Klark Teknik 1176-KT Classic FET-style Compressor

Classic FET Compressor with Class A Line-level Output Amplifier, Midas Transformers, and Transformer-balanced I/O
Klark Teknik 1176-KT Classic FET-style Compressor image 1
Klark Teknik 1176-KT Classic FET-style Compressor image 1
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Klark Teknik 1176-KT Classic FET-style Compressor
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Classic FET Compression at a Great Price

You'll find the 1176 peak limiter in the rack of nearly every high-end studio. Normally, an 1176 will set you back a couple grand, but the Klark Teknik 1176-KT puts this iconic compressor in your hands for much less. The 1176-KT features a discrete output amplifier and custom Midas transformers, delivering top-notch sound. You get the original 1176's compression ratios, including the all-buttons-in "nuke" mode. At Sweetwater, we've turned to the 1176 for its ultra-fast response, and the 1176-KT is no exception, yielding impressive attack and release times. Complete with vintage-style metering and balanced Neutrik connectors, the Klark Teknik 1176-KT FET compressor is a flattering redesign of a studio classic.

Klark Teknik 1176-KT Classic FET Compressor Features at a Glance:
  • Modeled after the D and E revisions of the iconic 1176LN peak limiter
  • Discrete Class A output amplifier and custom Midas transformers deliver top-notch sound
  • 4:1, 8:1, 12:1, and 20:1 compression ratios with all-buttons-in "nuke" mode
  • Ultra-fast attack time of 20-800 microseconds and release time of 80-700 milliseconds
  • Vintage-style metering for gain reduction and output
  • Transformer-balanced Neutrik XLR and balanced (TRS) 1/4" input and output connectors
  • Switchable pad on input reduces sensitivity by 20dB
  • Universal switch-mode power supply
  • Durable 2U rackmount chassis
Add classic FET compression to your studio's rack with the Klark Teknik 1176-KT.

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Tech Specs

Type FET Class A Compressor
Number of Channels Single channel
Controls Attack, Release
Ratio 20:1, 12:1, 8:1, 4:1
Inputs 1 x XLR, 1 x 1/4" TRS
Outputs 1 x XLR, 1 x 1/4" TRS
Rack Spaces 2U
Depth 6.25"
Weight 6.2 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number 1176KT

Customer Reviews

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Music Producer/ Mix,Record

Simply Amazing! I want more!
Music background: Full time Music!

Has "that sound" to it

I originally was looking for an 1176 with 500 series rack, but just couldn't justify the price after factoring in the cost of the chassis. I am a big Midas fan, so when I saw the familiar brand-name, I knew it was going to be a good product. During my day job, I'm mix on Midas Digital consoles and have a Midas Venice 16 in my studio/practice space. I have a Waves 1176 plugin as well as the Slate 1176s. Waves got the timing right, but it doesn't really break up when pushed. Slate nailed the vintage and black 1176, but I wanted something I could track on the way in with and also use for rehearsals. I play with a female vocalist with crazy dynamics and my in ear mix is all over the place. Now life is great, I hear her every breath but she doesn't kill my hearing during the louder parts and the 1176 has that awesome in your voice vocal sound that I have no problem committing to during recording sessions. Add in the price drop and this is an absolute no brainer. Definitely has a nice analog sound to it too. The construction quality is top notch, the knobs feel excellent and have lots of resistance, and I also like that it doesn't have a wall wart. This has me thinking I might need to invest in a larger rack and pick up a few more of these!
Music background: Pro live sound engineer, recording engineer

Stop Sleeping!

I get it... Klark Teknik might not be a name that you're all that familiar with. Perhaps you're busy trying to save extra money to buy a more expensive version of the 1176. I will say this... I have never written a gear review before. However, I cannot except how few reviews there are on this amazing product. I was offered this compressor as a demo from a local audio shop (here in Boston) and once I heard it, there was no chance it was ever leaving my studio. Tone for days! One of my favorite signal chains of all time is Shure SM7b through a BAE 1073d through the Klark Teknik 1176. That chain is used on at least half of my summer 2017 album titled "Resolution". Check the album once it drops and in the meantime, stop wondering wether you should buy this compressor or not and just buy it and go make records. -Lif
Music background: Independent Hip Hop

