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Royalties as Investments?

Songwriters and performers earn royalties from their creations — royalties, or “mail box money” can be a substantial source of income if a songwriter or performer is successful. However, the problem is that royalties can be a slow, long-term income stream. What if there was a way to monetize those long-term royalties now? That’s exactly what The Royalty Exchange web site offers.

The Royalty Exchange allows creators to sell shares of their royalties to investors; royalties from music, movies, books, TV shows, patents, trademarks, and more can be bought and sold through the site. Public and private auctions are available, and any percentage of a royalty stream can be sold. Royalty loans are also available through the site.

Is selling some or all of your future royalties a good idea? Some say yes, some say no. It’s definitely something you would want to think long and hard about before proceeding. Likewise, buying or investing in royalties carries the same risks as any other type of investment. Our advice: buyer (and seller) beware! Still, it is an interesting concept and may be a good deal if the situation is right.

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