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Roland SonicCell Review

The sound editing capabilities are incredible and the audio interface is versatile. The SonicCell is an excellent do-it-all box.

The Roland SonicCell is deceptively simple looking, with its nine buttons and jog wheel. Once I began exploring the menus, I realized I would have to spend some time with the manual. The unit utilizes two basic modes: performance and patch. Patch mode is mainly for creating and editing individual patches, while performance mode allows you to combine these patches into 16 parts for a performance.

The editing capabilities are incredible, and the included editor software proved much easier for editing envelopes flow than using the internal menu system on the SonicCell’s small screen. Once I began adding effects and altering the signal flow, the software became invaluable.

As an audio interface, the SonicCell is more versatile than I expected. The input supports mic, line, and instrument level signals and has phantom power. The VST plug-in capability worked flawlessly with the included Sonar LE.

The SonicCell proved to be much more than just another sound module. Anyone interested in manipulating sounds or just looking for a solid start in computer audio should give this unit serious consideration.

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