BluGuitar Amp1 100-watt 4-channel Pedalboard Amp with Nanotube

4-channel, 100-watt Guitar Amplifier Head, with 3 Overdrive Channel Modes, Boost, Reverb, Noise Gate, Effects Loop, Speaker Output, and Cabinet-emulated Line Output
BluGuitar Amp1 100-watt 4-channel Pedalboard Amp with Nanotube image 1
BluGuitar Amp1 100-watt 4-channel Pedalboard Amp with Nanotube image 1

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BluGuitar Amp1 100-watt 4-channel Pedalboard Amp with Nanotube
In Stock!

Four Channels of Legendary British Amp Tone

Minimize the size of your guitar rig without sacrificing your tone, with the BluGuitar Amp1 guitar amplifier pedal. Designed by world-famous guitarist Thomas Blug, this compact amp packs a Nanotube-driven output section that delivers the punch and sonic intensity of a tube power amp. Use it to drive your favorite speaker cabinet, or plug directly into the sound system with the cabinet-emulated output. With four different channels based on legendary British amps, plus Boost, Reverb, noise gate, and a built-in effects loop for your pedals, you've got the heart of an amazingly powerful guitar rig with the BluGuitar Amp1 guitar amp pedal.


Like putting a 100W tube power amp at your feet

The BluGuitar Amp1 covers everything from clean tones and subtle grit to aggressive crunch and screaming leads. Treat it like a two-channel amp: the footswitch on the left switches between your clean channel and your choice of one of three crunch channel voicings (Vintage, Classic, and Modern). Use the tone controls to shape your "Global" tone, or use the side-mounted controls to fine-tune the sound of the Clean, Classic, and Modern channels independently. Thanks to the Nanotube-powered output section, Amp1 responds to your touch just like a tube amp, and sounds incredibly punchy and dynamic whether you plug into a speaker cabinet or use the cabinet-emulated direct output.

Boost, Reverb and Noise Gate reduce your need for extra pedals

Step on the Amp1's center footswitch to engage the Boost for highlighting solos or otherwise adding intensity - you can dial in the appropriate boost amount and character with the side-mounted control. The footswitch on the right engages a classic spring reverb effect. When playing high-gain tones, use the built-in two-mode noise gate to minimize noise and hiss without altering your sound.

Add the Remote 1 Foot Controller for maximum functionality

The BluGuitar Amp1is a complete amp solution in a compact frame, designed by guitarists Thomas Blug to give him everything he needs for great tone onstage. To take full advantage of the Amp1's capabilities, Blug also designed the Remote 1 foot controller (not included) to provide advanced switching options. Using Remote 1 you can access all of Amp1's functions, and save your customized settings in four banks of nine presets each. The Remote 1 also offers MIDI out for your MIDI-equipped effects pedals and other gear: MIDI messages can be assigned to each patch, so you can switch your Amp1 settings and your external devices at the same time. Remote 1 also offers Power Soak capabilities so you can reduce the wattage for cranked-amp tones at lower volumes, and is expandable to offer advanced effects loop switching capabilities. The Remote 1 adds a ton of power to the BluGuitar Amp1 - call Sweetwater to learn more.

BluGuitar Amp1 Guitar Amp Pedal Features:

  • Compact 100-watt guitar amplifier with Nanotube-driven power amp section
  • Designed by world-famous guitarist Thomas Blug to be his ideal touring rig
  • Amazingly rugged construction, with metal chassis and robust knobs
  • Four selectable channels (Clean, Vintage, Classic, Modern) cover everything from ultra-clean to high-gain
  • Footswitches for Clean/Overdrive channels, Boost, and Reverb
  • Use it to drive a speaker cabinet, or run direct with the cabinet-emulated output
  • Integrate your effects pedals with the built-in effects loop (switchable between serial and parallel)
  • Delivers the feel and character of a tube amp, in a compact pedal format that's perfect for travel
  • Get the optional Remote 1 foot controller (not included) to store amp presets, adjust wattage, control MIDI gear and much more

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Tech Specs

Type Hybrid
Number of Channels 4
Total Power 100W Class D with Nano tube driver
Reverb Yes
EQ 3-band EQ
Power Tubes Sub-miniature tube (driver)
Inputs 1 x 1/4"
Outputs 2 x 1/4" (speaker out), 1 x 1/4" (line out)
Effects Loop Yes
Footswitch I/O 1 x 1/4" (Remote1 foot controller with MIDI functions)
Power Supply Standard IEC power cable
Height 2.68"
Width 9.65"
Depth 7.56"
Weight 2.6 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number Amp 1

Customer Reviews

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BluGuitar Amp1 -- a wonderful find

I have been playing guitar for over 50 years. I have owned Fender, Vox, Peavey, Crate, and other amps. This amp is not a direct replacement for any of those, but it is allowing me to replace all of those that are still in my arsenal. It does not have any bad sounds. The clean channel is very clean and very warm. Moving up the gain stages allows one to add dirt to one's tastes and needs. I do recommend springing for the Remote1, which makes switching a complete breeze.This is not a Fender, this is not a Marshal, but it has a wonderful voice of its own. If I can not make this one sound great, I would not do any better with any of my other options. The major advantage of having played for so many years is that I have a lot of experience with lots of amps. The major disadvantage of all those years is that at some point it does not get easier carrying amps that weigh as much as I do. I believe that on one of the videos Thomas Blug makes the same point, although probably expressed better. I can not thank Thomas Blug enough for making this an option and Sweetwater enough for making it available to me in a very painless, professional, and expedient fashion.
Music background: Player for many years, in a variety of styles.

