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Short-scale Bass

For the novice bass player or the electric guitar player who had to often double on bass, the short-scale bass was a blessing. A typical long-scale bass is typically about 34 inches from the nut to the bridge, while the short-scale is just 29 inches from nut to bridge. This makes it easier for students to learn on, as well as making it far more comfortable for electric guitar players to handle. On 34-inch scale bass guitars, the first five or six frets can be difficult to play because they are so far apart. However, a 29-inch scale bass has a scale length that’s much closer to that of a 25-1/2″ Stratocaster (just 3-1/2 inches separate the two). Most name-brand guitar companies have released short-scale basses at various times, beginning in the late 1950s, though the ’60s saw the introduction of many additional short-scale basses because of the sudden explosion of teens who wanted to play in bands after seeing The Beatles and other groups appear on nationwide TV shows.

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