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Updates and Upgrades

Celemony has released a brand-new service update for the Melodyne plug-in. Version 1.0.4 improves the stability and interaction with various hosts. In addition to numerous enhancements, the following problems have been resolved:

  • Ableton Live: the company fixed a bug in the VST variant that often led to a crash.
  • MOTU Digital Performer: Melodyne plug-in 1.0.4 is now compatible with DP 6.01.
  • Digidesign Pro Tools (running under Vista): a bug has been fixed that often caused crashes when the Melodyne plug-in was removed from a channel strip.
  • Digidesign Pro Tools (OS X): the deactivation and reactivation of the Melodyne plug-in or of the entire channel strip now functions as expected.
  • Cakewalk SONAR: a bug that resulted in playback errors when a transferred file was played back for the first time has been fixed.
  • All hosts in conjunction with iLok: the transfer of a license to an iLok can now be undertaken without problems, by using the License Assistant.

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