One Control Black Loop 2-loop Switcher Pedal

2-loop Guitar Effects Pedal Switcher with 2 x 9V Power Distribution and True-bypass Switching
One Control Black Loop 2-loop Switcher Pedal image 1
One Control Black Loop 2-loop Switcher Pedal image 1
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One Control Black Loop 2-loop Switcher Pedal
In Stock!

Simple Stompbox Control!

With a One Control Black Loop, you get two rock-solid switchable effects loops you can use to make your entire pedalboard much more flexible. This simple effects switcher lets you connect two completely independent guitar pedal effects loops, allowing you to instantly turn on and off entire multi-effects chains with the press of a single footswitch. Whether you're switching a dozen pedals together or simply adding true-bypass switching to your permanently buffered effects boxes, you'll get a ton of mileage out of the Black Loop. And when you run it off of a power supply, you also get two channels of 9V power distribution from your One Control Black Loop stompbox switcher.

One Control Black Loop Effects Switcher Pedal Features:
  • An excellent 2-loop switcher in a pedalboard-friendly format
  • 2 x high-quality footswitches provide control over 2 x independent send/return loops
  • 2 x DC outputs provide power distribution to your pedals when connected to a standard 9V power supply
  • True-bypass switching preserves your tone when not in use
Get the stompbox switching you need from the pedalboard-friendly One Control Black Loop!

Tech Specs

Type Effects Pedal Switcher
Inputs 1 x 1/4" (Input), 2 x 1/4" (Return)
Outputs 1 x 1/4" (Output), 2 x 1/4" (Send)
Height 2.36"
Depth 1.18"
Width 4.33"
Weight 0.48 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number OCMBL

Customer Reviews

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Everyone Should Have One

The One Control Black Loop functions great. Everyone should have at least one for their pedalboard or just to have on hand to compare pedals or trouble shoot.

Problem Solved

I had two pedals that both wanted to be first in line from the guitar. Now the fuzz (without a true bypass) is on the loop and the problem is solved. Great pedal. Dead Quiet.
Music background: Studio Engineer

Wonderful Tool

I was running my effect pedals via guitar > amp and found it to be extremely noisy and cumbersome. I then purchased this little f/x loop and run my pedals through it. The problem was solved and there is hardly any noise at all. I highly recommend this IF your amp lacks an f/x loop like my '57 reissue fender tweed.
Music background: lots o' stuff

3 in 1 amazing pedal

If you have ever used the effects loop you have probably dealt with the very annoying problem of unwanted noise or tone change from your pedals or rack mounts when in or not in use. I had this problem until i came across this brilliant invention in a pedal. Not only does it have true bypass switching, it also gives you 2 effects loop plug ins with there own on/off buttons and 2 9V power distributions. It also needs no power source if you are not using the 9V distribution option. I needed a way to get rid of the noise and unwanted tone change through the effects loop when not in use. I also wanted a way to control multiple devices with one click of a button. This pedal allows you to do just that with two times the options. You can have 2 sets of how ever many pedals/racks combo you can think of or 2 sets of the same pedals plugged in a different order. Say you have a chorus pedal into a delay and then into a reverb and want the option of also the same set up but with the reverb in front of the delay for a different effect. You can now do that without having to have 2 amps with the 2 effect pedal set up and an a/b selector box to switch between the two amps. This pedal eliminates that extra cost of an amp and a/b box problem. For the price of this pedal its amazing and powerful. You can plug it into the front of the amp and it works just the same. Either way it works great with totally cancelling unwanted noise and tone change. Some other pedals claim to have that option but don't really work that well. The true bypass on this pedal really works. I have 2 effect rack mounts with one plugging into loop 1 and the other into loop 2. I tried daisy chaining both my racks and it worked but it changed my tone when not in use. Tried using an optional bypass pedal made just for each unit for live purposes and i still had noise problems. I received this pedal yesterday and all my problems are now but a memory. It even allows me to use both racks at the same time without problems or feedback. Whats also great about this pedal is you can daisy chain it with 2 or more of the same pedals to give you even more switching options. Plus there's 2 on/off LED's so u don't get confused with option 1 or 2. The sky's the limit with this thing. You can even try out its brother which is the same pedal but has a bypass switch and a loop switch instead of 2 loop switches. I chose this one for the loop 2 loop option. I definitely recommend this pedal to everyone using an effects loop or it you just want a way to eliminate unwanted pedal noise and tone change going in through the front of your amp. Get one today, its worth it, you won't regret it.
Music background: Hobbyist, home recording engineer

Simple and well done

It does exactly what you'd expect, and it's very nicely made. The lights are just for reference, of course, but I found them helpful.
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