Bogner 9 Volt Alkaline Battery

9v Battery Designed to Optimize Your Pedal Performance
Bogner 9 Volt Alkaline Battery image 1
Bogner 9 Volt Alkaline Battery image 1

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Bogner 9 Volt Alkaline Battery
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Fuel for Your Pedals

The Bogner "Sonic Fuel" 9v alkaline battery delivers wide tonal range and fast dynamic attack to your pedal. When every component in your signal chain affects your tone, you need a Bogner "Sonic Fuel" 9v battery to deliver maximum sonic character. The battery fueling your pedals can be just as critical as choosing the right pick or set of strings. That's why Bogner has decided to unleash this powerful 9v battery on the public. Once available only with Bogner pedals, now you can fuel all your pedals with Bogner "Sonic Fuel."

Optimize your pedal's performance with the Bogner 9v "Sonic Fuel" battery.

Tech Specs

Manufacturer Part Number Alkaline 9V Loose

Customer Reviews

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Amazing, Amazing, SICK!

I never would have believed it - this battery is a game changer. All my pedals now sound like Bogners. My question is - how did they do it - how did they take a simple 9 volt battery and inject the tone of the Eric Johnson gods? I feel sorry for people who use dull, lifeless Duracell and Energizer cells - never again for me!
Music background: Touring tech

A battery of this magnitude can't be stopped!

The ultimate battery! Why buy when for less when this sounds the same as any other alkaline battery. Your pedals are very selective about the food they eat. This is like the filet minion of batteries.
Music background: Pedal Builder

Very Fast Electrons

Not only does this battery give me a full, lush sound but I am now playing faster and with greater accuracy. I detect a very slight background echo but this might be because I am playing faster than my brain can process the sound. That is why I am only giving it 4.5 stars.
Music background: Expert


I was hoping to hot rod my $15 Danelectro Fab Metal pedal with some pure Bogner energy from this $4 battery, but unfortunately the results were less than satisfactory. I tried to tell all the people at my show that "I'm using a Bogner!" but they were more interested in talking to girls and drinking at the bar. I have to admit though that my cover of "Smoke On The Water" had some of the best tone I've heard. I think my mistake was that I should have put a second Bogner SonicFuel battery in my Marshall Micro Amp to go all the way. I was using a cheap battery from the Dollar General. I don't think the crowd would have been able to handle that much tone, though.
Music background: local musician
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