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American Standard Collection Sample CD-ROM for Kurzweil
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Sweetwater American CD image 1
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Sweetwater American CD
Special Order

Sounds of American History for Your Kurzweil!

From Sweetwater's renowned soundware library! The Americana CD is the quintessential sample library representing America's musical heritage: Hammond B-3s, Gibson and Fender guitars, electric basses, big band brass, tons of percussion and more.

NOTE: Formatted for Kurzweil Kxxxx keyboards

These Kurzweil CD-ROMs are in a proprietary Kurzweil format that can only be read by a K2000/K2500/K2600 series keyboard using a Kurzweil-compatible SCSI CD-ROM drive. These CD-ROMs can NOT be read by a Mac or PC. If you are interested in adding these sounds to your Kurzweil PC3K, we suggest that you try our Sweetwater PC3K Library, which has over 100 instruments selected from all nine of our Kurzweil CD-ROM libraries. The library comes on a 2GB thumb drive that's been formatted so that you can plug it directly into the PC3K and start loading. Since there will be plenty of room left over on the drive, we'll include the latest operating system and objects, as well as the currently available Kurzweil PC3K libraries (including the SynthScapes and Take 6 collections) and the K2661 ROM compatibility files.

Stratus Sounds - Realism for Your Kurzweil!
This volume is the second in a series of libraries derived from the critically acclaimed Stratus Sounds library for the Kurzeil K2000/K2500. All libraries exhibit the same all-digital editing and mastering techniques as well as the same attention to artistry in the beautiful detail and realism of each instrument. These qualities are what made Sweetwater Stratus Sounds such a phenomenal success with performance artists and production engineers around the world.

American Jazz
The American Standard Collection focuses on the sounds native to American culture in the past century. The library begins with the bygone days of those tiny smoke-filled jazz clubs where music lovers would crowd around a makeshift stage, listening to the melancholy sound of Cajun greats. Warm Jazz Trumpet captures the dark and forlorn spirit of the mellowest of horn players, with an honest understated tone providing plenty of inspiration to draw you into your music. Then, for a nice complimentary texture, try the Breathy Tenor Sax. The absence of a clear attack in this style seemed to transcend time signatures, free from the divisions of each bar. This combined with the breathy timbral presence made the instrument come to life with the very soul of the performer. Add an Upright Bass, Concert Grand One, and the Jazz Set for a nuts-and-bolts rhythm section to shape and define the characteristic sound of an early American jazz ensemble.

American Rock
Fast forward a few decades and find yourself in front of a camera on American Bandstand with a '72 Stratocaster strapped over your shoulder. Flip the pickup s with into the out-of-phase position between the bridge and middle pickups while listening to the anticipation of hundreds of screaming teenagers. Strum a few chords for introduction, and then feel the Steinberger Bass drop the foundation as you kick in some light distortion and chorusing. WHAM! Now your drummer's in with a couple hits on a wood shell Rogers snare drum, a tom flam, and then the crisp, transparent explosion of a 16" Sabian crash.

Heavier rock productions will ignite with energy when you punch in the Gibson Les Paul with DiMarzio pickups played through a Mesa/Boogie amplifier. Country? Check out the Martin acoustic 6-string played with a metal side. The advanced architecture of the Kurzweil has enabled Stratus Sounds to corral all of these classics into one amazing library of American musical heritage.

Extraordinary Value
Consider the value of such a collection! What would it take to find, purchase, and learn how to play each one of these instruments well enough to incorporate into a production? Now, thanks to the Kurzweil and Stratus Sounds, it's not only possible - it's affordable! Certainly some of us may not find a use for the "Chet Atkins" model Gretsch Tennessean today, but the few dollars that were paid for it as part of this collection may prove well worth it when a fresh, new guitar sound will be just the thing needed to revitalize a mix.

  • Concert Grand One
  • Hammond B-3 One
  • Hammond B-3 Two
  • Hammond B-3 Three
  • Warm Jazz Trumpet
  • Solo Trombone One
  • Soprano Sax One
  • Soprano Sax Two
  • Alto Sax One
  • Tenor Sax One
  • Breathy Tenor Sax One
  • Baritone Sax One
  • Baritone Sax Two
  • Acoustic Guitar One
  • Acoustic GuitarTwo
  • Slide Guitar One
  • Clean Gibson 335
  • Blues Guitar
  • Clean Strat One
  • Dirty Strat One
  • Funk Strat
  • Studio Strat
  • Gretch Tennessean
  • Jazz Guitar One
  • Jazz Guitar Two and Three
  • Rock Guitar One
  • Rock Guitar Two
  • Metal Guitar 5ths and Effects
  • Electro-Acoustic 12 String One
  • Acoustic 12 String Guitar One
  • Stratocaster 12 String One
  • Stratocaster Electric 12 String Two
  • Rickenbacker Electric 12 String
  • Steinberger Bass
  • Thunderbird Bass
  • Fender Jazz Bass
  • Fretless Bass One
  • Fretless Bass Two
  • Upright Acoustic Bass
  • Bass Collection
  • Kick Drum Collection
  • Snare Collection One
  • Toms Collection
  • Hi-Hat Collection
  • Ride/Bell Cymbals One
  • Jazz Set
  • Roland R-8Drums
  • Marimba One
  • Vibraphone/Lyre Glockenspiel
  • Orchestra Hits

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Additional Media

Virtual Instrument Buying Guide
More M-Power To The People

Tech Specs

Platform K2000 v3.01/K2500 v1.24

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