LR Baggs Anthem SL Acoustic Soundhole Microphone/Undersaddle Guitar Pickup

Microphone Pickup for Acoustic Guitar
LR Baggs Anthem SL Acoustic Soundhole Microphone/Undersaddle Guitar Pickup image 1
LR Baggs Anthem SL Acoustic Soundhole Microphone/Undersaddle Guitar Pickup image 1
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LR Baggs Anthem SL Acoustic Soundhole Microphone/Undersaddle Guitar Pickup
In Stock!

Amplify Your Acoustic Without Sacrificing Tone!

The LR Baggs Anthem SL Tru-Mic Acoustic Pickup gives you the clear, natural sound you want and none of the feedback or excess controls you don't! This amazing, low-profile pickup is the result of decades of development. It's slim and remarkably easy to install, yet the Anthem SL is versatile enough to accommodate most string spacings and saddle widths. It doesn't use fancy modeling or tone shaping - the Anthem SL is simply an expertly designed microphone that gets to the root of your guitar's natural and beautiful tone. Even its noise-canceling technology won't touch your sound, letting the clear and clean notes ring while keeping feedback at bay.

LR Baggs Anthem SL Acoustic Guitar Pickup Features at a Glance:
  • Microphone acoustic guitar pickup
  • Highly feedback-resistant
  • Noise-canceling technology to avoid "honky" or "boxy" sonic qualities
  • One size fits most common string spacings and saddle widths
  • Even string-to-string balance
  • Pre-set mic and pickup for optimum performance
  • Simple soundhole remote includes volume and mic trim controls
  • Pre-contoured discrete Class A endpin preamp with preset crossover
  • Comes with Battery Bag for secure and unobtrusive battery retention
  • 170 hours of running time from a single 9V battery
  • 250Hz-20kHz frequency response
The ultra-slim and discreet LR Baggs Anthem SL microphone pickup system give your acoustic guitar clear and natural amplified tone!

Tech Specs

Position Soundhole, Undersaddle
Manufacturer Part Number Anthem SL

Customer Reviews

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Full spectrum, hassle-free

Like many guitarists who primarily play stage acoustic, I spent over 3 years obsessing and fussing over getting the right stage tone. I tried multiple systems, and asked countless other guitarists I met what they were using. I've heard people with passive soundboard transducers, undersaddle pickups, and soundhole humbuckers sound great, but then I'd hear the same system disappoint in other environments. I wanted a system that would give me a good balance of accurate tone and "plug-and-go" simplicity. Enter the Anthem SL. My tech installed one into a repaired/restored Martin D-15 "project guitar," a couple weeks before we hit the road for a 30-city tour. The results were stunning. We played rock clubs, listening rooms, coffee shops, pubs, and a handful of open mic showcases. Most nights I used my LR Baggs para DI, but some nights I just used whatever DI box was available on stage. Every night my D15 sounded big and full, with just enough "air" to make it feel like a real mic'ed instrument. You can run the anthem quite loud without feedback, too. I've tried both the full Anthem and the Anthem SL (and have traveled with both). In all honesty, I like the SL better. Rather than having a gain setting and a blend pot (as in the full Anthem), the SL offers a mic gain adjustment (relative to the fixed pickup gain level), and a single volume pot. Set it, forget it, play, no fiddling during a performance. IMHO, there's not much reason to want to blend more pickup into the signal. Also, the control section of the SL is a fraction of the size of the full anthem's, meaning way less "stuff" mounted beneath your guitar's top, allowing it to flex and vibrate as freely as possible. While I would not do a recording session strictly DI with the Anthem, it has definitely saved my butt in recording situations. For one project, I was a session guitarist in a live room with a cellist and vocalist, and bleed was a necessary reality. During mixing, we were able to utilize the direct signal of the Anthem during small spots where the mic'ed guitar signal couldn't be used. The recording engineer noted that the Anthem SL was the truest DI guitar sound he'd ever heard. Also, if you are playing live and capturing a board feed, the DI signal of this pickup is far superior to anything else I've heard come out of a DI-only live recording. I now have three instruments with an Anthem SL installed. The Martin D15 dread, a Waterloo WL-14 (similar to a Gibson LG), and a Blueridge dread. Since the Blueridge was something of a backup guitar, I installed the SL myself, and it was a piece of cake. Used a typical power drill for home repairs, and a step drill bit with some painters tape over the endpin hole. Great system, super consistent, noticeably hi-fi, and affordable. If you have a guitar that you love, pop an SL into it!
Music background: Touring artist, session guitarist, songwriter


This is the first acoustic pickup I've tried where I can actually say WOW! It really replicates the sound of the guitar perfectly. I had this put in a Taylor 414, and Tyler was very helpful in helping me figure out if the volume knob would fit in the soundhole with the tight bracing of the smaller body, thanks Sweetwater.

LR Baggs Anthem SL

Due to unsatisfactory natural acoustic sound and an irritating crackle I took out the undersaddle/microphone system on my D-18. Time for something new. I had seen the LR Baggs Anthem system demo'ed online and was impressed with its natural acoustic sound. No boomy bass or piezo sizzle. Realizing an online review does not a good product make, I took a leap of faith and ordered the Anthem SL system from Sweetwater. I did the install myself but if you don't have experience working with acoustic guitars please seek pro assistance. The sound of my Martin through a Princeton Reverb was outstanding! Can't wait to run it through my LR Baggs Para DI into a PA. Extremely satisfied with the Sweetwater service, Thanks TJ! I recommend the LR Baggs Anthem SL highly.
Music background: Guitar- 30+ years

Anthem SL Classical is Fantastic Tone

I have been following the development of the Anthem SL Classical for some time. I have never been very happy with the way pickups sound in Nylon Flamenco guitars. I had Mark Magdichx1265 order one of these from LR Baggs and I could not be happier. Once you mix in the (tru mic) and blend it in. The sound sounds like your guitar. I am so looking forward to being able to turn up my DeVoe and play loud with no feedback. I also found that the install did not change the tone of the guitar unplugged. This is truly a game changer product. If you have determined that a pick up is the right thing for you and your guitar this is really the only way to go. I think I may even try to go wireless as we.. Flamenco Fusion on my guitar loud with out feedback and bleed in from using mic is so very welcome. My review is directed at the LR Baggs Anthem SL Classical specifically voiced for Nylon Strings. Thanks Sweetwater and L.R Baggs
Music background: Pro Musicain

LR Baggs Anthem SL

I recently put the Anthem SL in two guitars. One was a dreadnought and the other a 000 size. I was immediately impressed with the true acoustic sound the pick-up displayed when amplified. Both guitars sound equally good. I didn't think I needed to invest in the more expensive Anthem because I'm not a professional musician and didn't need the balancing feature between the under saddle transducer and microphone. The factory setting is fine for ocassional plug-ins. Besides, you can control the balance using the adjustment screw on the volume control. I found that setting the balance heavy toward the under saddle transducer and a little for the microphone worked best for me. I would highly recommend this pick-up for anyone who wants to amplify their guitars' true acoustic sound.
Music background: Guitar builder and player 40 yrs.
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