Truetone 1 SPOT Multi Plug 5 Cable

5-plug Cable for 1 SPOT Power Adapter with Right-angle Plugs and Spring-loaded Contacts
Truetone 1 SPOT Multi Plug 5 Cable image 1
Truetone 1 SPOT Multi Plug 5 Cable image 1
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Truetone 1 SPOT Multi Plug 5 Cable
In Stock!

Get Your 1 SPOT's Power to More Pedals with the Multi Plug 5 Cable!

The Truetone 1 SPOT Multi Plug 5 Cable 5-plug daisy chain lets you power up to five pedals with your 1 SPOT power adapter. Not only does the 1 SPOT Multi Plug 5 Cable offer handy right-angle plugs, you also get over 12" between plugs for convenient pedal placement. Spring-loaded contacts in the input sockets maintain secure connections, and you can even link multiple Multi Plug 5 Cables together to power more effects! When you want to get the most out of your 1 SPOT adapter, pick up the 1 Spot Multi Plug 5 Cable.

Truetone 1 SPOT Multi Plug 5 Cable
  • Plug in up to five pedals
  • Right-angle plugs
  • Spring-loaded contacts for secure connections
  • Link multiple cables together to power even more pedals
The Truetone 1 SPOT Multi Plug 5 Cable gives you the flexibility and convenience you need to power your pedals your way!

Tech Specs

Manufacturer Part Number MC5

Customer Reviews

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Pedal Power Extension

Good quality extension for my stock Boss pedal board case. Using it to add an additional pedal on the floor outside of the case and the extra length allows it to be placed where I need it. No noise added to my system.

great daisy chain

powers 4 of my effects pedals with no problems

1Spot cable.....

This is the cable to get for your 1Spot power supply to power multiple pedals. No fuss no muss and no noise.

Love it.

This eliminated all use of batteries and too many power strip outlets. Used in conjunction with the Visual Sound 1 SPOT 20 pedal adapter These multi-plug cables provide power to he tire pedalboard as well as my Roland PK-5 MIDI pedals.
Music background: Pro Bass Player

Adventure but worth it.

Summary: This cable works at it's best when paired with the 1 SPOT 9V power adapter. Does the job and does it great! My experience: I use this product to daisy chain four 9V pedals that are the following: Aguilar Tonehammer Aguilar TLC Compressor MXR M82 Bass Envelope Filter & TC Electronics Polytune Mini. I first had a problem with ground loop hum coming when I plugged in any combination of pedals with the Aguilar pedals. I asked around and many people started suggesting that I get a ground loop exterminator such as the EbTech but I just went with my gut feeling that I'd be spending more than I had to because a friend also had a very similar set up to mine and his would give no hum. So I asked my friend about every single detail of his pedal board & every single thing was the same (Four 9V Pedals) EXCEPT the power adapter. My friend used this Multi Plug cable with the 1 SPOT power adapter so I figured the problem was coming from the power source. When I tried powering it with a Zoom AD 0006D Adapter I had from a previous pedal, it would give me a ground loop hum. HOWEVER, when I paired it with the 1-SPOT Power adapter, the hum went away. I'm glad I spent much less than suggested and my pedal board works great with no hum whatsoever. Thanks Sweetwater!
Music background: Bass Player
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