1176 LOVE

I have seven 1176 compressors now, one is a UA (my first one acquired back in 2005), two are Warm Audio WA76 and four are these, the 1176-KT by Klark Teknik. The UA has been my favorite compression gadget but at $2000 it's not something I could afford many of. After the WA76 hit the market I bought a pair of those and like them but they have not been trouble free and they don't sound exactly like the UA-1176. The WA76 are a tad brighter sounding and the input attenuators in both of mine died just a bit outside of their 1-year warranty. Fortunately Sweetwater Total Care Coverage is taking care of the repair charges minus all the shipping expense. The 1176-KT sound fantastic, I could not tell the difference between one of these and the UA-1176 in a blindfold A-B test. The KT has an inbuilt switch-mode power supply so it will work anywhere in the world, it's also lighter weight than the UA-1176 (probably due to the switching type power supply requiring a much smaller and lighter power transformer). I started out buying one of the 1176-KT to try it out. I bought a second one because the first one was so good. I bought another pair because I like the other two so much. Having four of these 1176-KT in my rack is like a bit of heaven. I mix old-school, on a 40-channel analog Soundcraft console into a Neve 8816/8804. I like to patch hardware compressors on the lead vocals, lead instruments and even the kick and snare each get an 1176 now that I have several. It is amazing how this compressor can alter the sound of the kick and snare drum. You can sharpen the attack or lengthen the sustain by adjusting the release time control. The VU meter on the KT is moved slightly to the left compared to a UA-1176 or the WA76, this is to accommodate a nice big toggle switch for turning the power on and off. The power switch is accompanied by a large orange jeweled power-ON indicator light. Neither the UA or WA models have this switch and light, they indicate power on by the presence of light in the VU meter and their power switches are contained in the right hand switch that selects the VU meter function. I'm guessing KT engineers wanted to move AC power farther away from sensitive electronics so they went with a separate switch. Overall the build quality on the 1176-KT is excellent, the potentiometers have a nice buttery smooth feel to them. The meter performs perfectly. On the rear you get TRS and XLR connectors for input and output. The noise floor and headroom all seem to be up there with the very best 1176 but for 1/3 the price of the Universal Audio models. The sound quality is what I was after, nothing else matters to me. I'm glad they chose to emulate the original UREI form factor and control layout, it means instant familiarity to a 50+ year recordist like me. I can't think of a single thing I don't like about the 1176-KT. It answers a need I've had since I first discovered how different and good a proper 1176 sounds, it's very different from any VCA or optical type compressor. The speed of the attack and the smoothness of the release mean you can dial up heavy compression with virtually no artifacts, no squished or flattened sound here. These compressors keep the life and vitality in a recorded track without killing it. One last thing, almost all the vocals I track now I like to use a little bit of 1176 on them going into the DAW. API mic preamp into EQP-WA equalizer and then into 1176 and then direct into the DAW, that signal chain is creating magic for us on vocals. I also have the EQP in my mastering set up so I use just the tiniest amount during tracking so it won't get overdone during mixing and mastering. Overall I really like the 1176-KT. If anything happened to one of mine I'd replace it in a heartbeat, it's an integral part of my process. Good music to you!
Music background: Pro musician and engineer

Excellent 1176 Style Compressor

I've had a UA-1176 compressor for 10 years and it is my favorite compressor for vocals. I've been using and comparing a pair of WA76 for the last 10 months, these have all the "Grab" of the UA-1176 but they sound a little brighter, overall excellent. I'm not a fan of the external power supply on the Warm Audio units, a pain to mount out of the way. I now have a fourth 1176 in the kit, the 1176-KT and it's been getting used and compared a lot during the last two months. The tone and function of the 1176-KT are indistinguishable from the much higher priced UA-hardware. I love the feel of the knobs on the KT, they are buttery smooth. The meter on the KT is much more brightly lit which to my old eyes is a good thing. The KT has an in-built power supply which runs on any voltage. The KT is also the lightest in weight of the three 1176 models. Overall I'm very excited by the performance of the 1176-KT and I'm looking forward to acquiring a few more of the KT. Good music to all!
Music background: pro musician and engineer
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