AMP1 is a Home Run!

First off let me say I wanted to dislike this amp being a true tube fan and a Kemper, Fractal,Helix fan. I own a Kemper and a Helix and love them both, however, I needed something for fly dates and something to carry to practice that sounded PRO and I missed my tube tones I got from my other amps I've owned. This has done everything and more I love the tube tone from this amp and yes this is a tube amp with Russian and german technologies nothing like it on the market all analog. It is exactly what I wanted, no more digital stuff spending 7 hours looking for my tone only to change it again lol.(Needless to say, the helix and kemper is for sale) This device I set it and go! My band mates are impressed with the tone and natural harmonics this produces and it also records like a champ, while retaining all pro quality sound. Thomas Blug is the man and hats off to him for creating such an amazing product. Highly recommend this product and highly encourage people to watch Thomas Blug demo this product on youtube.

BluGuitar Amp1 Surprise

Had the Amp1 now for a few weeks and as a diehard tube amp freak I have to say that this one fills the bill for me in terms of a small portable amp that sounds and feels like a tube amp. Unlike the digital products out there, like Fractal AXE, Fractal AXE 2, Line 6 Helix or the Kemper Profiling amp, that all have some noticeable latency which gives me a feeling of disconnect when I am playing, the Amp1 feels real. Is it 100% as good as my Landry LS-100 G3 or my Redplate Magica, this is a tough call, but the Amp1 is good enough for me not to miss the other amps too much, and these are the very best ones I have found on the market in terms of tube channel switchers. Also owned two Dumbles and lots of vintage amps like Vox, Fender and Marshall. Owned about 300 amps in my 50 years of playing guitar. The additional advantage in terms of minimizing the gear I have to lug around are just the cream on top for me. Also bought the BluGuitar Remote and looper kit. My pedal board got much cleaner and the wiring is shorter, all aspects that help in terms of sound. BTW, I also purchased the BluBox DI which is phenomenal and beats the competition by a mile IMO. Very happy camper indeed.
Music background: professional in the 70th and 80th, hobby player now

BluGuitar Amp1 w Remote1

As a follow up after having used this unit for a few mos. I finally got the tones where my sound is, and using my rather loaded and diverse pedalboard. Most important thing for me is using pedals for my different tones and gain levels. Just needed a great sounding cleaner amp w hopeful elements of tube amp tone quality. Now, this puppy can roar and gain up with the best of them, if that is what you need it to do. I use various drives and high gains for my various levels of dist and gain. I have at least a dozen pedals on my board, high end no cheese picks. Here is where this amp really surprised me: I lowered all the side tones all the way CCW, even the boost. I use a lot of master and rolled back the main vol to suit. The Remote 1 is programmed for each channel, no reverb on the red channel. Each channel has the loop on and above them I have the same w the added boost programmed. Just a little vol thickness enhance. Not interested in fuzzy gain out of the amp just thick, woody LP tones. This is what got me tone wise, while the actual amp gain for each channel is dwn each of them imparts a totally different tonal quality to the sound. As you engage the yellow, orange and red channels the sound notably changes in EQ spectrum and thickness, sounds like you are adding real tubes to each channel but not in a fuzzy gain sort of thing, just warmth and that sort of feel and response tubes have. The red channel was just so thick and rich in tone it really was a contrast and to top that off each of my pedals responded on each channel a little different, so my Mesa Drive had 4 different tones for each channel and each one musically useful and just great sounding. So too for my higher gains. So after just cutting down on the amp gain and just using the wattage headroom I found even better tones on tap. (I also use a high wattage Eminence speaker loaded 4x12) Lowering the internal overdrive amp gain also cuts down on the noise floor without having to use a 2ndary gate in the loop like I had been doing. Bottom line: just let the pedals create the sounds and this amp will sweeten the deal. I can't see anything being better than this, plus no digital mimic models just pure analog goodness. I do not know how they managed to voice the OD stages like tubes but it sounds like a great quality tube amp. Now if you want the amp to create and control the gain dist you have that as well. Being a lover of cool pedals this amp does deal and better than I first surmised. German Engineering baby!

Fantastic Amp1

Clean to dirty, this amp does it all, and if you're worried about power or volume, don't be.. i rarlely get the master above 4. I got the Amp1, the Remote 1, and the 4 pedal input to the remote 1. Extremely versatile. Cant imagine you being disappointed after purchasing this amp.!
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