboo Pedal Board with Lid - 21
BoiceBox T-21HT Bamboo Pedal Board with Lid - 21

Sorry, the BoiceBox T-21HT Bamboo Pedal Board with Lid - 21" - Tiered is no longer available. We've left this page up for reference only. Check out the great alternatives on this page or call toll-free (800) 222-4700 to speak with a Sweetwater Sales Engineer about similar products.

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BoiceBox T-21HT Bamboo Pedal Board with Lid - 21" - Tiered
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The Ultimate Grab-and-go Pedalboard!

Why do you need a BoiceBox T-21HT pedalboard? The answer's simple. We all dream of showing up at a gig, plunking down an amp and a pedalboard, hooking up a guitar, and rocking out. But it's never that easy... until now. BoiceBox's sturdy, simple, and overall smart pedalboard design lets you hook up all of your pedals, tuck away your cables, and never have to mess with a thing again. An external power connection in the side of the T-21HT accepts any standard power cable and supplies your buffer or power distribution system neatly stowed out of the way. There are also 1/4" input and output jacks built into the box, so you never have to fumble around the actual pedalboard itself. And since the whole case is built right into the BoiceBox T-21HT itself, you're always ready to pack up and head out.

BoiceBox T-21HT Pedalboard at a Glance:
  • Brilliantly simple - the box is the board!
  • Smarter than your average 2-tier pedalboard
  • Killer cable management keeps your rig clutter free
  • Lose the extra weight without sacrificing usable stompbox space
Brilliantly simple - the box is the board!

Most pedalboards have a completely separate cover (often a gig bag) if they come with any case at all. These cases add bulk to your rig and can come with some pretty nasty cable management issues. That's not an issue with the T-21HT because the case is built right into the pedalboard. Made from 3-ply carbonized bamboo, the T-21HT's frame is no thicker than typical birch plywood but much stronger and far more rigid. That means your pedals are perfectly safe when you transport them in a BoiceBox pedalboard. And best of all, the T-21HT meets most airline carry-on and overhead storage requirements, making it easier than ever to take your rig on the road.

Smarter than your average 2-tier pedalboard

What's so remarkable about a 2-tier pedalboard? Take a closer look at the BoiceBox T-21HT and the difference become blatantly apparent. Rather than a simple, unimpressive platform, the T-21HT sports a upper tier constructed of high-grade, aircraft-quality anodized aluminum covered in a full loop pile. The shelf itself is set at a convenient angle, giving you superb access to your switches and controls. A clever set of hinges allow the second tier to flip up, providing easy access to your AC power outlet below. In addition to the dual tiered section, your T-21HT also includes a rocker pedal slot on the right, giving you the perfect spot for a standard wah or expression pedal.

Killer cable management keeps your rig clutter free

One of the biggest downers that can keep your pedalboard from being the clean and well-ordered effects management system you want it to be is cable clutter. That's typically the result of too many cables that are too long with no proper place to store any access. The BoiceBox T-21HT deals with this by keeping all access cable tucked under the second tier. That's where you'll find the 1/4" I/O and AC power jacks, plus a set of speed slots, setting you up with superior cable management right from the start. With the right power distribution and 1/4" cable lengths, the T-21HT's centralized configuration makes it easy to keep your pedalboard well organized and free from clutter.

Lose the extra weight without sacrificing usable stompbox space

When you're on the move, the last thing you want to deal with is one more bulky burden weighing you down. That's why BoiceBox pedalboards, such as the T-21HT have become so popular among frequently traveling guitarists. Far thinner than the heavy 9-ply birch from which most popular pedalboard flight cases are constructed, the 3-ply bamboo laminate BoiceBox crafts their pedalboards out of is also incredibly lightweight. The result is a pedalboard that provides about twice the usable stompbox space as your standard pedalboard and flight case set, but weighs up to 25% less. And with all of that, you still get the plug-in-and-play convenience of an all-in-one pedalboard/case combo. See what a difference it makes when the board is the box? Take a load off - order your BoiceBox T-21HT from Sweetwater today!

BoiceBox T-21HT Pedalboard Features:
  • An ultra-sturdy 21" pedalboard built for serious gigging guitarists
  • 3-ply bamboo construction is thinner and far stronger than standard 9-ply birch
  • Hinged second tier made of aircraft aluminum makes back-row effects easy to reach and keeps your cable tucked out of the way
  • Rocker platform on right provides enough space for a wah or expression pedal
  • Clever cable-management system with speed slots keep your cables neatly organized
  • Removable hard top lid turns this pedalboard into a flight-ready hard case
  • Bomber hardware including heavy-duty open hinges and butterfly draw latches provide a tight and stable fit
  • Sized to meet or exceed most airline carry-on and overheard storage requirements
Take your effects anywhere and leave the cable clutter behind with a BoiceBox T-21HT pedalboard!

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Manufacturer Part Number T21HTRNAT

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