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Yamaha DGX305 Review

The DGX305 is fun to play and a good educational tool.

The Yamaha DGX305 portable Grand Piano is well suited to assist those who are interested in learning how to play piano or are currently taking lessons. The Education Suite feature allows the user to read notation from the LCD screen display and has a Chord Dictionary that shows the user which chords to play. The Chord Dictionary also shows the user which chords he/she is playing. This keyboard also provides the user with Lesson Mode which can track the progression of the users abilities and provide actual grades. With Performance Assistant Technology a beginner can play along with a song without being able to play. All he/she has to do is get a feel for the tempo and tap along on a key. This can help a beginner learn how to play correct rhythms. The DGX305 also houses over 400 voices which includes Kits and sound effects. It also includes 105 song selections. Additional songs can be stored via SmartMedia. The DGX305 is fun to play and a good educational tool.

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