Drawmer 1973 - 3-band FET Stereo Compressor

2-channel, 3-band FET Stereo Compressor
Drawmer 1973 - 3-band FET Stereo Compressor image 1
Drawmer 1973 - 3-band FET Stereo Compressor image 1
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Drawmer 1973 - 3-band FET Stereo Compressor
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A Compressor You Can Use Like an EQ

Try the Drawmer 1973 three-band stereo compressor on your next mixing or mastering project, and you'll miss it as soon as you hit the bypass switch. Three variable frequency bands can be compressed individually, giving you more precise and natural-sounding results than you can achieve with a full-band compressor. Reduce boominess in an acoustic guitar without squashing your highs, or use it to make a stereo drum mix explode. A wet/dry blend control makes parallel compression easy. For decades, studio engineers at Sweetwater have known we can trust Drawmer gear to sound amazing and be incredibly reliable. That's exactly what you can expect from the Drawmer 1973.

Drawmer 1973 3-band FET Stereo Compressor at a Glance:
  • Three bands give you better dynamics control
  • Where's the ratio control?
  • Drawmer sounds good in any studio
Three bands give you better dynamics control

While there are plenty of full-band compressors we know and love at Sweetwater, the three-band design of the Drawmer 1973 stereo compressor gives you outstanding flexibility when mixing. Run your drum overheads through it and set your crossover frequencies accordingly, and you'll have individual dynamics control over the bass drum, snare and toms, and cymbals. Turn on the Big switch on the low band to give the kick some extra weight, and hit the Air switch on the high band to enhance the top-end sparkle of your cymbals. You'll get a drum sound that's so full, punchy, and alive, you may barely even blend in the individual drum mics for the final mix.

Where's the ratio control?

Don't worry about it - the 1973 sounds fantastic as-is. It's based on Drawmer's venerable 1960 and 1968 compressors, which have proven to be solid studio workhorses even without ratio controls. You'll use the gain and threshold knobs to find just the right amount of gain reduction for the individual bands. You can set the mix control full-on to only hear the compressed signal, or you can blend it with the original uncompressed signal to maintain more dynamics. Whether you want subtle compression that just brings everything together, or you want to smash drums for parallel compression, the Drawmer 1973 is an all-around performer with simple, intuitive controls.

Drawmer sounds good in any studio

If you're serious about recording, mixing, or mastering, you owe it to yourself to get your hands on the Drawmer 1973. Ask around and you'll quickly see they're widely respected in all audio circles. The 1973 is a compressor you can use like an EQ when you want to, with results that sound larger than life. With outstanding sound quality, plus top build quality and reliability, any engineer would be proud to have the Drawmer 1973 in their rack.

Drawmer 1973 3-band FET Stereo Compressor Features:
  • 3-band stereo compressor for mixing and mastering
  • FET compression reacts fast with a soft knee
  • Top-notch signal path all the way through, with impeccable left/right tracking across the full compression range
  • Variable crossover frequencies, with mute and bypass switches for easy monitoring of each band
  • Big and Air modes adds low-end body and high-end sparkle
  • Analog VU meters have a switchable Peak mode which shows fast transients that normal VU meters won't show
  • Simple, intuitive layout makes multiband compression easier to dial in
  • Robust build quality, with a rugged steel chassis and aluminum front panel
  • Parallel compression is easy thanks to the wet/dry mix control
  • Gain reduction meters on each band help you find the right threshold and gain controls fast
  • Perfect for reducing booming bass in recordings, without squashing higher frequencies too
Once you try the Drawmer 1973, you'll want another one.

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Tech Specs

Type FET
Number of Channels 2
Controls Threshold, Attack, Release, Gain
Threshold -30 dB to 20 dB
Frequency Response 3Hz-70kHz (-3 dB)
Inputs 2 x XLR
Outputs 2 x XLR
Rack Spaces 2U
Height 3.46"
Depth 10.63"
Width 18.98"
Weight 2.20 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number 1973

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Drawmer 1973 3 band stereo compressor

Most awesome compressor ever. This thing can fix any mix. Unbelievable but believe it.
Music background: 40+ years in music business

Mastering and Tracking

Very good 3 Band compressor. Compression done so well. I used it to master tracks and it sounds wonderful. Pretty easy to fix problems in songs. Currently im using it for tracking and makes mixes much easier. Add Glue to your final mixes for consistent sound or tracking mono/stereo sources. For the price its a no brainer. Sounds wonderful, lots of options, with dry/wet so you cant go wrong. Initially i was looking for mastering compressor at a budget price and I definetly found it in the 1973. You can tame the bass without making it muddy. Also each Band (3) has its own gain (+-) which is so nice. With so many options you can use this compressor as a EQ. The Air switch acts as a high end boost that actually sounds really good.
Music background: Engineer, Producer

a must have tool

my client base uses my 2inch studer and mixed to a mci 2track .i mix and master at the same time ! i set up a good mix then employ the 1973 at this time so i can sweeten ,and ad a litte eq and compression if needed . its great if you need to make that final correction of say 3 or 4 db on any of the 3 bands ...can you rescue a bad mix ,possibly not ! but you can nicley tweek a decent mix to sound just a little bit more pro and thats what its all about ,small shifts here and there i wish i had a divice like this back in the day at columbia records when i was cutting disc i could have tweeked up a few rough edges . my next projects will have this 1973 in the mastering chain .
Music background: 52 yrs recording/producing mastering @ columbia records

Compressor Drawmer 1973

The Drawmer 1973 is an incredibly power tool for the digital world. Mixing through this piece of gear is something software hasn't grasped yet. It adds a noticeable improvement to the sound, adding true analog warmth, depth and also the stereo image seems to widen a bit as well without sounding unnatural. I use it along with my API 2500 for mastering, as the wet and dry feature on the 1973 is where the unit really shines! It gives you full control on how much compression makes it through the unit so if you're using another compressor you have that option to not over compress the audio. It also improves tracking too, being a fet compressor it's really fast at controlling peeks on a vocals or acoustic guitar without sounding harsh or unnatural. The results just sound more expensive and professional. Sweetwater gives great deals as well as extended coverage, free shipping and support that is second to none. The only compliant I have is I wish there was more options with the input and output of this unit, but considering what it adds to your overall value. It's a winner! Home run Drawmer!
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