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Why Doesn’t an LA-2A Have All the Compression Controls?


Q: I always wondered, why doesn’t a Universal Audio LA-2A have attack, ratio, and release controls? How do you know where they are set?

A: Those parameters are preset in a LA-2A, making it a very simple compressor to operate — all you have to dial in are the amount of gain reduction and output volume you want.

As far as the values for the preset parameters, the attack time for LA-2As averages 10 milliseconds, the ratio is around 3:1, and the release times is 60 milliseconds for the first half of the release time; the remainder of the release can range anywhere from 0.5 to 15 seconds. The LA-2A is program dependent, meaning it reacts to the incoming signal, so these settings vary, depending on the input material.

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