Keith McMillen Instruments Batt-O-Meter

1.5-volt and 9-volt Battery Tester with Gold-plated 1/4" Power Probe
Keith McMillen Instruments Batt-O-Meter image 1
Keith McMillen Instruments Batt-O-Meter image 1
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Keith McMillen Instruments Batt-O-Meter
In Stock!

Get the Most From Your Batteries!

Ever wonder how much juice your batteries have left? Maybe it's an important stompbox on your pedalboard. Maybe it's your active bass. Whatever it is, all you need is the Batt-O-Meter and you can do it. Just plug the gold-plated Power Probe into your instrument or gear's 1/4" input and it'll test the life of the battery (without you having to get in there and remove it). The Keith McMillen Instruments Batt-O-Meter will work with just about any battery-operated gadget with a 1/4" jack input. Now you'll never be left guessing before a performance - and you'll save cash by using every battery to the max! Get the Batt-O-Meter.

Keith McMillen Instruments Batt-O-Meter Features at a Glance:
  • Battery tester with 1/4" gold-plated Power Probe
  • Connects to gear with a 1/4" input to test battery life
  • Lets you know how many volts a battery is delivering
  • Lets you know how many hours left before the device runs out of power
  • Gives you the remaining life of any 1.5-volt or 9-volt battery
  • Also works with active basses and some acoustic guitars with preamps
Stop wasting batteries and get the Keith McMillen Instruments Batt-O-Meter!

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Everyone Needs One

You've gotta have one of these. It will pay for itself in a month on saved batteries. Have already used it to catch "brand new" batteries straight out of a new package that were actually at 80% and would have failed in my wireless during the show. I check every battery on our stage with it before shows now- wireless, pedals, etc. The peace of mind is invaluable. If you use batteries, you need this. And its really pretty cheap for what it does for you.
Music background: Performing Guitarist

Senior Moment

When I first got this unit a couple of weeks ago, I tried to use it with different instruments. It would not work. When I decided to put reading glasses on, I saw that it had a compartment for a 9 volt battery. I have another battery tester that requires no power, so I thought this would function without a power source as well. Once I got it working it was fine. One problem is that to test AA and AAA batteries, it is hard to hold the battery in the correct position and still push in the test button. That only reduces the rating by half a star. It is a useful diagnostic instrument for checking the 9 volt in my Wechter Pathfinder guitar and my Fernandes Retro Rocket with sustainer. Even though I use pedals with a power supply there are times I will be using batteries for those, so it was a great investment
Music background: Recording Engineer, Live Sound Engineer, Pro Musician

Only 9 v.

Fine for acoustic electric guitars that use a 9v. battery, but won't work for my Epiphone Masterbuilt AJ45 (great guitar, amazing value) which uses two 1.5 batteries in series for a total of 3 volts.

Only for 9v Preamp Guitars

Great idea. But does not work on the 3v preamp on my Epiphone Masterbult AJ45. It uses two 1.5 v button batteries to give 3v. Check your acoustic electric preamp.

It's great...unless you own high-end guitars

It works fine on any battery I manually remove from my instruments but I can't get it to work using the plug on the instrument. I tried it on a few 800 series Taylors and a Fender American Deluxe Bass. I have learned that the bass is an 18v instrument utilizing 2 9v so I understand the issue there. But my taylor is a 9v instrument. It worked on a pedal I have but that doesn't help me since that is normally powered by a pedal board anyway. Disappointed. This should probably be labeled as a pedal checker since the wiring in guitars can be drastically different even within brands. I gave it two stars because it DOES work, as long as I remove my battery first.
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