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Ultra2 SCSI

Ultra2 SCSI, also known as FAST-40 is the latest generation of SCSI delivering faster bus speed and longer cable lengths for today’s systems and peripherals. Utilizing Low Voltage Differential (LVD) technology, Ultra2 SCSI enables faster data rates and longer cable lengths on the SCSI bus. It doubles the data burst rate of Ultra Wide SCSI (see WFTD archive Ultra SCSI) to 80 MByte/sec, providing greater system throughput. And it quadruples the maximum cable length of Ultra Wide SCSI to 12 meters, allowing increased flexibility. The benefit of the 80 MB/sec throughput is that data intensive applications, such as CAD/CAM, database access, and 3-D imaging, process more rapidly with Ultra2 SCSI I/O. The greater SCSI bus length translates into greater flexibility in adding external storage and in configuring clustered servers.

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