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Microphone Month 2

Stage Monitor

A speaker that is typically placed within and pointed at the performance area to aid in a performer being able to hear critical elements for performance. Where a PA speaker is designed to provide sound reinforcement intended for the audience, stage monitors are designed in principle to provide sound reinforcement intended for the performers on stage. Stage monitors come in many shapes, styles and forms. Perhaps the most common is the stage wedge, which gets its name from its shape. Stage wedges tend to sit on the floor and the speaker itself is then set at an angle pointing up toward the performers on stage (some are designed with a 30 degree angle, for instance). Some bands prefer to have a separate stage wedge for each member where other bands prefer a general wash of sound provided by a few stage wedges across the front of the stage. Side fill, another application of stage monitors, is intended to perform as its name would incline in that they are typically placed to the side of the stage and are intended to “fill” the stage with sound. Side Fill stage monitors might be an active or passive PA speaker on a stand, stage wedges placed on the floor or on a table, or even studio reference monitors on stands. Just about anything can, and has been used for this application. In-Ear monitors are ear-bud style earphones that are fed their signal by use of a wired or wireless transmission. Similarly speaking, many drummers have been known to use closed headphones on stage for monitors, but usually when they are playing to a click track of some sort.

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