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A “snapshot” of parameter settings for some device that can be saved and retrieved later. In many devices these may be called snapshots, configurations, or setups. The “scene” terminology comes from the theater industry, where technical issues are often oriented around how they apply to performances. For example, lighting controllers often use the scene terminology because it both refers to scene as it relates to vision (something you see), and because different sections of a performance are broken in to scenes. Different scenes generally require different lighting conditions, so lighting controllers (and lighting directors) have historically used scenes to denote their different setups. Mixers also use this terminology quite a bit for similar reasons. A mixer may store different scenes or configurations in memory, particularly with digital mixers, or mixers that have some digital control. A scene can be quickly recalled, re-establishing all of its settings instantly. This information includes parameters such as fader levels, effect sends levels, effect types, panning and more.

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