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SoundToys 64-bit Compatibility


Our friends at SoundToys have released the following statement on 64-bit compatibility with their plug-ins:

We are indeed working on 64-bit support, and have been for many, many months. We understand that this is an important issue for our AudioUnits and VST customers, and we would like to reassure you that this is our top priority. Here is where we stand right now:

  • On Windows, we currently have internal “debug” builds of all of our plug-ins working in 64-bit mode. However, we still have more work to do before we can build release versions and send these off to our beta testers for real-world testing.

  • On Macintosh, due to changes in the Apple SDKs, 64-bit native support has required a substantial rewrite of our graphics and file handling software. This is a fairly large and complicated section of our core software, and it is a major undertaking. We have made very good progress on this, however there is still quite a bit more work to be done on this very time-intensive porting project.

At this time, we cannot give a firm date for release, as there are still too many unknown factors, but we can say the update will be free to all V4 owners when it is released. We thank you for your patience, sympathize with your frustration, and apologize for our lack of clear communication on this issue. We will try to update you as soon as we have some more concrete news to share.

We are putting all available time and resources into getting native 64-bit support out to you as soon as we can, and we will be very, very happy when this job is finished!

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