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A specific type of shell software developed by Waves to provide an interface between their plug-ins and a particular operating system. The Wavesheell acts as a sort of “pool” where all the corresponding Waves plug-ins are stored. If you have multiple host applications on the same computer, you will not need to copy or install these plug-ins into each application as the applications themselves will have their own Waveshell plug-in, which will direct the software to the appropriate plug-in elsewhere on the drive. This also allows Waves to better manage usage of plug-ins. On some systems the user is able to use different types of plug-ins on proprietary DSP circuitry and accompanying host software that is otherwise much more limited in flexibility. TDM systems running under DAE are an example of this. Normally a particular DSP chip would only be able to run one particular process. Instantiate an EQ plug-in, which takes a fraction of the power of one chip, and that chip would only be able to run more instantiations of the same plug. With the Waveshell, the chip and DAE would only see and be concerned with the Waveshell software. The Waveshell could then take care of the management of the various Waves plug-ins that ran in addition. So you could have EQ, compression, etc. all running on one DSP chip.

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