Sony ACID Pro 6 No Longer Available

Loop-based Music Production Software for PC with Multi-track Recording, Mixing, and Editing

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Sony ACID Pro 6 image 1
Sony ACID Pro 6 image 1

Sorry, the Sony ACID Pro 6 is no longer available. We've left this page up for reference only. Check out the great alternatives on this page or call toll-free (800) 222-4700 to speak with a Sweetwater Sales Engineer about similar products.

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Sony ACID Pro 6
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ACID Pro 6 Is a Complete DAW in One Application!

Sony has massively upgraded ACID Pro 6! Sony has beefed up this iconic loop creation application to full DAW status. The new ACID Pro 6 adds professional multi-track recording, editing, and mixing capabilities with VST and ReWire support. In addition, ACID Pro 6 now features comprehensive MIDI support, with inline MIDI editing, a Drum Grid mode to make building drum patterns quick and easy, and track envelopes for modifying any MIDI controller data.

Sony ACID Pro 6 at a Glance:
  • The premier loop generation program for the PC
  • Professional tools to help you get the most from your music
  • New organizational tools
  • Mixing and editing built in
  • Over 20 effects included for FREE!
  • Groove Mapping and Groove Cloning means fat beats
  • Additional loops and software synth included for FREE!

The One and Only ACID
Of course, ACID Pro 6 still offers powerful loop creation and manipulation tools, with unlimited audio and MIDI tracks, real-time pitch and tempo matching, and a ton of additional tools. Included with the software are more than 1,000 Sony "Sound Series" loops, plus the Kompakt sample player and a custom sound library.

A Solid Foundation
ACID software is built on rock-solid technology to provide you with an excellent foundation for loop-based music creation. ACID Pro 6 software also features a complete set of tools called Fundamentals - the features you need to produce truly professional results. For example, ACID Pro 6 software has unlimited tracks for audio and MIDI events, real-time pitch and tempo matching, and impressive new Media Manager technology. Media Manager tools let you search, tag, and catalog your loops with incredibly accuracy and efficiency.

Get Organized
Powerful new Media Manager technology offers a more efficient way to manage your ACID Pro 6 project media. Innovative "search and tag" tools allow you to quickly identify loops found on your hard-drive or even within the entire Sony Sound Series Loops & Samples collection - by genre, instrumentation, BPM, or other user-defined and customizable attributes.

Superior Mixing and Editing
New nestable folder tracks enhance project organization and simplify editing. Reverse audio events during playback in real-time. Set up and mix 5.1 channel surround project files for audio and DVD productions. The Beatmapper tool adds tempo information to song-length files including MP3s, so you can remix and combine music loops with existing songs. The Chopper tool creates amazing drum fills, stutters, and DJ-style effects.

Cutting-Edge Audio Effects
Apply over 20 DirectX audio effects, including the new tempo-based effects such as Flange, Amplitude Modulation, and Simple Delay that automatically adjust to project-based tempo changes. You can also create resonant sweeps, dramatic fades, EQ changes, and add effects using automation envelopes. ACID Pro 6 software also natively supports VST effects, expanding the palette of sounds available for music creation. Apply automation and tempo-sync VST effects. Use VST soft synths with multiple busses.

Your Quantization Station
ACID Pro 6 software includes powerful and patent-pending groove quantization technology. Groove Mapping and Groove Cloning can significantly expand your loop collection by morphing existing loops into fresh, new sounds. Beat-match loops and vocal tracks nondestructively in real-time. Quantize disparate loops to a common groove, create new grooves from scratch, apply any number of the supplied grooves, and even extract grooves from existing loops and apply them to other samples.

Sony ACID Pro 6 Features:
  • Patent-pending quantization technology with Groove Mapping and Groove Cloning tools
  • Powerful Media Manager to organize, tag, and classify your media
  • Multi-track recording with superior editing and mixing tools
  • More than 20 DirectX audio effects plus VST and ReWire support
  • 5.1 surround mixing capability
  • External control surface support
  • Comprehensive MIDI recording and editing capability
  • Inline MIDI editing
  • MIDI Track Envelopes and keyframes
  • Kompakt Sample Library and custom sample collection
  • Nestable folder tracks
  • MIDI piano roll snap to scale and note
  • Tempo based DirectX effects
  • Audio Plug-In Manager
  • Bypass all effects command
  • Real-time event reverse
  • Enhanced timestretching and transient detection
  • Disc-at-once CD burning
  • Metronome for playback and record
  • Customizable keyboard mapping
  • Bus-to-bus routing
  • Downmix monitoring
  • Drop one-shots in real time via keyboard commands
  • Flash (.swf) format import
  • Customizable UI and Windows XP theme support
  • Multiple docking windows
  • Enhanced media file previewing
  • Customizable project media folders
  • Includes over 1,000 new loops in multiple genres
  • Includes Native Instruments Xpress Keyboards
  • Unlimited number of tracks
  • 24/192khz - Maximum bit depth/sample rate
  • Global tempo and key changes
  • Live audio recording
  • Plug-in effect automation
  • VSTi support
  • ASIO driver support
  • Alternate time signature support
  • Master, auxiliary and effects bus tracks
  • MIDI piano roll and list editing
  • MIDI recording and playback
  • DLS sample file support
  • 5.1 surround mixing
  • Volume and pan envelopes
  • MP3 open/save
  • Video scoring track
  • CD burning/CD extraction
  • Beatmapper remixing tool
  • Chopper editing tool
  • Loop Cloning: Chop to New in Chopper
  • Ripple editing / edits across tracks
  • ASR envelopes
  • MIDI record/external playback
  • Generate MIDI Time Code/MIDI Clock
  • Adjustable stretching properties
  • Assignable effects / audio buses
  • Multiple media file previewing
  • Autosave crash recovery
  • Hotkey commands for track muting & soloing
  • Windows Media Audio and Video Import
  • Multiple sound card I/O

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