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The Return of a Vintage Analog Synth

The classic Korg MS-20 analog synthesizer is back, smaller and more versatile than ever, in the new MS-20 Mini. When Korg decided to re-create the MS-20, they brought in two of the engineers responsible for the original 1978 model. Together, they managed to shrink the MS-20 down to 86% of its original size, load it with cool new features, and preserve most of its authentic analog circuitry. If you’re a fan of the classic MS-20, then you’ll be thrilled by the MS-20 Mini’s stabilized oscillators, classic ring modulation, first-generation filtering, and low-noise VCA.

But re-creating the original MS-20 on a smaller scale was just the beginning for the MS-20 Mini. One of the original designers was actually a guitarist, so when he got the chance to rebuild the MS-20, he gleefully added its External Signal Processor (ESP) section. Part of the MS-20 Mini’s extensive analog patch bay, the ESP section lets you plug in your guitar or other sound source and control one of the oscillators with it. Another major improvement is the addition of MIDI and USB connectivity, which lets you integrate your MS-20 Mini into the rest of your rig.

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