Morley ABY 2-Button ABY Signal Switcher Pedal

Selector/Combiner 2-button Footswitch
Morley ABY 2-Button ABY Signal Switcher Pedal image 1
Morley ABY 2-Button ABY Signal Switcher Pedal image 1
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Morley ABY 2-Button ABY Signal Switcher Pedal
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Route, Select, and Combine!

The Morley ABY selector/combiner footswitch can be employed in a variety of situations; the choice between two inputs/one output, or one input/two outputs gives the user many options. You can, for instance, run a signal to a pair of amps for true stereo effect; switch between two amps for dirty/clean tones (perfect for that old tube amp with separate channels); bypass that noisy boutique stomp box or your entire pedal setup altogether; simultaneously run a keyboard and guitar through your effects chain, and more. Basically, you can route one signal to two outputs or two inputs to one output - then select between them or combine them.

Morley ABY 2-button Selector/Combiner Footswitch Features at a Glance:
  • Lets you route one signal to two outputs or two inputs to one output
  • Choose A, B, or A and B combined
  • LEDs show you which signal is active
  • 9V input (for optional adapter) and 9V battery door on the bottom
  • Cold Rolled-steel housing
  • Dimensions - 5-1/4" x 3-1/4" x 2"
  • 2-year warranty

Tech Specs

Type I/O Selector
Inputs 1-2 x 1/4"
Outputs 1-2 x 1/4"
Batteries 9V
Height 3.25"
Width 2"
Depth 5.25"
Manufacturer Part Number ABY

Customer Reviews

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Perfect for my need

This product is exactly what I needed for switching between my electric and acqustic amps. It is is solid and heavy duty. Thanks Tybfor the recommendation.

Morley ABY

These things are built like tanks. Takes a licking and keeps on ticking. I've used Morley ABY Switch Boxes for years in racks, on pedal boards, live, and in the studio. Can't go wrong with this one.
Music background: Artist, Writer, Producer, Engineer

easy to use, simple and effective

I wanted to send a mono signal to two amps with complementary voicing. This pedal does that - no more, no less. Nice and simple. I don't change it's always in "both amps on " mode but it's pretty easy to switch modes.
Music background: professional guitarist, singer, songwriter

Wolks Great

I think it is about perfect for what I was looking for. Quit switching and simple

pretty sweet for the money

I have a vox AC30CC, its an all tube amp with two separate inputs, a top boost, and a clean channel. there is no way to switch the channels on it without physically moving the cable from one input to the next, or this pedal, and it does it cleanly. i can hear absolutely no difference between when i plug straight into the amp from my guitar, and when i plug in through this pedal. good job Morley. its exactly the solution i needed because each chanel has its own distinct vox sound and i love/use them both. again, i have can hear NO difference what so ever between this pedal and going straight in.
Music background: Recording engineer, Hobbyist musician.
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