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Sweet Spot

The optimal listening position for a pair (or more) of loudspeakers. The Sweet Spot provides the best listening conditions for tonal balance, stereo separation, detail, and overall imaging. Locating and maintaining the Sweet Spot for studio monitors has historically been an important ingredient in the recording process as it is the place where the best overall judgements about the sound can be made. The Sweet Spot is generally a few feet in front of, and in between a pair of stereo speakers. Many schools of thought say the Sweet Spot is found by positioning the tip of your nose and the high frequency drivers of each speaker at the tip of an imaginary equilateral triangle. Your actual position may vary, however, due to the effects of other objects in the near field. The top of a typical mixing console is one of potentially many items that can change the quality and location of the true Sweet Spot. Some speakers are known to have a wider and more forgiving Sweet Spot than others as well. The best way to reliably find and optimize the Sweet Spot in your set up is through continued listening and tweaking of speaker and listener placement.

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