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Studio One 2.5

PreSonus has released Studio One 2.5, a major update for the popular DAW. The new version includes nearly 100 enhancements along with many bug fixes. All four versions of Studio One 2 have been updated: Studio One 2 Artist, Studio One 2 Producer, Studio One 2 Professional, and Studio One 2 Free.

Among the biggest enhancements are:

  • Single-swipe comping with automatic beaming into parts.
  • Folder Track editing with waveform preview.
  • Multitrack/multioutput transform of virtual instruments into audio tracks and back.
  • New cabinet impulse responses and reworked amp models in Ampire XT
  • Easier and faster editing of automation envelopes
  • Audio export enhancements.
  • Re-recording from buses allows use of virtual instrument and bus channel outputs to feed audio tracks for printing submixes, effects, and virtual instruments.
  • Drag and drop Event Effects
  • Parallel processing for PreSonus Native Effects with Wet/Dry Mix and Mix Lock.
  • Legato and overlap correction for MIDI tracks.
  • and much much more!

In addition to these improvements, Studio One 2 Producer and Studio One 2 Professional users can download a free copy of Softube’s Saturation Knob plug-in.

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