Amphion BaseOne25 Powered Studio Subwoofer System

Powered Subwoofer System with 2 Subwoofer Towers and BaseAmp500 Amplifier/Crossover
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Amphion BaseOne25 Powered Studio Subwoofer System image 1
Amphion BaseOne25 Powered Studio Subwoofer System image 1
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Amphion BaseOne25 Powered Studio Subwoofer System
Ships From Amphion

Complete Your Studio's Sonic Spectrum

Transform your studio monitors into a true full-range system that extends down to 20Hz, while also improving its dynamic range, with the Amphion BaseOne25 bass extension system. The BaseOne25 subwoofer tower employs two 10" aluminum drivers: a long-throw subwoofer and a passive radiator. Driven by the BaseAmp500 amplifier and operating with perfect phase coherence, the BaseOne25 system extends bass response to the aural limit while delivering some of the most 3D imaging you've ever heard. The Amphion BaseOne25 low-frequency extension system subwoofer towers are sized to be the perfect platform for your Amphion studio monitors, and work with virtually any other monitors too.

Amphion BaseOne25 Bass Extension System at a Glance:
  • True full-range monitoring with no crossover distortion
  • Bass that blooms, not booms
  • BaseAmp500 Amplifier Integrates Easily With Your Monitoring System
True full-range monitoring with no crossover distortion

The Amphion BaseOne25 system sounds seamless throughout the full sonic range, because it doesn't utilize a crossover the way a typical subwoofer would. Instead of a hard-slope cutoff, with lows being sent to the sub and mids and highs sent to the mains, the lows and low-mids of the BaseOne25 intermingle with the top speakers in a way that extends frequency response without the negative effects of a specific fixed crossover frequency. For ease of communication, Amphion specs the crossover point at 100Hz, but in reality there is interaction between the subs and your main speakers up into the midrange frequencies, resulting in a much more natural response than a hard crossover point would allow.

Bass that blooms, not booms

When Sweetwater had a chance to hear the BaseOne25 system, we were amazed at how lifelike and natural the bass response is. Mixing a walking bass line is a piece of cake with this system, allowing you to hear the full range of the instrument without unnatural booming, resonance, or volume dips due to crossover points. The BaseOne25 towers operate in perfect phase coherence with the top speakers, creating a powerful low end that blends seamlessly with the mids and highs.

BaseAmp500 Amplifier Integrates Easily With Your Monitoring System

It's easy to maximize the range of your monitoring system with the Amphion BaseOne25 bass extension system. The heart of the system is the BaseAmp500 amplifier: just connect your main monitoring source to the XLR inputs, connect the speaker outputs to the BaseOne25 subwoofer towers, and the XLR main stereo outputs to your full-range monitors. Calibrate the bass response using the front-panel Bass Level control, and you're done. Use the front panel Bypass switch to hear your mix without the subs: you can even connect a latching footswitch (sold separately) to remotely toggle the subwoofers.

Amphion BaseOne25 Bass Extension System Features:
  • Amplified subwoofer system for studio monitoring
  • Dual 10" aluminum drivers deliver rock-solid bass down to 20Hz
  • Greatly enhances the dynamic range and 3D imaging of any monitoring system
  • Subwoofers are perfectly sized to hold Amphion studio monitors, making perfect phase alignment easy to achieve
  • BaseAmp500 amplifier makes integration easy
  • Subs can be bypassed via front panel switch or with a latching footswitch (sold separately)
The Amphion BaseOne25 system delivers truly full-range monitoring.

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Tech Specs

Powered Yes (BaseAmp500)
Speaker Size 2 x 10" long throw drivers
Driver Type Passive radiator
Driver Material Aluminum cone
Driver Power Amp 500W per channel
Frequency Range Down to 20Hz
Crossover Frequency 100Hz
Input Types 2 x XLR, 1 x 1/4" (bypass footswitch)
Output Types 2 x SpeakON, 2 x XLR (thru)
Height 38"
Width 15"
Depth 7.5"
Weight 91 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number BaseOne25

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