DigiTech Bass Whammy Pitch Shift Bass Pedal

Pitch Shifter/Harmony Pedal for Electric Bass Guitar, with Three Octave Pitch Range and Built-in Expression Pedal
DigiTech Bass Whammy Pitch Shift Bass Pedal image 1
DigiTech Bass Whammy Pitch Shift Bass Pedal image 1
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DigiTech Bass Whammy Pitch Shift Bass Pedal
In Stock!

Take Your Bass Tone to New Lows - or Highs!

DigiTech brings back their most famous effect to bass players! The Bass Whammy pitch shift pedal gives you nine different expressive modes to shift and slide your notes at different musical intervals. Instantly shift up two octaves to play a lead line, or drop your bass another octave for ultra-low bass lines. Even at extreme settings, the Bass Whammy sounds surprisingly fluid. One thing Sweetwater bassists especially like is that you've got two options: you can shift your entire bass tone, or layer the pitch-shifted tone on top for harmony effects that leaves your fundamental tone intact.

DigiTech Bass Whammy Pitch Shifter/Harmony Pedal at a Glance:
  • Create a wide range of de-tuned, harmonized, and pitch-shifted tones
  • Smooth, glitch-free pitch manipulation in Chord mode
  • Create raw, glitchy pitch effects in Classic mode
Create a wide range of de-tuned, harmonized, and pitch-shifted tones

Sure, you can use the Bass Whammy pedal just like the whammy bar on an electric guitar for quick bends and divebombs, but that's just scratching the surface. Its detune mode lets you create lush chorus effects or mind-bending vibrato effects. You can harmonize your tone and even sweep between different harmony intervals. Best of all, its true bypass operation means your tone stays completely intact when you hit the bypass footswitch.

Smooth, glitch-free pitch manipulation in Chord mode

DigiTech loaded the Bass Whammy with their most advanced polyphonic pitch-shifting algrorithm for incredibly smooth pitch modulations. It's called Chord mode because you can even shift the pitch of complex chords without any audible glitches.

Create raw, glitchy pitch effects in Classic mode

The original DigiTech Whammy-Wah pedal sounded hyper, belligerent, and downright glitchy at times - and creative guitarists like Tom Morello and Dimebag Darrell absolutely loved it. Turn to the Classic mode on the Bass Whammy, and you'll get the original pitch-shift algorithm in all its glitchy glory.

DigiTech Bass Whammy Pitch Shifter/Harmony Pedal Features:
  • Expressive pitch shifter pedal for bass guitar
  • Pitch shift ranges from one octave down to two octaves up
  • Shift to musical intervals like 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 10th
  • Use to shift your entire bass tone, or add harmonies on top
  • Built tough for reliable stage performance
Take your bass tone to new lows - and highs - with the DigiTech Bass Whammy!

Additional Media

Bass Whammy User Manual
DigiTech Bass Whammy Pedal Demo

Tech Specs

Pedal Type Pitch/Whammy
Inputs 1 x 1/4"
Outputs 1 x 1/4"
Height 2.5"
Width 6.3"
Depth 8"
Weight 3.5 lbs.
Power Supply Included Yes
Manufacturer Part Number BWHAMMY-U

Customer Reviews

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Great Pedal!

I have to say as a bassist it is nice to see the love we are getting lately with some of these new pedals that are coming out! Everyone thinks we are just low end and so we only need our bass and an amp right? Wrong! I make music with my bass! I use this pedal for filler as well as some nice additions to the music but this thing gets kicked on mostly when my guitarist is playing solos live. I put it on 1 octave up and let notes ring out and it fills the empty space perfectly. The way it lets my bass come through and an octave up sounds like two people playing. I love it! The tracking on this pedal is amazing as well! 1 octave up + 1 octave down is probably where it sits the most. I would recommend this pedal!
Music background: Bassist

Fun Creative Tool

Yup, 5 stars! Digi Tech knocked it out of the park this time. Not only is this a fun way to change up your sound and create some wild expressions. It can be very USEFUL at providing simple intervals, octaves, and even 3 note chords. If you play with a guitar trio, when the guitarist takes a solo, you will totally be able to keep the bottom grooving, while the pedal splits off and harmonizes, giving you chords, etc. The tracking is amazing. I find that the octave down tracks better than my $190 Aguilar "Octimizer". (And that is a really great unit too, BTW.) Tracking in general is very very good. The traditional whammy effects work quite well, and really do emulate having a bass whammy installed on your axe. The new, harmonizer effects, are cool because it leaves your original note present, and then adds other intervals, until you rock the pedal, and then it whammys all of the notes either up or down. Crazy! I find that in a bass solo, the effects make me think of scales and modal ideas in a whole new way. Now that's quite an effect, one that inspires you!! A nice way to use this effect is during a groove section of a song, where solos keep going around, and over and over. It gives you somewhere to go, so to speak, as to changing up the colors, and textures underneath the jahm. That can make an extended solo section seem more interesting for both the band members, and audience as well. If you can swing the 200 bucks, I'd recommend giving this a try. I about can't imagine returning it once it's in your hot little hands!! :-)
Music background: Working bass player

Amazing Pedal for Bass Players!

I own the original Bass Whammy Pedal from 1993 or 1994 that I bought used off of eBay. I loved using it but the tracking wasn't the greatest, and the polyphony wasn't all that good either, therefore making it difficult to use in my playing. Then this came along, and I instantly preordered it. It got here yesterday and after playing with it I was instantly blown away! I honestly can't say anything bad about this pedal. The tracking is superb from the Low B to the G strings, all over the neck and even on the Harmonics. The Chords Mode is what sets this apart from its original counterpart. Now I can use this on chords and it won't sound like a mess! It also has a lot more Settings than the original Bass Whammy, as well as the original settings, so you can find a sound that works for you. But one thing I should point out: if you're using this and you realize the sound doesn't change until the Expression Pedal is about halfway down, Calibrate it! Digitech's website has the Manual you can download and gives you easy to follow instructions on Calibrating your Bass Whammy. This helped me out and might help you out. And finally, Sweetwater made my purchasing experience perfect, thanks.
Music background: Pro Musician

Nothing does clean shifting better

The bass whammy works great. cool sounds and very nice intervals choices. It doesn't do the nasty OC-2 sound or pog octave up sound, it's cleaner and more natural, less synth sounding. The 4th down can be used to breifly fake a 5 string by instantly down tuning the bass from eadg to bead which I love when im playing my 4 string. The octave up and down sound pretty cool, the detune is a usable chorus. One octave down whammy is a fun setting for Hollywood endings. The only reason I didn't give I a perfect score is at times the switch is noisy. You know an audible "click" when you engage the pedal. It's not always there and not terrible, but can be annoying at times.
Music background: Independant artist with music on iTunes, Amazon, and all the big music sellers

Sweetwater Advice

DigiTech Bass Whammy

Indie-rockers and more experimentally minded players will appreciate that DigiTech included the monophonic classic mode. For these guys, the digital artifacts and somewhat glitchy sound of the original Bass Whammy weren't a problem - they were part of its charm....
read more
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