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Sweetwater Welcomes Lewitt Mics


We’re excited to welcome Lewitt Microphones to the fold! Lewitt offers a complete range of mics, from robust handheld dynamics to superb studio condensers. Combining outstanding sonics and technical innovation at remarkably accessible prices, Lewitt’s mic offerings rival long-standing industry standards, which is why we’re seeing them on major stages and in top studios across Europe and America.

Innovative features, sonic purity, professional reliability, and outstanding value are four things you’ll find in abundance throughout the Lewitt line. Imagine getting the huge, warm sound of a classic tube condenser and the stunning detail of a cutting-edge FET design — all from the same mic. Lewitt’s flagship LCT 940 large-diaphragm condenser sports both tube and FET circuits that you can deploy individually or mix at will — as well as nine polar patterns, three levels of attenuation, and three switchable highpass filters. Talk about versatile! The LCT 940 is ready for any session or live show, and its eye-catching design — with a cool Plexiglas “tube-inspection” window — means it’s lookin’ good, while it’s sounding great.

Have you ever placed both a dynamic and a condenser mic on a bass drum in an effort to capture its full magnitude? Lewitt’s flagship drum mic, the DTP 640 REX, incorporates both dynamic and condenser elements, letting you capture the impact of the beater and the rich low end of the shell — all with a single mic. Need mics for an entire drum kit? The DTP Beat Kit Pro 7 gives you seven mics optimized for snare, toms, kick, and overheads, in an affordable bundle complete with a padded carrying case.

These are just a few examples; visit Sweetwater.com to see the entire Lewitt lineup. Whether you need a great-sounding mic for your next gig or your next recording session, a Lewitt microphone from Sweetwater is an excellent choice.

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